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The Librarian *Bucky Barnes x Reader* NSFW

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Summary: A University AU. You have been studying in the library all weekend, although the sexy librarian has been distracting you. Turns out you’ve been a bit of distraction for him also.
Warnings: Explicit (+18) smut, public sex, no condom & oral. Also swearing

Quick thank you to my close friend @full-of-sins-not-tragedies for reading this over for me. - Rosalie

University was hard and stressful but you loved every second of it. You had made friends with all the History majors, your dorm roommate was hilarious and the campus coffee pop-up stand was a lifesaver, literally. University was everything you expected to be and more, you did think it would be more partying at 4 am but you did go to the occasional one or two at the weekend.

Except for this weekend. This weekend is spent in the library on campus, researching medicine in the 18th century. You had been arriving as soon as the doors opened and staying to just before closing time.

Also, you couldn’t lie the man running the library this weekend was hot. When you walked in on Saturday morning, he was perched behind the oak desk with a book, glasses perched on his nose and long hair tied back into a bun. White button up shirt tucked into blue denim jeans. He was intimidatingly handsome, rugged with the unshaven face but adorable in the sense his mouth moved as he read; muttering the words to himself.

You had, admittedly, been slightly creepy with the staring when reading about history became boring. He was just so intriguing to you. You hadn’t seen him work here through the week, you hadn’t seen him around campus either, he was an enigma to you. You wanted to know more but yet, you didn’t want to go up and just talk to him. So, you kept to sneakily peeking over the mountain of books at him.

When you walked in on Sunday morning it was dead. Everyone had gone out partying Saturday night, leaving the library to be empty on Sunday as they all nursed their hangovers. He was there, sat silently behind the desk, till he glanced up at the door opening and smiled at you. Pride and Prejudice perched in his right hand.

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“You left me some dinner in the fridge? awwh sweet

 (Kuroo in a suit? kuroo in a suit)


Headcannon of werewolf!Mccree finding that his human s/o is pregnant with a small litter of werewolf puppies?

I would like to just start this off by saying that I love anything to do with werewolf McCree and demon Hanzo so if you have any McHanzo fic recs (that don’t have anything explicit in them) including these two topics in any way shape or form I would die happily.

Also at the moment of me posting this, my puppy has currently trapped himself in an existential crisis called a leash and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

I’m going to free him.

Hope you have a lovely day friend!! <33 

-Mod Cherry

I love you for sending me this request thank you.

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Dr. Flug cosplay I’ve been working towards for some time! <3 <3
He’s pretty simple so I thought hey why not! all my cosplays are budget anyway

My shoes aren’t red though and I need to get a bigger shirt for my own sake and make the mask but I FINALLY got the lab coat 8′D I’m really loving it!

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#8 with Darry?

Sorry for this being done so late. I’m a lazy idiot. Also this literally happened to my mom when she was pregnant with my brother.

Warning: EXTREME AWKWARDNESS BUT FLUFF (it’s so sweet and cute. My heart is happy!)

“That’s our baby?”

You and Darry are walking hand in hand through the clothing store. Darry needs some new jeans and work boots. With your growing tummy, you need bigger shirts, even though you’re almost due. You also wouldn’t mind picking up some new clothes for the baby.

Darry has a stack of jeans in his arms, and he heads off to the dressing room, leaving you to look through the baby clothes. A wetness pools between your legs, feeling like you’ve wet yourself. Embarrassed, you walk to the bathroom to clean up. As soon as you’re finished, you go to the dressing rooms to get Darry. Since the fitting rooms are separated by gender, you look are for someone to ask.

You spot a guy, who’s probably 15 years old. You rush over to him. “Excuse me, I don’t mean to bother you but can you go into the fitting rooms and get my husband?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure. What’s his name?”

“Darry.” He nods and walks to the dressing rooms. You wait nervously for them for them to come back. A dull ache hits your stomach, but you ignore it. Probably just the baby kicking. A few minutes later, Darry comes out with 2 pairs of jeans and the boy in tow. You smile. Darry’s going to be a great father.

“Hey (Y/N).” He kisses your nose.

“Thank you so much.” You tell the boy.

He shrugs. “Not a problem, ma’am.” The boy walks off.

Darry turns to you. “What’s wrong, baby? You wouldn’t call me out for no reason.”

“I want to go home.”

He breathes deep. “O-okay. Did I do something wrong?”

“No. I had an…accident.”

Darry gives you his big jacket. “This should cover what you need it to. It’s alright, babe. I’ll pay for these real quick. You wanna wait in the car?”

“Mmm hmm. My feet are killing me.” He kisses your lips,gives you the keys, and walks you to the front of the store. The pain hasn’t gone away but you just breathe in and out. Darry hops into the truck a minute later.

“When we get home, are you gonna change?” He asks. “’Cause I was gonna take you and the boys out for dinner.”

“Dinner sounds amazing. Yeah, I’ll change.”

“Alrighty then.” He drives home, holding your hand the entire way.

