need a bigger shirt

“You left me some dinner in the fridge? awwh sweet

 (Kuroo in a suit? kuroo in a suit)

Purchased my first firearm today! i’ll be going for the sig later but for now this is just fine for concealed carry, just need some bigger shirts lol

WHEEEEE. also scheduled my interview with placer County sheriff :)

Miyuki wearing Chris' shirt...
  • Furuya: (whispering to Sawamura) Isn’t that Chris-senpai’s shirt?
  • Sawamura: Ah?! You’re right! Why is Miyuki Kazuya wearing my master’s shirt??
  • Ryousuke: He probably misunderstood it with his own after he and Chris finished fuc…
  • Kuramochi: Ryo-san!!!
  • Ryousuke: Or he probably needed a bigger shirt to hide his hick…
  • Kuramochi: Ryo-san seriously!!!
  • Haruichi: Maybe he wanted something more loose because his body was sore from...
  • Kuramochi: Haruichi?! Ryo-san’s personality is influencing him!
  • Miyuki: (walking toward them) I just took the wrong one, because I didn’t wear my glasses.
  • Furuya: Why?
  • Miyuki: (grinning) Because if I don’t, they get all wet from…
  • Kuramochi: Seriously, all of you, just SHUT UP!!!

It’s always and honor when the groom trusts you with how he will look on one of the most importants days of his life!

In This Outfit

Bowtie- custom made by me (

Shirt 20- K&G (side note on the shirt. Guys it is very important that our shirts fit well. Ok so shirt sizes are measured by the circumference of your neck. So if your neck is 18 inches around than your shirt size will be 18. The issue is it doesn’t at all take in account the diverse body types of the plus size gent. So offten times they will just make the body of shirt bigger than most will need to insure that it will fit everyone. So for most the shirt will have an a grievous amount of unnecessary fabric which makes us look sloppy and not well put together. The solution is tailoring! My clients shirt had to be taken in about 6 inches.)

Pants 44 (also tailored), suspenders, shoes all from K&G.

I would love to work with you!

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You know how stupidly happy that one scene in Story For Steven made me where Greg says that Rose will probably need a larger t-shirt and goes and gets one for her?? And nobody made a big deal about that??? Like, I have never seen a show openly acknowledge that some people can only wear larger t-shirt sizes without making some sort of fat joke about it. But SU just goes and says ‘she’ll need a bigger shirt size’ and leaves it at that. Like it’s just a simple fact of life.

I know it’s such a small and seemingly insignificant thing, but it made me so happy because I honestly have never seen a show act so normal and non-detrimental about a character not fitting into a medium shirt size. It’s just unheard of.

This show is a blessing and it makes me feel so happy about myself with every little thing it does.

  • (Based on empanadadooblez's villain!AU)
  • Saitama: *sits and reads as Genos walks over* Hm?
  • Genos: *Proceeds to crawl up under Saitama's hoodie and curl up on his stomach inside*
  • Saitama: *smiles and sighs and he pats the lump on his hoodie before continuing reading*
  • -----------
  • Genos: *making dinner as he suddenly pauses* Master?
  • Saitama: *Has just his head stuck under Genos' shirt as he sits on the floor in front of him* You need bigger shirts
  • Genos: *Laughs lightly*