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Detective Conan Chapter 1000 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • R: No-no-no-no! I can’t!!~

  • So: What! Right when Sonoko-sama finally decided to take a lovey-dovey shot…
  • R: Let’s take one with everyone!

  • So: No-o way! What about the ho~ot kiss?
  • So: Missus <3
  • R: Ehh?!

  • So: Go-go!
  • R: Kyah!
  • [Sonoko is approaching a blushing Ran… and behind her… could it be?!]

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Alfredo Joins the Fakes Ideas

Look, I don’t think I know Afredo’s personality enough to write them myself, but I have ideas and these are it. Please write them if you want and send me links because as I said, I need fanfics of Alfredo joining the Fakes.

  • One (or more) of the crew are walking down the street or something and they are positive they see Trevor (from behind). They shout his name at him and everything and figure Trevor’s being a prick and ignoring them so they go up to him. Turn’s out it’s not Trevor, it’s Alfredo and that knife he pulled on whichever randomly grabbed his shoulder is looking very shiny.
  • The crew is robbing a store or something and Alfredo comes out from behind a self and is just like “you fucks I was just about to rob this place!”
  • He’s just a freelancer Geoff or Jack picked up
  • Trevor can’t make it to a heist so without telling the crew he sends Alfredo in his place. Tells him the plan and everything, figures they sound enough alike and look similar enough. Plus, Trevor trusts him. The crew doesn’t notice that Alfredo isn’t Trevor until Geoff’s pulling out beer after the heist and Alfredo like “I’m not staying, gotta go, bye” and they all have this “Holy fuck how do we not realize this isn’t Trevor” moment. Then Trevor walks in and thanks Alfredo for the help.
  • Geoff: Some of my enemies want you dead. Alfredo: So? Geoff: That means I want you alive

It’s not much, but it’s what I got right now.

Fake ah head cannon that they purposely switch up names whenever they go out just to mess with people.

Like Gavin and Ryan will go do a ammo trade with a new gang and Gav will go, “Hey, I’m Geoff, and this big guy is Gavin. What’re your names?”

And the guys from the other gang will be like, wtf I thought Gavin was a small dude, but he’s this guy?!? And isn’t Geoff the leader of the gang? Why is here?!? And will just freak out while trading, the get back to their gang and tell their leader the news that “the golden boy is really scary and Geoff looks like he’s 12”

And then they’ll trade again later, but this time with Jack and Michael, and Jack’ll be like, “I’m Geoff, and this is Jeremy” and the other guys will be like, I thought Geoff was a 12 year old boy? Not a girl?? And be even more confused.

And the police will have their mugshots all over the news, but their names switch around every time cause they have no fucking clue who’s who, they just know their names.

And the crew will place bets on who they thing Geoff is every time they watch the news.


An Unexpected Journey - Appendices: Dean O’ Gorman’s Audition for Fili.

alright seriously can we talk about Fake AH Ryan having a double life? in the daytime he’s the vagabond with the crew and then at night he goes home to his little domestic family and shit.
also bonus: none of the crew knows and they see Ryan out with his family one day and then they’re like “why didn’t you tell us???” and he just shrugs and is like “you didn’t ask”. I just need more ryan in my life