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Long night

Word count: 995

Warning: None (unless you’re not feeling particularly angsty and fluffy today)

Author’s note: Here’s an angsty + fluffy Shawn piece no one asked for. Inspired by the song Long Night by With Confidence and Shawn looking fine AF at the airport recently (How dare he, right?!)

One week. It isn’t the longest you’ve been away from each other but it might as well have been with how you left things. To be honest, you weren’t sure if there were things to still come back to. There were tears, screams, and slammed doors. You don’t even remember what the fight was about now. You were tired, Shawn was exhausted.

You both said hurtful things you didn’t mean. But they didn’t hurt you really. You were together long enough to know he didn’t mean them. But what killed you was the radio silence. To be fair, you didn’t attempt to reach out, too. You were afraid to say more things you didn’t mean or hear him speak some truth you weren’t ready to accept—like saying he couldn’t do this anymore with you. You were trying to postpone a breakup that may or may not have happened already.

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I mean. The fact that you can hear Harry sing a song 100 Times and you’ll probably never hear it the same way is everything to me. he will always find something in it to change. A new run. A new falsetto. Holding notes longer. Singing in a deeper octave. Even just little noises. He always manages to do something different instead of playing it safe all the time. And the fact that he does it with all his songs just makes it that much more amazing.



Twice a upon a time preview.

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Hello,, sorry for disturbing! Can I ask you a question? You can ignore it but. I’m new to the fandom. I’m really ‘into’ louis, and I wanted to ask you, how do you see him? I mean his personality, as a person etc? I hope it’s okay to ask this. Since he’s a ‘real life’ person and I don’t know..I’m just really insecure about what I think, and I would love to know if my opinion on him is ‘true’ or most ‘common’ ? if I make sense. like I see him as someone insecure etc. those stuff like that...

hmmm i’d need like a 10 page essay to describe louis tbh i see him as someone who’s so full of /life/ like ofc he’s a celeb and you should keep in mind that we don’t know him personally but this is someone ive “seen grow up” for 7 years now, his personality is so vibrant, i see a pic of him smiling and just automatically have to smile like :’) he carries this aura around him which is so calming to me i cant even explain it gives me inner peace like ~few relax, he cares cares cares so much it’s incredible how much love he can fit in his tiny body, he’s fiercely protective, open to everyone welcoming yet closed off and careful in a smart way, hes quirky, funny and uplifting, and an absolute sunshine when he’s his happy self, like when you spend 30 mins of your time looking “deeper” than what the public gets to see what he’s gone/still goes through is just awful yet he manages to always think of others before himself he turns his own heartbreaks into something others can find strength in, he lets his songs tell his story, he saves lives, i see so many comments of people saying how he literally saved their life, he’s brave he’s /good/ he’s genuinely a good person he gives without asking anything back and cares for others when he feels sad and asks them not to mention anything to the public bc he could care less about publicity or needing a pat on the shoulder for it, he donated literal millions on charity, he notices, he’s the first to notice when people are uncomfortable and tries to make them feel at ease by making jokes and lifting the mood, he’s humble, always appreciative and thankful, he’s just…. genuinely a good person with a heart of gold, it’s interesting that you said ‘insecure’ because yes his confidence dropped immensely over the years and it had everything to do with how he was treated by the label and everyone around,some “fans” even, but he finds confidence from his fans and we find strength from him, it’s a real teamwork♥️

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Not even 5 minutes into this stream and Steph says “wanna hold hands” and Matthew says “aw always Stephanie”

Matt is such a high key romantic, he can (barely) front all he wants but he loves the hand holding and the anniversaries and the sweet little romantic things. Frankly, it’s just adorable.


Shopping Tour again. Wanna try to make my own ear-weights and got the stuff for it ;) haha. Bought this and that and my new Demonia Shoes arrived

so everybody always says like “Dont Be That Guy” but tonight i actually got to meet That Guy youre not supposed to be like. he ordered a delivery and at first i thought he was drunk cus he was yelling over the phone, but then he called me Morty like five times in a way that made it 100% clear he was supposed to be Rick and it sorta felt like he punched me directly in my peace of mind, and my eardrums. he may have been drunk as well idk. don’t be that guy

I don’t know what to say, thanks for 100 followers! It’s been a long ride until a got here, but I did. :D I just wanted to thank @whipplefilter , @texdinoco and @the-kings-tail-fin for indirectly helping me to get the self-confidence to post in this Fandom and settle down here. ;)
OMG I forgot @stormyboy-weather ~ I will stay and surely won’t leave this fast.
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It’s 4:35 AM here, I should sleep…
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this just kind of an aside, but i love that you take time to answer so many questions. and it's not just bullshit answers either, i can tell you spend time on the question and articulating what you say. it's really refreshing to see and idk it makes me happy and i thought i'd let you know i appreciate you & your time :)

Thank you, I’m so glad that my effort is appreciated. I feel like I leave so many asks unanswered and I’m actually super self-conscious about that, so to hear that I’m doing well is really nice!


I try to address broader trends in my askbox with the asks that I DO publish, and of course I want to give comprehensive answers to those!! It’s fun! I like engaging with y’all!

Thank you for giving me stuff to ramble about in the first place!!! Please keep sending me more shit!!