Okay since tumblr is extremely america-centric we’re only hearing about trump but this post is there for me to freak out about Dutch Trump: 

^^ that guy. Geert Wilders. Far right asshole first class.

The elections are in march 2017 and he is biggest in the polls. Which makes me extremely scared. A few reasons:

  • He wants to go out of the EU, and get rid of the euro (plain bad idea)
  • Extremely islamophobic
  • Wants to ban certain newspapers. Banning ideas: Horrible Sign #1
  • ‘’Do you want more or less morrocans?’’ [crowd chants ‘’less, less, less-’’] (he is being prosecuted for hate speech now, mostly for this and his comments about islam: ‘’cleansing’’ the N of muslims, banning the Koran etc.)
  • Was literally not let into australia to give his speech. Thats how bad he is.
  • Anti-refugee

Can other Dutch people add to this list?


Another Reitdiephaven visit. This is a blend of two images. One base expose, one for the highlights and reflection in the water. Edited in Photoshop, Lightroom and Nik Software. Post processing inspired by Mike Kelley and Elia Locardi (fstoppers tuto’s). Next week I’ll edit some again. Shot enough through golden and blue hour.

Comment on the dutch exit polls

Is this the ideal perfect situation? no obviously. There are a lot of problems with the VVD. they’re tories after all.


this shows 2 things:

1. The Dutch people will not tolerate nationalism. They will not follow inn the footsteps of america and the UK. They are here for Europe.

2. The young generations CAME OUT TO VOTE IN THEIR MASSES. IN. THEIR. MASSES. they absolutely SKYROCKETED groenlinks. SKYROCKETED. they literally quadrupled their number of seats.

Also every single party speech was just “ahahahahahahaha fuck PVV noice im proud of the Dutch people” and honestly what a fucking vibe.

So yeah. I’m proud. I am proud to be Dutch right now. Dank je wel Nederland.