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Hey guys, 

As some of you know, all my artworks are made traditionally so I have originals of all of them. I’m in dire need of some quick money so I’m selling originals today (October 16th).

Basically, I invite you guys to browse my art tag and go shopping like my blog is freakin’ Amazon.


  • Send me an email ( with the link to the post/tweet etc with the artwork you wish to buy the original of (please no vague descriptions without a link)and we can discuss if it’d be suitable for sale and what the price would be depending on a few criteria (see disclaimer down there)

DISCLAIMER: A lot of the illustrations you see from me are actually way smaller than they appear and way more messy (paint stains, wrong lines, some proportions issues sometimes, not centered, close to another drawing on the paper etc) and all get a digital clean-up/touch-up before being posted online.So, originals often have way more flaws than their digital counterparts and I want everyone to know what they are buying. Also note I’m not home right now so assessing the state of the artworks will be made by memory. I want you to know all these things going in to avoid bad surprises, and know what will be discussed after/if you send me an email.

  • Payment is made via Paypal, preferably today in USD, and shipping is $5 USD added to the ground price, wherever you are in the world.
  • Shipping will be involved so I need potential buyers to be okay with sharing their full name and address with me.
  • I won’t sell: Any of my comics or parts of them (if you aren’t sure the art you want is part of a comic or not, send the link and I’ll tell you/we’ll discuss it). My Critical Role art. Illustrations drawn as Patreon rewards/commissions. Fairly old art, because i’ve gotten much better and don’t wanna sell y’all hot garbage (it can be discussed but, yeah, i’m ashamed of a lot of my old art lmao.)
  • I will sell: Literally anything else I’m so broke y’all (depending on the state of the original ofc, again, don’t wanna rip anyone off)
  • The shipping will only happen after November 4th, because I am currently away from my originals and only take the plane back on November 3rd. Depending on where you are in the world, shipping can also take a while, please keep that in mind.
  • Rest assured: If I come home and realize the piece you purchased has been lost/heavily damaged/is not suitable for sale, I will send you an email right away and give you your money back.

A few originals have already been sold (this one for example), and some people might be interested in the same ones, so it’ll be the law of the fastest to make an inquiry and be able to pay. But please still take a bit of time to browse my art, see what you like, remember the rules. Don’t hesitate to use the search bar if you are trying to find a piece you already have in mind.

If there’s too much inquiries for me to handle or enough that I don’t need to sell more, I’ll reblog and update this post to tell you that the sale is over!

If you didn’t read all the rules, don’t bother sending me an email. This is gonna be hectic and the rules are here for a reason. I need this to be as organized as possible.

 Anyway, here is my art tag again… so, have fun shopping? ♥

- Maryne.

gotta have music on while cleaning

I put this up on redbubble - available as t-shirts/stickers if anyone’s interested!!

On the Werewolf!Lavender AU

Okay I have been talking to a few people about my interpretation of the werewolf!lavender au, and thought I might share.

I think Lavender was the 2nd or 3rd character I attempted to rp (and I’ve done various eras of her often since then), and pretty early on with her I played with some elements of werewolf!Lavender. There is a thread I did, but I’m not going to even go look for it because the scars were so freaking bad it’s embarrassing.

At the beginning I took a similar stance as most people on how Lav handles the werewolf: focused mostly on the aesthetic aspects of the issue. There is nothing wrong with this. The meat of what we know about Lavenders personality is rooted in a bit of vanity and a rather 2 dimensional relationship- mostly from the 6th book and lets not forget from a male pov, just saying.

I have a lot of headcanons, however, about Lavender’s characterization, especially in Deathly Hallows, an aspect of cannon which we never got to see.

I really like her as a big sister figure. I think she would do well in an environment like Death Eater Occupied Hogwarts- in which the 7th years are shoved into a pretty major leadership position. Neville and Seamus get to lead the resistance group, sure, but why is Lav’s only role to introduce a bathroom? Thank you patriarchy.

