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Because my photo setup is dead and Prisma has nifty filters. Behold my Umaru-chan masterpiece. I call it “exactly how Wren looks every time she attempts to play Dragon Age: Inquisition only with more swearing and tears”. It’s a long title, but I feel it truly encapsulates how very much I suck at video games.

Personally, when it comes to a Yandere-kun, I’m of the school of thought who favors the idea of having our male yandere be exactly like Yandere-chan in personality. Lacking in emotions and will to live until he meets senpai.

There are plenty of sadist boys in anime who are possessive and sadistic over someone and mostly just like to make a game out of it, but I can only recall a few examples of an anime boy being like how Yandere-chan is, where the obsession is an absolute need without control, instead of a game he chooses to play so he can feel some meaning. If we ever did get a Yandere-kun, I would want him to be the type of Yandere that Ayano is, instead of just a regular sadist.

The Spirit of Love

Rating: T | AO3

Summary: Monty and Clarke are convinced there’s a ghost haunting their home, and they rope Miller and Bellamy in to investigate. a.k.a. the gang hunts ghosts and it basically turns into a triple date. 

a/n: thank you to @nathenmiller who read over, edited, and then made this fic readable

“I think your next door neighbor is heading over.”

Miller perked up. “What makes you think that?”

Bellamy smirked, not bothering to pause the video game as he nodded to his phone. “Clarke just texted saying she heard a creaking upstairs and then a clang in the basement. They’re heading over for protection.”

“Clarke Griffin did not say she needed us for protection.” Miller finally paused the game, dropping the controller as he stood up.

Bellamy shrugged. “She said ‘Monty is having a heart attack and needs Miller’s arms to calm his beating heart.’ So, basically the same thing.”

“Wow,” Miller replied dryly, “you guys are so funny.”

“You’re just jealous cause she likes me more than you now.”

The doorbell saved Miller from having to respond.

the whole fic can be found on ao3

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Not a confession! I recently started building my first gaming pc and I thought it would be cool to re-experience my favorite series with mods! However, as I am primarily a console player I was wondering if it would still be possible to use a PS3/4 controller to play all 3 games? Same with the Mass Effect series. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction for accomplishing this. Also, where do I find the DLC for DA2/ME series since there are no "Ultimate Editions"?

DLC for DA2 and ME are here at the old bioware site.  I think you have to use bioware points (yuck) to get them.

I think you need to download mods to play with a controller for these games on console.  (except DAI- I use a controller for that and it works just fine).

If anyone knows differently, please let us know in the comments.

We’ll Make The World Bow

I know this isn’t any of the prompts I should be doing, but Episode 3’s ending just… whoa. So, here’s some sweet Pricefield, for the sake of my feels.

“Grow up! You’re not the only one in Arcadia Bay who has problems!”

“Insert groan here…” Max whispered, taking her time getting up the Blackwell Academy steps. “You are such a colossal fuck-up, sometimes…” The brunette’s words turned to thoughts as she sauntered toward her dorm.

Max labeled the last twenty-four hours as “crazy-shit-fun”. Breaking into Principle Well’s office, and ransacking a crazed drug dealer’s RV was the “crazy shit” portion. Going for a midnight swim with the girl she may or may not have fallen for, then an impromptu sleepover, followed by a kiss made up the “fun” portion.

It was also the portion that made Max blush the most.

But the last five-minutes, the photographer had somehow found a way to screw shit up.

Finding out that Rachel may have had a “thing” with Frank, and decided not to tell Chloe about it; was probably the worst time for Max to shout at her like that.

She could still hear the roar of Chloe’s truck in the distance, it raised and lowered in octave; signaling that she was probably driving like a maniac before fading off completely.

Max shuddered a bit, regretting what she couldn’t have held back in the truck. She didn’t mean to yell at Chloe like that, but that was one of those times the punk just ground on Max’s last nerve -completely shutting out everyone’s aid and forcing herself in the locker of “Self-loathing Chloe”.

As Max reached the dorm; she continued to think. She knew everyone that had come across Chloe almost always had the same story about her. Bad, loud-mouthed, rebellious, and hard to deal with. As much as Max hated to admit it, sometimes she felt similar. Like being around Chloe was like walking on thin ice.

Max was one of few who knew better.

She knows Chloe so much better than the punk façade she put on every day. She knows how broken Chloe is on the inside -crying out for someone.

“Probably why she got over me leaving, so fast.”

