Maya Natsume vs Emi Isuzu

Yui Headcanon

Yui used to come everyday to the church’s orphanage in her hometown to help taking care of the children there prior to being sent to the Sakamakis. And she was really popular there among the children, no one else of the grown ups was good enough for them as they always wanted “Yui-nee”♥


I was shown this song long ago by someone important to me, ever since I have held it close to my heart.

my muse, my love, my happiness

I present to you the amazing NeeChee. Named after the baddest of the bad kitten club for a reason! She is absolutely insane and everyone that meets her falls in love instantly! Every animal I’ve saved and helped to find a forever home I consider my own but this little lady is something special! I’ve had her for 3 years now and every time I go away for more than 2 days she eats, sleeps and poops by the front door, waiting for me to come home. She loves to kiss me a lot and even though I smother her with my hugs and kisses she follows me everywhere like a puppy. Every time she falls asleep I tease her cause I adore the sound she makes when she wakes up but she still loves me.

Here we are together

And this is a little something I made to always keep her close to my heart (between my boobs)