After you change your clothes, you come into the living room to see Pony and Soda sitting on the couch.

“What are you and Darry doing home so early for?” 

Before you have the chance to answer, Darry scolds, “I told you not to say anything.”

“No you said to not ask questions.” Pony points out.

“Smart ass.”

“Darry.” You give him a look. “It’s fine, Soda. We just came home so I could change out of my clothes. I had a bit of an accident at the store.”

“You peed yourself. That’s what Darry said.”

You can tell from Darry’s face he’s about to tell Pony to zip it. “Yes. Being almost nine months pregnant can do numbers on your bladder.” He makes a face, then nods.

“Whatcha say we go out for dinner, boys?” You ask, changing the subject. They quickly get up and grab shoes and coats. Darry takes you to Jay’s. You order your favorite item on the menu. After everyone is finished, Darry asks if you’d like an ice cream. He buys two—one for Pony and Soda, and one for you. When it’s time to leave you head to the restroom. You notice blood in your underwear. Blood? But the baby isn’t due for another 3 weeks. You waddle over to Darry, who is at the register. You place your hand on his arm, hopefully it’s just alarm.

  Around 2 AM, the pain becomes so sharp, it’s got you gasping for air. Darry is such a hard sleeper, so he’s probably still asleep. You whimper loudly and clutch you abdomen. 

“Baby, you okay?”

“Darry, this baby’s coming now, whether we’re ready or not.” That makes him wake up fully. He puts a shirt and his shoes on.

“Wait here and just keep breathing.” You nod, inhaling deeply.

“Soda! Pony! Come on boys. Today’s the day. If you don’t get up, (Y/N) is having that baby here, which I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna see.” You hear the bed rattle and Pony’s groan. Darry comes back into the room and carries you bridal-style to the truck “Soda, get (Y/N)’s shoes and her bag of stuff. Pony, her coat please. Or a blanket. Not a second later, Pony and Soda climbing into the truck with all your things in hand.

After an hour of breathing then finally pushing, you hold your little boy in your arms. He’s 8 pounds and 21 inches long. The doctors told you if he had come on his due date ha would have been around 10 pounds, not a good thing to push out.

The gang comes into the room. Everyone’s here. They’re making sweet comments about what sports he’ll play and what his name’s going to be.

Dallas says, “His name should be Jonathan.”

You giggle. “We already have a Johnny, Dally.” Johnny blushes from beside you.

“He’s gonna play football.”

“No, he’s a runner for sure.”

You sigh happily. “I hope you all realize the nameless boy isn’t playing anything just yet.”

“We’ll start when he’s 3 days old.” Two-bit jokes and all the boys chuckle.]

A nurse comes in. “Mrs. Curtis, we have to take him for a bit.”

“But I haven’t even gotten to see him yet!” Darry says.

“You can come down the hall in an hour. He should be in the nursery.”  Giving your newborn son to someone else was hard for you, especially this stranger. The woman holds her hands out. You kiss your son’s head and hand him over.

She leaves. You reach out a hand to touch Darry’s. “It’s only an hour. We can decide on a name in that time.”

By the time you’re allowed to go see your son, you are exhausted from all the arguing. No one could decide on a name you could agree on. Soda suggested Dumbo. Two-bit said Mickey, of course. Everyone had some crazy or weird name that didn’t seem to fit your little boy at all.

You and Darry knock on the door. Another woman opens the door and leads you inside. She grabs you wrist and reads the numbers there. “Over here.” You follow her. You stand next to a little bed with your baby inside. He’s crying. Your motherly instinct tells you to pick him up and rock him. But you stop yourself, looking over at Darry who’s been unusually quiet. 

“What’s wrong, Dar-bear?” He smiles at you.

“That’s our baby?” You nod. “He’s beautiful. He has your eyes and hair. Look at his little nose.” Darry reaches one hand toward his hand and the child wraps his tiny hand around Darry’s finger. “It’s so small, (Y/N).”

“You wanna hold him?” You ask.

He hesitates. “I don’t want to hurt the li’l guy.” 

“You won’t,” You pick your son up from the bed, and put him in Darry’s arms. His head on Darry’s shoulder. “Ooh here rest one arm under his butt and the other around his back. There you go.”

The crying becomes quieter, then stops. “(Y/N)?! Is he still breathing?” You put a hand on the baby’s back and look at his face.

You laugh softly. “Darry, he fell asleep.” You bring the baby back to your hospital room. 

When you sit back down, Two-bit asks to hold him. Darry hands him over to him. Your son whines, but then falls asleep again. “Aww. Can we keep him?”

