need all


Sebastian Stan + stroking his beard

“doggo bath!”

something quick for @domesticvictuuriweek ! I probably won’t have time to participate for the rest of the week but I didn’t want to miss makkachin day :’>

If I ever forget all the things I need, all the smiles in the world I love, just show me all of you. With each of your hand on each side of my face, make me look into your eyes. Make me see the world through your eyes. I swear I will remember then. I swear.
—  Lukas W. // You are all I need

tumblr: oh wow more hets in Black Mirror??  mhm it was um cute but did yall know they were het-hets? H-E-T-E-R-O, hedərəˈsekSH(o͞o)əl! yikess!

every bisexual: 

Day 43 and I’m still madly in love with this film.

I still wanna know why Hector had a photo of himself on him when he died! It was a pretty decent sized photo too so… my best guess is head shot! I don’t even know if people used those back then though…

“I am aware that a stuffy nose is simply inflamed blood vessels caused by a cold, infection, or some kind of allergen. However, due to the fact I can’t breathe through my nose, I need someone to end my suffering.”

- Ravenclaw with a minor cold.

YOO here is yours trully once more! This is the finished giveaway portrait @overworkedunderwhelmed requested!

Probs the cutest marinette I made since I entered this fandom one year ago