Links from the month that was

Howard Marks’ (Oaktree Capital Management) latest memo.

Risk Revisited Again

Chris Sacca’s ideas on “What Twitter Can Be”.

What Twitter Can Be

@FavorableCarry with his own ideas on twitter.

The Promise of Twitter

Fred Wilson on the tension between becoming profitable vs. growing more quickly.

Profits vs Growth

The story of Nedko Nedev, told by Matt Levine

Guy Who Did Avon Hoax Was Terrible at Hoaxes

The ‘King of Cable’ Behind a Charter-Time Warner Cable Deal“ - DealBook

Malone wolf: What a giant deal says about America’s media and internet industries” - The Economist

Why Did John Malone Invest in Lions Gate?” via Punch Card Investing

Mary Meeker’s internet trends presentation.

Internet Trends 2015 - Code Conference

DealBook with a Mario Gabelli takedown.

A Shareholder Advocate in Word, but Not in Practice

Joanna Stern on the future of driving.

Android Auto Review: The Smartphone Finally Finds Its Rightful Home in the Car

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