Miyuki wearing Chris' shirt...
  • Furuya: (whispering to Sawamura) Isn’t that Chris-senpai’s shirt?
  • Sawamura: Ah?! You’re right! Why is Miyuki Kazuya wearing my master’s shirt??
  • Ryousuke: He probably misunderstood it with his own after he and Chris finished fuc…
  • Kuramochi: Ryo-san!!!
  • Ryousuke: Or he probably needed a bigger shirt to hide his hick…
  • Kuramochi: Ryo-san seriously!!!
  • Haruichi: Maybe he wanted something more loose because his body was sore from...
  • Kuramochi: Haruichi?! Ryo-san’s personality is influencing him!
  • Miyuki: (walking toward them) I just took the wrong one, because I didn’t wear my glasses.
  • Furuya: Why?
  • Miyuki: (grinning) Because if I don’t, they get all wet from…
  • Kuramochi: Seriously, all of you, just SHUT UP!!!

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have you had a wardrobe malfunction in public like your pant button popping or splitting seams on your fat ass of thick thighs? 🐷🐷🐷😈

Well my most recent one is when I was at work and I went to squat to get something and my pants dead ass ripped hardcore on my inner upper thigh. I’ve ripped so many pairs of pants in the past few months 😅🐷 I’m almost getting close to popping buttons on a few shirts tho! Need to get a little bigger for that

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lol that pic of matt...when that button gap thing happens to me (which happens often because i got big titties) i don't buy that shirt but he's chill with his button gap...about to bust out of that shirt lmao 😂

loooooool!!! i can’t believe matt needs to invest in bigger shirts because the thiddarios are too thic… wow…

Her goal was 60 inches. When she was pregnant with twins, she grew from a 27 inch to 51 inch waist. She set a goal for herself when her husband pumped quads into her. She was going to do everything she could to grow big healthy babies and get as round as she could.

Her husband was completely supportive and constantly spoiled her. He let her prop her feet up on the couch and grow their babies while he took care of the house and made sure she was eating for five.

Now she thought they might have overdone it. The doctor said her babies where already 5 pounds a piece and growing rapidly. Her husband took her 6 ½ month belly as she tried to balance her huge mound.

“You’re up 2 inches from last week babe! At this rate you’ll be 60 inches in less than a month! If we keep at it, you might make 70!

She purred as she carefully lowered herself back on the couch, “In that case, I’ll need another tub of icecream and a bigger shirt .”

You know how stupidly happy that one scene in Story For Steven made me where Greg says that Rose will probably need a larger t-shirt and goes and gets one for her?? And nobody made a big deal about that??? Like, I have never seen a show openly acknowledge that some people can only wear larger t-shirt sizes without making some sort of fat joke about it. But SU just goes and says ‘she’ll need a bigger shirt size’ and leaves it at that. Like it’s just a simple fact of life.

I know it’s such a small and seemingly insignificant thing, but it made me so happy because I honestly have never seen a show act so normal and non-detrimental about a character not fitting into a medium shirt size. It’s just unheard of.

This show is a blessing and it makes me feel so happy about myself with every little thing it does.


It’s always and honor when the groom trusts you with how he will look on one of the most importants days of his life!

In This Outfit

Bowtie- custom made by me (

Shirt 20- K&G (side note on the shirt. Guys it is very important that our shirts fit well. Ok so shirt sizes are measured by the circumference of your neck. So if your neck is 18 inches around than your shirt size will be 18. The issue is it doesn’t at all take in account the diverse body types of the plus size gent. So offten times they will just make the body of shirt bigger than most will need to insure that it will fit everyone. So for most the shirt will have an a grievous amount of unnecessary fabric which makes us look sloppy and not well put together. The solution is tailoring! My clients shirt had to be taken in about 6 inches.)

Pants 44 (also tailored), suspenders, shoes all from K&G.

I would love to work with you!

Follow bigguyflyy for plus size male fashion inspiration, tips, hacks, advice and more!

Also find me on Instagram @the_awesome_life_of_a_beaver

Check et ouuuuuuuuut!!!!!! Omfg. I am soooooooooo happy. Dude excuse my writing on this though, i am using a smart phone.

Now, this picture is me wearing my 4xl GC2B binder with an additional addon, due to me being a big guy.

Whoa now! Keep in mind, there is no flaw to GC2B. Its just the simple fact - as much as i hate to admit this - that there is only so much you can do to the human body before damage is done. Especially since my left pec is bigger than my right.

Now, i will say that this is my first binder. I have a compression shirt i used to reduce chest size more than binding. Its the only thing that helps me… to not focusing on my chest all the time.

Anyway, what im saying is that if you’re a big dude. I mean… bigger than D’s. I’m JJ in the pec area. As far as i know it, this is biggest chest that is being binded and GC2B made it happen. That’s right folks. If men are as big as i am, GC2B is the way to go.

Since one of my pecs are bigger, i did need to put on a compression shirt over. At least for my own sake. The compression shirt is called InstaSlim. Its designed for chunkier guys to look slimmer and help with gynecomastia. So yah, this helps as a foundation to smooth out stuff before binding. Especially if folks have my issue with having uneven pecs.

Overall, i am beyond estastic. GC2B, you have made not only my day, but my whole life a lotta better. Thank you. Thank you. Omfg thank yoooooooou.