Max used to think otherwise. She thought her entry back into Chloe’s life -and the sudden acceptance of it- was just a patch on things until they found Rachel. And as soon as they did; Chloe would ditch and head to Los Angeles.

Last night at the pool was where things… changed.

“That was some sappy stuff, but… it was nice.” Max’s thoughts revolved around Chloe’s ‘Don’t be so sad. I’m never leaving you…’ line. Things changed. And Max felt like she was a staple in Chloe’s life again.

“Not stumbling in time. This is real.”

Her dorm room door came soon enough. The Rachel-clad brunette slipped inside. She faced the open window, forming a tiny grin at the sun setting below the bay. The sights were soothing almost. It made everything below the window-line dark. Covering up the piling mess that blanketed her room.

“Looks like a tornado tore through here,” Max choked a little, “Okay, bad joke, probably shouldn’t crack jokes about what I’m probably gonna fail at stopping…”

She haphazardly tossed her bag next to the couch before making a grand flop onto her cozy bed -completely ignoring Nathan’s “Art” on her wall.

“Just… need to get my mind off shit…”

Her phone was the only bastion of hope in this situation, “What’s better than pirated music, and shitty phone games?” Max reached for the device. Chloe had been 95% right when it came to Rachel being her size, but the jeans were a bit tight. In a poor effort to get her phone out; Max yanked the rest of her pocket’s contents out with it.

Her phone hit the floor, amidst bits of pocket change, lint, and…

“Oh…” Max elicited softly. Her doe-eyes landing on the Polaroid of her young self, and Chloe.

A happier Chloe.

A gift from Joyce. The gift of memories. Something Max hated herself for not remembering. Sometimes she really did feel like she was stumbling in time. Too stupid to understand how things actually worked. The brunette didn’t want for any of this to happen, but her pessimistic side shouted that it was her that made Chloe end up the way she is.

“Like I was controlling time before I even knew I could.”

Somberly, Max reached out for the photo. She remembered now, of course, “Of course Max, always when you’re too late.”

The photo sat loosely in her palm. She examined it like she’d never seen a photo before. Flipping it over, turning it upside down, even holding it to the light like it held some sort of secret.

A sudden vibration tickled by her feet. It startled to photographer, dropping the photo and looking down to where her phone was next to her foot. She squinted at the caller ID; internally hoping it was Chloe.

“Price J & W? Joyce and… Oh.” “She never changed the caller ID… wonder why she’s calling.” By the third vibration, Max answered it.

“Joyce?” Max timidly asked.

“Oh, Max, thank god you answered,” Joyce’s tone didn’t exuberate its usual calmness.

Max could hear faint clattering in the background, “Is everything okay, you sound worried.” “Please don’t let it be Chloe…”

“It’s Chloe, Max. She came home pretty upset, lotta cussing and threats towards Rachel and a guy named, Frank. Did something happen between ya’ll?”

“Shit…” Max tried to keep calm. She allowed for Joyce to continue.

“Max, I tried to get her to calm down; but she’s pretty upset this time. You’re the only one she’ll likely listen to.”

There was more clattering in the background, followed by a door slamming shut. It was all the intuition Max needed, “I’ll be right over.

"Thanks Max, please hurry though. I think she’s trying to leave.”

Max immediately hung up the phone. She leapt from her bed and dashed towards the door. Not even bothering to close it behind her.

Curious faces watched as she ran down the girl’s dorm hallway, bursting through the doors and racing down the stairs.

Joyce was right, it shocked Max, but she was right. Chloe needed help, not damage control.

And she was the only one that knew how.


Merely fifteen minutes later, the bus arrived on Chloe’s street. In a heated shuffle, Max raced out of the bus, and jogged half a block to the Price’s home. As she came up the street, she could see Chloe just stepping into the open garage.

Max paced by her truck, her foot accidentally stepped on a dry leaf next to it. The impending crunch was enough to blow her cover.

Sharply, Chloe turned to Max, “What’re you doing here?”

The brunette winced, “It looks like she was crying…” Her poor skills in these scenarios stopped her from answering.

Chloe turned away. Facing the far back wall of the garage, “Mom called you, didn’t she?”

“S-She did, but that doesn’t matter. Chloe I-”

“Can nobody in this town leave me the fuck alone?!”

The punk began rummaging around the cupboards above David’s computer, “Don’t even, Max. This has nothing to do with you.”

“What’re you talking about?” Max asked, taking small step after small step closer.

