need allah

أشياء جميلة تنتظر الذين صبروا

Beautiful things await those who are patient

when you feel as if you can’t escape from all your worries, remember that Yunus alayhi salaam was trapped inside the belly of a whale.

now imagine how scary this is. it’s like being stuck in an elevator deep down in a mine, without a button or the ability to scream for help. but far more worse.

and still, after all, Allah had the Power and Mercy on him to let him out.

so what makes you think He can’t do the same for you?

May Allah heal the broken hearts. The ones who are silent, who cannot express their pain. The ones who are tired of torment. The ones who need a break. May Allah put an end to your sadness, may He put a smile on your face. Ameen

Some days you just need to talk to Allah. Pour everything out, even if it makes no sense. Allah understands. Allah knows even the things you forget to mention. Allah hears, Allah sees. Never forget that.

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “May Allah show mercy to a man who gets up during the night and performs Salat, awakens his wife to pray and if she refuses, he sprinkles water on her face (to make her get up). May Allah show mercy to a woman who gets up during the night and performs Salat, awakens her husband for the same purpose; and if he refuses, she sprinkles water on his face." [Abu Dawud].

Riyad as-Salihin- Book 9- Hadith 1183 

Kids, women, men, uncles, aunts, couples and friends were on their way to get themselves some ice cream after a hot day of fasting. Instead of returning home to their loved ones; they returned to their Almighty Allah (swt)

This is tragically. May they rest in peace. My heart and soul is with their family and friends. 

30 May 2017/4 Ramadan 1438