need against need against need


Oikawa is totally whispering filth in his ear and if you don’t think our dear Iwa-chan is getting his “proper” gift later, you’re wrong [wiggles eyebrows]

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I don't understand anti-feminists

Like what are you against? Anti… equality? Anti-woman? Do you just hate women? Or you don’t think they deserve equal opportunities? Or you think they just want something to complain about? Or you think they hate men? Like just



the fact that some girls can be even remotely against their own gender’s equality in society is embarrassing.


it’s 2 am and i can’t stop thinking about undynetale.

Undynetale of course belongs to @g0966

  • Lucy: We're back from the store
  • Natsu: Took you long enough
  • Juvia: Excuse us? Is Natsu-san complaining about us leaving for AN HOUR?
  • Gray: Hey, relax. That's not what he meant
  • Lucy: Better not be. Because we can definitely take longer next time. We won't even tell you when leave; we'll just leave a sloppy note.
  • Natsu: ...
  • Juvia: Forget the store! Does Gray-sama have anymore hair gel? Juvia and Lucy-san can just slick our hair back and join an evil cult!
  • Gray: ...
  • Lucy: That's how you properly throw shade, Natsu
  • Juvia: Gray-sama should think twice before defending his stupid friend

Jay & Evie protecting each other