nee characters

I'm about to take the "Bi"out of BioWare since that's what they keep doing to their characters.

Alice Fortescue + Aesthetics

Never let the world tell you you’re too small to touch the sky; when your heart is made of wings, and your soul can travel at the speed of light. You are more than a piece of glass or a mask without eyes, your story is being told with the very breath of the universe so let yourself expand until you can feel the sunlight dressing you like a small god in golden threads.

anonymous asked:

im not /too/ mad about the nee characters although im pretty disappointed misty and brock and apparently no-shows. the only thing i genuinely dislike about the new ones is that they... dont look like they even belong? like they look like ken sugimori's sun and moon art style while satoshi/ash is more like a revamped gen one design. If you compare ash and the two new ones (esp the girl) they dont even look like they should be in the same movie.

i hadnt noticed because i dont have an Artists Eye but i can kind of see it now that you’ve pointed it out.