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Everyone is entitled to their opinions and everyone is entitled to their beliefs … but if the opinions and feelings are rooted in denying certain people basic human rights, I’ve got a problem with that.


Greek Gods Series
Prologue Poseidon Ares Aphrodite Apollo Hades Hermes Zeus
Ship: Pirate!Mina | Pirate!Reader | Merman!Jimin
Description: Pirate!AU | Beginning your new life as a pirate had its hardships- and it all started with something called Fate.
Warnings: Fingering, Oral, Dirty Talk, Exhibitionism? Violence, Assault, Angst, Death
Word Count: 15,257
A/N: Cover finally up! Enjoy the first part of this series! It took me forever to write.

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Priorities pt.1 (J.A)

Description - Jack is dating your best friend and you suffer heart break.
Warnings: swearing, angst
Over 5k words! 

It really hurt, if you were being honest. Having to see your best friend and Jack together nearly every other time you walk into your shared apartment.

Everything started a few months ago in an instrument shop varying from the most grudge guitars to the most classical pianos. 

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My mom reacts to the men of MK X


Mom: Wow….I don’t know he’s kind of sexy but…weird looking. I love his eyes though!


Mom: Looks like a woman with a beard…dude needs to man up.


Mom: There’s an actual black man is this? Wow I hope he’s not dead. He’s pretty good lookin, I’m lovin the beard and the metal arms too.


Mom: Eh…he’s hot…but he’s not. If that makes sense.


Mom: Oh look it’s Daredevil!


Mom: This man is in dire need of some lotion…and some food.

Kano (Revolution)


Regular Kano

Mom: Okay…what the hell happened?

Klassic Kano


Erron Black

Mom: HA! Maybe it’s Mabelline!


Mom: Aww he looks like a sad little schoolgirl. Who punched his nuts?

Kotal Kahn 

Mom: Why is he blue and naked? 

Kotal Kahn (Alternate costume)

Mom: That is NOT the same guy! That man is pasty as hell! 

Quan Chi

Mom: ….Victoria what the hell is that?


Mom: What the fuck is that!? Some of these men look really strange…

the signs as random snapchats my friends have sent me
  • aries: i'm barely awake and my sister said "clean the damn house" bitch clean ya damn vagina im tired fuck outta my face
  • taurus: *picture of herself with the headband on & a blank face* i realized too late that i was playing headbandz and now i know what i am wow
  • gemini: you ever notice that the inside of your mouth looks like the inside of your vagina wait actually idk what the inside of my vagina looks like
  • cancer: *picture of her teary eyed* i nearly started crying because i realized plankton and karen don't have kids because she's a computer so they can't have sex
  • leo: *picture of her with her hair tied around her chin like a beard* who needs men? i'm my own man
  • virgo: *picture of her looking down at the camera at an awkward angle* me trying to figure out how to record without using my hands
  • libra: *at 2 am* in other countries when they eat hot dogs or something do they call it "american food" like how we call china's food "chinese food" #latenightthoughts
  • scorpio: *picture of herself on the toilet with her legs scribbled out* woah why tf am i constipated (my dick not showin, just my legs)
  • sagittarius: *picture of her crying* while i was chewing i bit down on something chewy IT WAS A BUG I THINK PLEASE HELP
  • capricorn: *blurry picture of her looking terrified* tell me why i dropped my phone in the fucking brownie mix i hate everything
  • aquarius: *blurry picture of herself* i kicked an ant bed and i think some of the ants went in my pants and are biting me
  • pisces: *picture of her crying* me realizing maddie isn't even real. or maybe liv isn't real. idk they just aren't actually twins. they're the same girl. and she doesn't have some unique connection to her twin sister who'd she do anything for because she doesn't have one.
A Song of Ice and Stone - Part 3: Reunion

Characters: Y/N Stone, Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Ned Stark, Robb Stark, Talisa Stark, Catelyn Stark, Arya Stark, Olly, Walder Frey, Melisandre, Ser Davos

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Warnings: Canon divergence, Implied Smut, implied rape (very light but it is there - not Jon!)

Word Count: 3800ish

A/N: This is proving to be such a challenge to write but I am loving every second of it, and I hope you guys are too. I got another part planned which will be the last. I was originally planning on having it run a bit longer but due to lack of feedback part 4 is the last one this time around. 

Thanks to my sweet amazing friend, cheerleader and editor @blacktithe7 for betaing this series for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Being back at Winterfell felt strange. Like you were even more of a stranger to the place than you had been when you left, but you also didn’t love it any less. Winterfell held a lot of good memories for you, even if you never quit felt as if you belonged.

None of that made pulling the dead men you had once known from the mountain of bodies on the battlefield any easier. You might hadn’t known them well. Not a lot of them anyway, but they had died trying to free your home from a tyrant’s hold. They had died fighting for the family that had taken you in. They had died for the man you still loved; the man inside the Castle with whom your thoughts and heart rested with. Jon Snow.

“Hi Jon.”

You shifted nervously on your feet, hoping he would at least be a little happy to see you. You bore no illusions that his thoughts and dreams had been as filled with you as yours had of him over the past few years, but he had been your friend. He was your best friend, for a long long time before he became anything else.

The seconds passed as if they were hours while Jon just stared at you. Maybe you had overstepped. This wasn’t your home anymore. He wasn’t yours anymore, if he even ever had been. Sure you had been best friends once, but suddenly your chest tightened at the realisation that Jon might not be the man you remembered him to be. He might not even want you in his life any longer. To him, you could just be some girl from a distant past. His expression was unreadable, and the blood and mud covering his features didn’t make it any easier.

You were just about to turn around and bolt, terrified he wanted nothing to do with you when he finally moved. And boy did he move. Your mind didn’t even have time to register what was happening before you were in his arms. Your body reacted instinctively; your arms wrapping around his neck and your face buried against his shoulder as the two of you clung to each other for dear life.

He felt familiar, like home. This was where you belonged, in his arms, and you felt as if you could breath properly for the first time in a long time. He was alive, and he was right here with you. That was all you needed. He was alive.

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