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Cannot stop laughing at the idea of Kazama somehow “redeeming” Hijikata by giving him the demon name, Hakuouki.

Did we even play the same game? 

Hijikata flat out states that he didn’t do what he did for Kazama’s approval, not ever. That moment was a way of showing that Kazama has the capacity to connect with non-demons, but it was still about serving his own interests by “elevating” Hijikata to the level of a demon, since, ultimately, Kazama is a self-centered character.

If anything that moment was more about Hijikata redeeming Kazama, IMO. But what do I know. 

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if you have never been a teenage girl
i don’t think you can imagine how it feels.
it is war on all sides; 
never good enough for your parents,
never wearing enough for your teachers.
to be a teenage girl is to be a wild thing,
aching for freedom but chained to the ground.

even at 21 my mouth still runs dry
with all the words i never said.  
i might always regret the days
where i couldn’t speak for myself,
when my tongue was too tied to do anything
but sting between teenage teeth
clenched in anger.

when i finally found my voice
i used it to shout. 
i was too young then to see it,
too caught up in lashing out at the world
because my insides were so damaged
from caged emotions raging under thin skin
and i didn’t know how a heart could still beat when it was broken,
but i remember using words like weapons
against anyone who looked fragile enough to fall at the first cut.

i’d like to think that now i know better
i can use words to fight for a freedom i wasn’t afforded
there are so many girls who are lonely
who feel that their only moves are to kill or be killed
and to them i would say:
it’s okay. you’re not alone. take a deep breath.
embrace the hunt in your heart, be wild
and find your voice on your own terms.

—  to be a teenage girl // l.s.

Because she basically won the 2014-2015 TopCop award ♥

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Your graphics really aren't that great. there are loads on tumblr that are better than yours so i don't know why people keep putting you on top graphic maker lists

Meh, you’ve got a point. My graphics are nowhere near as consistent as others, nor are they as polished. I keep finding new graphic makers that are way better than me … And yeah, I’m cool with that. Because I love looking at cool graphics that people have made. Just like I love making them - they’re fun and creative and can incite discussions with people. And I don’t think it’s necessary to take it so seriously.

I mean, it’s not a competition.

– Violet


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I don't get why people ship things like miraxus and wendyxromeo (unrelated but I don't get bixslowxlissana either) even though they don't have really any development unlike fraxus and wendyxchelia (I can't remember their name) especially wendyxchelia which I've loved since the chapter that Natsu and Lucy picked Wendy up from lamia scale

Everybody has the right to ship what they want to. 

Also you need to distinguish between crack pairings that are shipped for fun and not in canon, and between couples that are canonically shipped and supported.

Personally I don’t see how Fraxus had more in canon development than Miraxus tbh, they both had very little, as they are side characters. I’d say WendyxRomeo and WendyxChelia both have cute possibilities (they’re all children though, so… don’t go overboard), even though from what we have seen in the manga, I agree that Wendy and Chelia do share a deeper bond, yes. That doesn’t mean people can’t find Wendy crushing on Romeo cute, or vice versa. The fandom can pair up any characters if they want to, as long as it’s not pedophilia/incest/any of the like. Even if characters literally had zero canon interaction, if someone likes their possible dynamic, they can dream up all the possibilities they want to. And not everone needs to ship it.

I’m all for shipping and letting ship. Nobody gets hurt, as long as people aren’t unnecessarily rude. Always stay open minded and respectful.

The Winged Puppy // thesoundofdrums13

The zoo’s facility had been abandoned for a total of two months. A change in government, a civil war and a public backlash had caused major strife within it’s walls. In the end, many employees were forced to flee in the night. Some exhibits were taken with them, other’s were too delicate to move, too big or wouldn’t survive the journey. The rest had just been forgotten.

Several captives managed to escape within a few days. Other’s stayed, as it was the only place they knew. Collectively, they attempted to take care of the rest. But they weren’t scientists. One prisoner was considered a top priority but was unable to be moved. Stocks of food and supplied were left in it’s cell, in case it woke up whilst they were gone, which was a distinct possibility. They’d also filled the cell with soft pillows, cusions and blankets. It was going to have a lot of problems when it first awoke, all the specimens did. Though it was the first to undergo this procedure. 

A man made zoo exhibit. It was priceless. 

The exhibit in question was a tall, ridiculosly skinny, young man, with a mop of dark, floppy hair, which had grown long during his slumber. On his back were a pair of magnificient black wings, that gleamed a variety of colours. Much of the feathers were fluffy pin feathers. The wings were designed to grow to their full size, while on his back. Which was why he was kept asleep, the shock to his alien system could prove disasterous.

Also he’d been a pain in the neck to deal with. Shutting him up gave them peace and quiet. 

Two weeks into the facility’s shutdown, the young man had awoken. Gasping for air, his vision blurry, he’d toppled off the table in shock. Covered in a tangle of wires and tubes he’d frantically pulled down with him; the boy had cried out in distress. An alien, gutteral sound escaping from his lips. Where was he? Who was he? What were these things on his back? All his questions went unanswered. 

So he waited.

The once pristine cell was covered in black feathers, scratches on the wall and blood. Nestled in a pile of pillows lay the winged being, his arms crossed in front of him, his head resting against them. He was running out of food, not that he could keep much down, he felt worse than when he’d first woken up. He’d come to the conclusion that no one was coming, unless he found a way to escape, he’d eventually starve. 

He was too tired to even care. 

I’ll be patiently waiting for Michael to actively give back some of Gabriel’s love for him.

Or I have a new OTP I never asked for.

“And there, row upon row, with the soft gleam of flowers opened at morning, with the light of this June sun glowing through a faint skin of dust, would stand the dandelion wine. Peer through it at the wintry day - the snow melted to grass, the trees were reinhabitated with bird, leaf, and blossoms like a continent of butterflies breathing on the wind. And peering through, color sky from iron to blue.

Hold summer in your hand, pour summer in a glass, a tiny glass of course, the smallest tingling sip for children; change the season in your veins by raising glass to lip and tilting summer in”  
Ray Bradbury- Dandelion Wine                

Achilles keeps saying woes and all i can think about is drake and so imagine modern day Achilles who is a huge ovo fan and who tags pictures of his city as #viewsfromthe6 and post selfies of him and patroclus with #runningthroughthe6withmywoes and he sends agamemnon cryptic texts like “if you’re reading this is to late” to which the reply is just “????” AND HE TRYS TO SEDUCE PATROCLUS WITH DRAKE LYRICS 🌚🌚🌚🌚 nnoahczherny