I like to think that Lavender moderated Seamus’ raucusness in the RoR, providing a bit of a levelheaded logical approach to the way that the rebel society worked.

I don’t want to suggest that the scars wouldn’t bother Lavender after Greyback’s attack. I don’t think anyone could be completely unaffected by that major of a traumatic event. However, the leadership role I envision her playing in Deathly Hallows, I really like carrying over to a post war era.

Even out of the context of an 8th year with other school aged werewolves, I think that (at least my) Lavender would make the best out of the situation. Advocating for werewolf rights, especially with the influx of population after the war.

Lav showed an interest in magical creatures/beings even before this (Unicorns, Firenze) so it isn’t improbable that she may explore that as a career.

Okay I’ll shut up now, this has become too long.

I’m now getting an influx of emails from different family members with their hot takes on ‘what caused me to become like this’ which includes great hits such as

  • I don’t get enough sunlight (I get plenty?)
  • I sit on the computer too much (I’m not on it nearly as much as I used to be)
  • I only eat tv dinners (I had one tv dinner in the last 60 days. I make dinner 4+ nights a week and I’m not the only one who cooks)
  • Wifi is ruining my eyesight (lol?)
  • the waves from computers have messed up my nervous system (lol??)
  • I support a socialist commie (bc I voted bernie sanders in the primaries)
  • the devil is controlling me (ooga booga)
  • witchcraft has opened me up to welcoming demons in my life to control me (I do primarily self reflection and anti anxiety spells lol?) 

it’s almost like I’m not the same person as I was when I was 16 years old living with them,, wowie imagine that,, it’s almost like I’m going on 24 years old and an obsessive fixation on controlling my life isn’t healthy wowie

Tracey Sketchit and Marill’s special appearance in the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime! I’m joking, sadly

For @undinaes when the Alola kids went to Kanto for two episodes and there was major salt over Tracey not popping in. :’) Hope you enjoy your art nerd and his orb child. I feel like he would really enjoy Alola, tho, especially being in Kanto and Alola having a lot of alternate forms of certain Pokemon. Anime, c’mon. 

planning for NaNo, aka, hopefully plugging all the plot holes before November actually begins

I really take issue with tumblr’s whole thing of “one strike and you’re out” AKA “it is impossible for anyone to ever learn and grow as a person and here is a callout based on stuff this person said 3 years ago and even though they don’t believe that anymore and apologized it is indisputable proof that they will always be an evil person so let’s all harass/shun them”

I’m not saying you have to interact with or be cool with people who did or said things that weren’t ok in the past. You never have to interact with or be ok with anyone for any reason, stuff like that is totally up to you. But if someone is really making an effort to learn and grow and move on from who they were in the past constantly undermining them with “well you say that now but on September the 25th of 2011 you said _______ so no matter what you do you’ll always be a horrible person” is not good. You don’t have to accept an apology from them or ever speak to them, you don’t have to trust or like them but please give them the chance to grow. I promise that when people want to and are given the opportunity they absolutely can change for the better. How do I know you possibly ask? I feel like the set up here is probably too obvious for a surprise reveal or anything but I know because I did.

I used to be a pretty awful person. I’m not saying I’m great now or anything, but I’ve definitely made progress from where I started out. I’ve mentioned before that I was raised in a very conservative Christian family and environment. I haven’t mentioned that it took about 18 years for me to start to question all the stuff I was taught at church and by my family. I thought abortion was wrong. I thought being gay was wrong and totally bought into the whole “love the sinner hate the sin” thing. I went right along with my family in looking down on a relative who, horror of horrors, moved in with her boyfriend without getting married. I freaking tried to evangelize kids at school when I was 7 years old, focusing particularly as I was taught on any kids of different religions to my own and I live in fear that I said something really hurtful to any of them. I volunteered for the salvation army another thing that makes me shudder in retrospect (never donate to them ever) and worked for an organization that is stubbornly and horribly anti LGBTQIA+. I was a judgmental holier than thou brat who blithely parroted my parents rhetoric in pretty much all aspects in an attempt to win approval and never stopped to think about how any of this could be hurting others.