“I’m fucking done Max. I’m tired of living in a place where I constantly get fucked over.”

Max remembered their conversation from earlier, “Chloe please-”

“What?” The aqua-haired girl sidestepped and glared at Max, “Wanna tell me to grow up? Tell me to forgive and forget? You don’t think I hear that every waking hour of my pitiful life?”

“Chloe you still have a life here. Remember what you said at the pool last night? About us, and how were gonna figure shit out?”

Every step Max took; Chloe mimicked the same. Not wanting to be anywhere near her.

“I was being a nostalgic shit again.”

Max felt her already weakened resolve failing, “What happened?”

“Oh, I don’t know, my Dad dies, my best friend leaves, I get step-shit, but oh! Here’s the best part, my other friend, who I thought I could trust; turns out to be going behind my back with some off-the-street drug dealing asswipe!” Chloe’s breaths were ragged and audible, “I’m tired of it Max.”

Chloe stepped back again, closer to- “The gun case? What’s she- oh no…”

The punk picked up on Max’s gaze shifting from the case to herself, “Max, you need to leave.”

“Chloe no.”

“Leave, I’m telling you. Just leave.”

“I’m not gonna leave, I know what-”

“Leave Max! Leave like you did before, It wasn’t so hard then, so why not now?”

Max felt a sudden anger rise inside of her, “So, what, you’re gonna go kill Frank?”

“If he doesn’t tell me where Rachel is, yes.” She reached the gun case. Kneeling down she patted a small spot underneath of it, producing a small key, “Step-shit always keeps a spare.” She fiddled with the lock, Max winced even more as she heard it click open.

“Chloe please! Stop it!” Max choked back a sob, thanking the heavens for not giving the gun to her from Frank’s RV.

It was too late. Chloe grabbed the pistol from the top rung and pocketed a few boxes of ammunition.

Max reached her breaking point, “No!” She dashed behind Chloe, forcing her shoulder around. She was beginning to sob, feeling like this was all her fault. The sudden attack startled the punk, giving Max the chance to snatch the gun from Chloe’s grasp.

“Listen to me, this isn’t the answer,” Max saw Chloe’s eyes dip down, guided by the tear slipping off Max’s cheek, “Rachel didn’t betray you, and killing Frank won’t solve anything.”

“It’ll make me feel a little better.”

“Shut up! Just shut up! Do you even hear yourself right now?!” Max’s voice cracked and thundered, “W-What if you did g-go? And you got hurt instead?”

Chloe couldn’t bear to look Max in the eyes. Slowly, she could feel herself coming back down to earth, “Max don’t.”

“I wouldn’t be there to save you.”

Max sobs came fully now, her arms trembled with adrenaline and fear. The thought of losing Chloe hitting her hard, “You know how destroyed Joyce would be, if she found out she lost you too?”

Chloe remained silent, feeling heartbroken for putting Max through her bullshit again.

“O-Or if I-I g-got a call in the middle of the n-night, saying you’re…”

“Max please, I’m-”

“R-Remember what you said at the pool yesterday? You said you’d never leave me.”

Chloe’s lip trembled. Her beautiful eyes glossed over with tears, “I know. I’m such an idiot because I know.”

Max relinquished her grip on the punk, “Ever since you came back into my life, I don’t feel sad and alone here. Yesterday, was so fucking amazing, I-It made me feel like I have a place with you again.”

“It d-did?”

“It did. Che… remember when we were kids, and whenever we’d fight or not talk; you’d always be the first one to come over and say sorry?”

“H-Heh, yeah, I… do.”

“I was being a stubborn little shit, but you cared, and you came, a-and we always worked stuff out. Well, now it’s my turn. I cannot do this alone, and I w-want you to be the one who’s there when I think it’s impossible,” Max mustered a weary grin. Softly placing her hand on Chloe’s cheek, wiping a tear away, “I’m not telling you to forgive and forget, but I just want you to know… how much you mean to me.”

Chloe sniffed, she wrapped her arms around Max’s neck and yanked her into a tight embrace, and she couldn’t form words. Just sobs into Max’s small shoulder.

The brunette grinned, with a little more assurance now. She stroked Chloe’s hair, hushing her to not cry.

“I’m so sorry Max…”

“You don’t have to be.”

Chloe pulled back, Max wasn’t finished yet, “We’ll do this together.”

“H-Hella yes we are. Once this is over, you’re gonna make the world bow with your power.”

