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(dailyashleighraichu) I do commend your persistence on making friends little one, but maybe your going about evolving the wrong way. I remember that I had a bond with my old trainer when I was a Pichu before I evolved. Maybe it can work for you too?

Asche: “Well-”

“I’m not really too fond of the idea, to say the truth…”

Asche: “It really is!”

“I-Is just that I’m a little…”


“I’ve already had an experience with a trainer that tried to catch me…”

Asche: “That guy just didn’t seem to have good intentions- And he had a fucking Metagross!”

“Just why the hell would you use a Metagross to catch a simple Pichu!? For Arceus’ sake! That thing seemed so strong!”

“And- and he was just so scary… If my friend Michael hadn’t been there at that moment… I don’t know what would have happened to me!”

“Still, I perfectly know that not all humans are bad-”

“My friend has a trainer, and she’s the most sweet person you’ll ever meet! I adore her!”

“But, the thing is… the amount of ‘bad trainers’ is way superior to the ‘good trainers’ one.”

“And I’m afraid of being catched by a ‘not so good’ one, you know? How can I escape if that happens? How can I be sure if I picked a good trainer? What will they do to me?”

“That’s why I’m trying to evolve by other methods.”

“Still, I’m pretty sure a Pichu can perfectly evolve in the wild, so I think getting myself a trainer is just an ‘In case of emergency’ situation for now.”

Asche: “And, well, talking about something else-”

“You seem very… familiar. What kind of Pokemon are you? Are you like a Pachirisu or an Emolga and that’s why you look so similar to m-”


Asche: “D-Did you say ‘when I was a Pichu’?”

“You d-don’t look like a Pikachu, s-so… that means- you- you are-… are you a?-”


<Asche is way too thunderstruck (hehe) to talk now!>


HEY PAL CHUMS!!!! You see this, this THING right here? that…my friend, is KAWAII DESU NEE GEORGE MICHAEL SANNNNN!!!! aka ANIME GEORGE MICHAEL. (I know it doesn'’t look much like our lovable lobster pal, but…it is.)  also, don’t ask why he’s shiny, I just draw like that……………..anyway, his favorite anime is the Freeek! video, he only eats ramen (that’s made by ANDREW SENPAI SAMA!!!!!) , he has posters tthat have anime wham (WAMU) and he speaks only google translated Japanese. We will soon be shipping out body pillows that you can buy for 69,000 dollar!!!!!

Sister Weeb

Yupp, my younger sis is a weeb, not the crazy death threats and sexual harassment type, but more of the"oh so kawaii desu-nee~!“ kind of weeb, a weeb who has been in the phase, SINCE I WAS A WEEB.

Let’s backtrack, shall we? See I went in and out of the weeb phase, TWICE. Twice you may ask?! Yes, but hear me out. See my friend introduced me to Inuyasha in 3rd grade so of course I became obsessed w/the art and characters. So much to the point of drawing them, but that was the EXTENT of my tiny weeb phase, just drawing in the anime style. After that I never really saw a lot of anime, just the episodes of Inuyasha my friend would smuggle to my house during sleepovers where we’d watch it until 12am.

Fast forward to 6th grade, I had just moved and was trying hard to make friends when I finally met an awesome group (whom of which I’m still friends with) where I officially learn about anime (though according to my parents I’ve been watching my anime my whole life, I just didn’t know it was called anime lol).There we obsessed over ATLA, Soul Eater, etc. AND THEN IT HAPPENED.

Of course in the weeb phase, it’s not unusual to weeb about new stuff or indoctrinate others into anime and make even more weeks //shivers// So of course I got my sister into anime. We had fun sharing anime and staying up late watching anime, but I eventually got out of my weeb phase in 9th grade. (Where I had to see my friends indoctrinate more weebs from Hetalia). And it was from that point that I was to await my sister’s escape from her weeb phase….TO NO AVAIL.

Alas I watched my sis just delve deeper and deeper into the weeb phase in horror, when was she getting out? IS she ever getting out? There were days where she seemed better, only for her to be calling me “one-chan” the next day. It was like every time I was lulled into a sense of comfort, she came back 2X WEEBIER.

To this DAY she is still in the weeb phase, it’s been four to five-ish years, but she’s seems better now not counting the times where she says an anime name w/ “Sama” at the end, and simple words like “onegaishimasu” or “matte yo” But I still hope and pray for her to get out of that hole she’s buried herself into