You know what really helped me stop being that awful? Tumblr actually. I forget how exactly I found the blogs I used to lurk on before I actually made my own account, I think it was something to do with me searching for advice on google (I had finally started to realize that my crushes on girls were not just “I think she’s a really really really great person and I would love to be best friends with her” when I got crushes on boys too and the feeling was the exact same) However I found them I found blogs that helped me learn and gave me the space to actively find out more and see that I was wrong about so much and I learned that I wanted to change and more importantly that I could change. Since tumblr is tumblr I did see people with their “once a bad person always a bad person” thing but luckily I decided not to listen to that, I decided to believe the people who said trying to change was a good and possible thing not a pointless endeavour that would make no difference in the long run.

So yeah, people on here seem to think I’m nice and I really hope that that’s true. But I definitely wasn’t in the past. It’s up to you whether you think I actually changed or if I’m just pretending to have for some reason, and I’m not saying “look at me I’m so much better than I was before, what a success story, give me praise” because that’s really not the point of this and if it comes off that way I’m sorry, the point is I think I’ve made progress and so I would be a hypocrite if I did not believe unequivocally that other people can do the same, no matter how much I dislike how they have been in the past. I’m still learning and I always will be. I mess up and I always will. I am so grateful that I had the chance to learn so much and unlearn so much of what I was taught, and I truly hope that others get the same opportunity. So please, please if you see someone making an effort to grow and change don’t tell them they can’t. I will never tell you that you should forgive them or like them or encourage them or have anything to do with them, but please believe that people have the ability to change and don’t try and stop that process.


Thank you Vox Machina for an amazing 2 years of rolling dice and character development! Here’s to a happy ending!

okay i want to talk about something

what this show did with the “being a nerd” trope was honestly one of my favorite parts of this season

matt says here that he knows what its like to be the nerd
we all know what he means by that
he was probably bullied and teased just like pidge and empathizes with her situation but tells her that she should keep studying

but she says

“what’s the point?”

good question pidge

as of this point the only thing “being a nerd” means to pidge is the rejection and mockery of her classmates

look at her shes crying okay how many times have yall cried in school and not even like in the bathroom stall in the fucking classroom okay that shit is not fun

heck shes not even sitting at the front of the class or with anyone else shes sitting by the window near the back basically by herself in the classic “main character whos different/disconnected from everyone else” anime spot

shes angry and frustrated and hates that part of herself to the point where she says “what’s the point?” which is a statement of defeat

she was ready to (literally) throw that part of her aside because she was tired of all the pain and angry and sadness that came with “being a nerd” (i mean could you even imagine what would have happened if she actually gave up pidge could have given up loving science and technology and would have never gotten into the garrison or done anything remotely “nerd” related because of how much pain this brought her)

and then this happens

her mood is immediately changed shes overjoyed at her brother getting into the Garrison she probably saw him study like a monster and how nervous he was for the test and how hard he worked and then

she stops

she goes back and picks up that book

and its an immediate 180 in her attitude towards studying and “being a nerd” because now she sees a reason to keep being a nerd

she didn’t stop being a nerd she made that part of who she was

she saw people in her life who were nerds people who were her role models and her and were proud of it

and i think thats really awesome that matt was able to show pidge that there was nothing to be ashamed of in “being a nerd” and helped her embrace that part of her that was smart and curious and intelligent and who wanted to be like her brother and father and go to space and reach her goals and dreams and become the beautiful little nerd we know and love now

and that’s a message to all nerds - to embrace that part of you even if it brings you adversity because that part of you is incredible and capable of doing amazing things 

just like pidge <3