need a confidence booster

Libra and Their Rising/Ascendant

Libra with an Aries rising/ascendant seems like a firecracker, is extroverted, and dynamic but then has a softer, more elusive core. They want to dominant the social sphere and needs plenty of attention and confident boosters.

Libra with a Taurus rising/ascendant is highly likeable, attractive, and is the best host. They see the world through calm, level-headed lenses but is also cautious about relationships.

Libra with a Gemini rising/ascendant spreads the word faster than anybody, thrives in the social world, and always speaks their mind. They truly experience the world through human connection and communication.

Libra with a Cancer rising/ascendant has a peaceful aura, seems a bit mysterious at first, and has goals that revolve around their love life. They want to make you feel but hates it when others get under their skin.

Libra with a Leo rising/ascendant wants admiration, drama, romance, and glory. They can be a prima donna, won’t settle for less, and likes comfort and luxury. They can attract others with their theatrical persona.

Libra with a Virgo rising/ascendant appears to be reliable, organized, and a person who has their life together… if that’s true or not depends on other factors. They are easygoing and sees the world as a place to improve.

Libra with a Libra rising/ascendant is highly charming, artistic, and tactful. They can talk anyone into doing anything and they can get addicted to relationships. They see the world as a place to not be alone.

Libra with a Scorpio rising/ascendant has a whole lot of sex-appeal, can be lustful, and might always appear to have a secret agenda. They see the world as a place to master the art of love or at least the art of courting.

Libra with a Sagittarius rising/ascendant explores the world through many different types of relationships. They are quick to get to know others and easily gets caught up in the freshness of new people or relationships.

Libra with a Capricorn rising/ascendant is a more grounded Libra, they are reasonable, wants people to trust them, and seems fair. They let others come to them on their own time and is good at giving advice.

Libra with an Aquarius rising/ascendant can seem a bit radical at times, has charisma, and won’t turn down telling a story or gossiping. These guys make their own social rules and norms.

Libra with a Pisces rising/ascendant has a poetic and even dreamy exterior, they spout charm, and is easily impressed by others. They appear to be super laid-back, doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but has a subtle manipulative side.

2 easy ways to encourage your fellow fitblrs

Read & interact with someone’s text post. They’ve just spent 5 minutes formulating a piece of information and they’re sharing it with you. Getting a few likes or a comment makes them feel good.

LIKE PEOPLE’S SELFIES. If you see a selfie with few/no notes, like it. You’re not losing anything, but it could be the huge confidence booster that someone needs that day.

We’re all here for encouragement. Support each other.

we know I love Crawford. He’s been carrying this sub par team into the playoffs all season and has had one of (if not the best) season of his career. That being said, tonight was rough. At least one (I’d argue two) of the goals were on him, but most were a lack of defense that by the end, you’re left with a shell of a goaltender. We can’t have that.

Was starting Crow the right decision? I’m the camp of a resounding YES.

Should Crow start next game? No. Let him sit out and get his confidence back. He needs to have some Corey Confidence Booster.