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79+ artists from across the Middle East, South Asia, and North Africa have been featured on a span of 10 months, and this wouldn’t have been successful without your continuous support and appreciation; so thank you to all and may this new year bring you all the peacefulness, joy and success. Here is a list of all the artists that have been featured on this blog in 2013 in chronological order:

MARCH آذار:

APRIL نيسان:

MAY أيار:

JUNE حزيران:

JULY تموز:



OCTOBER تشرين الأول:

NOVEMBER تشرين الثاني

DECEMBER كانون الأول

This past year witnessed a much less number of features relative to 2013’s list, which can be viewed here, mainly due to the fact that there was an aim to improve the quality and authenticity of the content presented, and the relevant critiques or reflections. It was however a very reflective year personally, and I sincerely hope the artwork featured has helped you cope and grow emotionally, mentally, and artistically. Thank you to everyone for all of your support, and may the new year bring all of us and our homelands peace, freedom, and an end to oppression. Here is a list of the artists re/featured throughout 2014: 

Afghan Artist GAZELLE SAMIZAY: Introduction / Work

Egyptian Artist AMAL KENAWY: Introduction / Work

Egyptian Artist IMAN ISSA: Introduction / Work

Egyptian-German Artist SUSAN HEFUNA: Introduction / Work

Indian Artist MONALI MEHER: Introduction / Work

Iraqi Artist ABDULQADIR AL RASSAM: Introduction / Work

Iraqi Artist MAHMOUD SABRI: Introduction / Work

Iraqi Artist MAHOOD AHMED: Introduction / Work

Iraqi Artist NEDIM KUFI: Introduction / Work

Iraqi Artist WASSMA ALAGHA: Introduction / Work

Iraqi Artist SADIK KWAISH ALFRAJI: Introduction / Work

Pakistani Artist AISHA KHALIDIntroduction / Work

Palestinian Artist ABDULRAHMAN KATANANI: Introduction / Work

Palestinian Artist LAILA SHAWA: Introduction / Work

Saudi Artist NASSER AL SALEM: Introduction / Work 

Syrian Artist AMMAR AL BEIK: Introduction / Work 

Yemeni Artist SALWA ALERYANIIntroduction / Work