“No,” Max hugged Chloe again, “We, will make the world bow.”

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Careful with the anons, Jim is not to be trusted. Like, ever. Also, they *need* us to play the game, we are actually in control here. Maybe if we loosen up a bit they might be willing to open up in less cryptic way (you know, giving us a date isn't actually a *thing* if it's not corroborate by facts) (by that I don't mean to say nothing is real, but they keep giving us number now an actual date? suspicious, that's all)

[Jim voice] “Just trying to have some fun.” ;)

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Honestly Undertale was something that changed my life and helped me figure out stuff about myself and now I'm ashamed to say I even played it. Just... the fandom needs to stop. Honestly I think that people just need to take a step back and realize, like I realized about half a year ago, that it's just a game. And sometimes games can effect people. In short - the fandom needs to get control of itself and tag their shit properly

Pretty fucking much. You got potential, anon.
-Vega Mod

My Dad Has My Old Wii

He wanted to use it since it still works (aside from not playing Wii games anymore) it can play GameCube games, my selection is very small but he really likes Resident Evil 4 since he’s always enjoyed the movies. He also has an interest in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Godzilla Destroys All Monsters Melee also caught his attention.

Kind of excited to see how he reacts to those games but I may need to teach him the controls. I gave him a memory card so he can save his data and continually play till we get him his own memory card.

He’s never played with a GameCube controller which I will have to let him borrow one till we get him one of his own. I’ll teach him how to use them for each game but I think he can figure it out.


Collecting Stuff: PS1/PS2 Stuff

Picked up 5 seperate ebay auctions. Pics are before i’ve cleaned and sorted everything.

- PS2 Slim 2 controllers with PS1/PS2 games
- Need For Speed Underground 2 complete
- PS1 memory card with cover
- PS2 memory card Blue
- Complete Logitech wireless PS2 controller

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theres yet another trump simulator on the steam front page under the popular new releases tab hahahahahahha, so fucking funny those games, who need quality control on greenlight for this major pc games store, ill fucking shoot gabe newell

why is donald trump a fucking game genre

OOC: Ah….so I did not do what I wanted to do today xD; I wanted to get all my starters out, but I still owe about 3 or 4. I am terribly sorry friends, I am not ignoring any of you! I got the new Kingdom Hearts today and I’ve been playing it non stop without realizing the time ^^; This happens to me alot, I need more control over my love for video games! xDD Anyway, I saved everything I owe - and I know who I owe for starters, I will get to it once I return from work and clinicals! I hope everyone has a peaceful night, and I love how welcoming and kind everyone is, even one another. All of my followers make me so happy to see on my dash - never change who you are friends! Be safe, and we’ll speak soon n_n

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Guidebook (by Dengeki) Review

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing this guidebook by Dengeki which I bought from This is not a sponsored review or anything as I am just making a post on what kind of content this guidebook has. This guidebook is completely in Japanese but with minimal knowledge on Hiragana and Katakana, you can briefly figure out the contents.

This guidebook, just like the others I have previously bought, have basic information on how to play the game such as controls and other details you need to know before playing the game.

I will only be briefly touching some sections that the guidebook has so not all content will be mentioned in my review.

Section #1

This sections shows the layout of the land you can choose from which surprised me because I never knew there were so many different choices. There are about 83 layouts you can choose from and it shows you where it is exactly and how it looks like in different seasons. I thought this would be very helpful when finding the perfect spot for your new villager to move into.

Section #2

The villager section lists all the villagers in the game as well as other information such as their personality type, their birthday, their “important” interior and exterior furniture (the furniture that’s mandatory when designing their homes), and more. This section is helpful to see what furniture comes with which villager.

Section #3

If you want to be more specific when looking for furniture, you can flip to the furniture catalog. Each furniture has a little description on whether the furniture can be remade into a different colour, if it’s interact-able (or if it has an action when you touch it), and a list of villagers that “carry” or “provide” that furniture.

Not only does this apply to the furniture catalog, you can also find which villager “carries” wallpaper or flooring.

Of course, there is also a catalog for everything else in the game such as plants, exterior (doors, roofs, etc), clothing, paintings, fishes, etc.

Apart from the basic stuff, there are sections such as a list of furniture that has an action when it moves, a section with all the remade furniture and the different looks you can get from remaking them, and even a list of all the Amiibo cards from the 1st series.

I’m not sure what else to talk about so if you have any questions, just let me know!