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Winterfell Manor Part III

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Summary: Y/N L/N is entering a new chapter in her life. Having grown up poor, she was lucky to have to have the chance to go to the rather underfunded Huntswood School for Girls. Now, she’s been hired as a governess by a Mrs. Foster of Winterfell Manor. Things are finally looking up for Y/N as she enters her new home. What she finds there, no one could predict….

Warnings: Harassment, Tom’s chivalry

Three months later finds you in the town nearest to Winterfell. Anastasia needs new hair ribbons and you’ve been itching for an excuse to leave the big empty house. You find the shop easily and buy a selection of ribbons for you little pupil. If you’re honest, you’ve grown quite fond of the little French child. She’s wormed her way into a place in your heart. You pick out pink, green, blue, red, and orange ribbons for her. Things take a turn as you pass the local pub.

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i’ll make an animal crossing blog soon but i need a new hat.. anyone got yhhh… the beret, ribboned straw hat, school hat, straw boater (priority), straw hat, witches hat (another priority)… i can trade shit but i need a hat lmao

So I’ve been changing my blog style slightly and have been on a pretty big unfollow spree (but I still love all of you babes) so I’m going to do a favorites page (2nd ribbon) I seriously need some new blogs to follow!

爱 Must be following me

爱 Looking for any mix of pale/nature/anime/band blogs (mainly pale, nature and anime but I am checking out EVERYONE)

爱 Like or reblog, you have a better chance of being noticed if you do both or simply talk to me

爱 I’ll be picking 5-10 babes to put on my favorites page

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爱 I’ll pick when I feel like I’ve found enough rad blogs

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