need a attitude adjustment


You know the stories and you know the rhymes, of beautiful mermaids living under the glittering surface of the world above. Even Auradon Prep had one such beauty, none other than the most famous of mermaid’s daughter. She too, like her mother, fell in love with her own Prince Charming.

Prince Ben was everything a girl would want - charming, handsome, charismatic, funny, and so much more. But alas, he was with Audrey, Sleeping Beauty’s daughter, who was everything any guy would want. At least physically - everyone agreed her attitude needed adjustment. While you watched from afar and hummed songs of old, you imagined your life with Ben.

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Jieun is a shallow, whiny, thirsty bitch, let’s keep that in mind.

But she doesn’t deserve to be carved up like a fucking fish. What she really needs is an attitude adjustment. Y’all are scaring me a bit with how eager you are to see her tortured or in pain.

I fucking hate her for what she said to Yoonbum, but I still wouldn’t want her dead because of it. I’d just want Sangwoo to tell her to fuck off, quite honestly. It’d destroy her since she seems to think she’s entitled to him for some reason just because she’s watched him from afar for awhile and she likes him. 

But yeah, Jieun, as much as I hate her…she doesn’t deserve death. Like, take a breath here, Jeeesus

I need a major attitude adjustment.
Testy toddlerhood is in full force and I just can’t deal.
I’ve got No Bad Kids and Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids in my Amazon cart. I’m open to any suggestions on how else to not lose my shit when times get tough.

anonymous asked:

Predictions for your teams in the CL?

i don’t like doing predictions because i’m really superstitious about sports but i will say this:

arsenal needs a giant attitude adjustment before wednesday and i’m not optimistic. i’ll always believe in them but i’m not liking what i’m seeing lately.
i’m not too worried about atleti, bayer’s a strong team but i think we can take them.
napoli could cause some real problems for rm and i think our strength is that we’re the underdog. if they underestimate us we’ll make em pay.
psg is just a mess like they’re objectively good enough to beat barca but it really depends on whether or not they decide to show up lmao

whats really crappy is that Korra was shown in Episode 1 that she was an exceptional fighter, people said she fights well, Katara vouched for her strength and abilities but when it came to fighting the enemies she was always beaten down immediately 

and the real kicker is that many fans call it “humbling” for a 17 year old girl to be tortured, threatened, manipulated, and almost killed. “”“she shouldnt have been so cocky”“”“ like are you



she did not ask for this and she did not need an "attitude adjustment” because believe it or not, girls can and should be proud of their abilities


Gotta love seeing guys think “equality” means the right to hit a girl. Fucking annoyed at these posts I see on my Facebook. And just LOVE to see girls commenting sticking up for his belief.
THIS is why we need feminism. Because this is the first thing that come to some men’s minds when women mention wanting equality and they make a big joke out of it.
A couple quotes that really rattle my nerves:
“You wanna fight for equality? Here ya go here’s your equal punch in the fucking face! #SlapAHoe”

“I’d never punch a girl in the face, but a slap to show them that they’re out of line.”

A girl says “it’s okay to slap a hoe ;)”

To which the dumbass who writes the status replies “doesn’t even have to be a hoe ;) she could be a good normal girl who just needs an attitude adjustment ;)”

I’m sorry but WHO are you to decide when or whether or not a girl needs an “attitude adjustment” and what does slapping her achieve? Like actually how is this okay?!

And my favourite “you want equality? I’ll hit you equally as hard if you were a guy right? ;)”

Apart of what makes me feel so sick is all these winky faces and how a girl is agreeing with him. Don’t you dare twist feminists words by making it into a joke saying that’s “ equality” like actually that’s low.

And this guy got thirty likes on this status by women and men… This.Speaks.Volumes.

If you go anon to send me, not one, but TWO unprovoked rants to start a fight and then tag my name in a post about the same subject at about the same time, it’s gonna be pretty easy to figure out who sent me the anon hate. I feel privately and politely asking you stop and suggesting you need an attitude adjustment was not an unreasonable response. I wouldn’t even be saying this here if you didn’t block me and then bragged about it in a post you tagged with my name AGAIN (though the “go suck a poop” anon ask you sent before that did make me giggle.) So if you’re still obsessing over this and checking my tumblr for reasons to be angry, I ask you again to please stop. I don’t think you’re a bad person, you just have a lot of pain and hate in your heart and you really need to let it go and get on with your life. Go in peace and take care.