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Au where nothing is the same except Edward's terrible fashion sense

Ah, yes, Nonmetal Chemist, my favorite anime/manga.

I love the main character, Nedward Belfrock, who tries to recover his brother’s lost body from the Portal of Lies while defeating the antagonist, an evil entity known only as Mother.

Along the way, Nedward meets many friends and foes, including the ice chemist Troy Clydesdale and his superior officer Liza Sparrowfoot. Nedward also experiences romance for the first time in his young life with his childhood friend, Wendy Stoneringer.

As Nedward and his brother Garfonse attempt to save the world and achieve their goals, his gaudy fashion sense never manages to improve. Nedward’s signature red coat is to blame in his ultimate demise, since the evil Mother could see him coming from a mile away, thereby rendering his Signature Sneak Chemistry Attacks useless.