I wish I could convey how much all of this situation just sucks.

It sucks seeing other people’s low weight pictures. 

It sucks seeing the attention/love/praise/validation these individuals get from posting them. 

It sucks feeling as though you were never sick if you don’t make “proof” of your suffering public.

 It sucks to speak up against these things and have the majority of others respond with hostility and dismissal, because how could anyone criticize a poor anorexic who was so brave and strong to post pictures of themselves at death’s doorstep?

It sucks seeing these images whether you want to or not, everywhere, every year, and having then stuck in your head while your disordered brain chips away at your confidence and reminds you that you were never that sick. 

It sucks seeing harmful preconceptions and stereotypes about EDs reinforced again and again under the guise of doing the exact opposite. 

It sucks knowing that these pictures are hurtful, but no one cares enough to listen to the people with eating disorders that ask for critical thought and good judgment to be used. 

It sucks knowing these images will be cropped, edited, and circulated as thinspo on the internet for years and years and years to come, being seen and shared and glorified by vulnerable populations.

 All of it hurts. All of it is exhausting.

An eating disorder is not glamorous or desirable. It’s the smell of burning flesh as you set fire to your own skin covering the body you hate so much. It’s not being able to wear shorts and bikinis on the hottest day of the year. It’s the feeling of your last regurgitated meal sticking to and rotting your teeth. It’s losing all your loved ones because food is all that matters. It’s sitting in the classroom for hours and not getting the grades you’ve always wanted. It’s 8x the fatal amount of paracetamol tablets that you thought would help you escape feeling this way about yourself. It’s excruciatingly forcing every meal up into the toilet bowl until there’s blood in your saliva. It’s freezing cold. It’s wrapping your emaciated arms around your skeletal figure in an attempt to hold yourself together. It’s hip bones and ribs turning purple with bruises while you sleep on your comfiest mattress. It’s looking in the mirror and seeing fat, no matter how underweight you are. It’s the scent of decay as your family falls apart and your hair falls out. It’s the hunger cramps that have you doubling over and calling out in the middle of the night. It’s the pressure of a thousand voices beating against the inside of your skull saying you’re fat, you’re a bitch, you’ll never be good enough. It’s your kidneys and liver shutting down. That fluttering feeling? Heart palpitations. It’s hospital visits; needles, ECGs, weigh ins. It’s months of your life wasted in a psychiatric unit. It’s the disgust in your face as you look at your HUGE body. But it’s only you that thinks it’s huge. It’s not worth it. It’s not about the food. You won’t achieve a body you love. What you will achieve is a life not worth living. And I’ve been there. It’s not beautiful, but you are without having to lose weight. It’s beatable.

eating disorder awareness week. for years i’ve struggled with my mental health, and even though i may have taken a step back, i know i’ll get there eventually. recovery is a long process and relapses may happen but that’s all part of the journey. it’s so important to seek help as soon as you recognise a problem in yourself or a loved one. feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to 💕

Eat. When. You. Want.

Fuck the “no carbs after 6” rule.
Pay no mind to the “don’t eat after 7” rule.
Eat what you want.
Eat when you’re hungry.
Eat when you want.
Go over the “recommended” calorie intake if you so please!
Do not deprive yourself of food.
Love your body.
Do not deny your body the food and nutrition you need.
There shouldn’t be rules when it comes to eating.
Your body is beautiful.

It’s eating disorder awareness week. Please, eat.

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, raising awareness for an illness that is very close to my heart. People often mistake awareness about this topic for the stereotypes out there about this disorder: that people choose this, that it’s a “lifestyle”, that appearance is all the person cares about, that the skinnier you are, the sicker you are. These assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary, eating disorders are complex, devastating conditions that affect millions of people each year (20 million women and 10 million men in the US as of 2011). Not to mention Anorexia Nervosa has the highest mortality rate of ANY mental illness. This is a serious, life-threatening condition, yet research is underfunded, insurance coverage remains horribly inadequate, and societal pressures continue to flood the minds of humanity.

The people I’ve met through this journey are truly the most driven, genuine, caring, intelligent, selfless and incredible people I’ve ever come across in this world, yet struggle to see their own self-worth. Let’s use this week to spread honest awareness about eating disorders, and not build upon those negative, hurtful stereotypes. Be brave and become an advocate for those who have not yet learned to use their power. Help to end the stigma. I send all my loving energy and thoughts into the universe and to all the dear friends who have lost their lives to this battle, those fighting this battle every second of every day, and those who have found life on the other side of this, in recovery. No one deserves to be enslaved to their own mind or to feel unworthy of love or anything good in this world. Without the help of treatment, friends, and family, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I am forever grateful. Ladies, for those of you that the universe has placed by my side in this journey together, you’re the main reason I’m still here today and I’m here for you always, wherever you may be.

Today is the first day of national eating disorder awareness week 2016 and I want to help fight the stigma and misconceptions surrounding eating disorders.

Eating disorders are not cool, or interesting or fun and pro-ana/mia is the most screwed up thing I’ve ever seen. However having an eating disorder isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Eating disorders are horrible and complicated mental illnesses that have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Like all mental illnesses they’re extremely serious and difficult to overcome. Sufferers aren’t doing it for attention, they’re ill and struggling with something very scary so deserve support and love and care. People with eating disorders don’t mean to be awkward, they genuinely can’t help it and most definitely hate what they’re going through and would change it if they could.
Eating disorders are mental illnesses so a person’s size or weight is no indication of the severity of their illness and everyone deserves to nourish their body properly and be happy and healthy no matter what they look like!
The stigma and misconceptions around eating disorders need to be confronted so sufferers can receive less criticism and more support to help them overcome their illness. The more people who understand what eating disorders are really like, the more people there are to support those struggling!


To anyone suffering with an eating disorder please know that you CAN fight this and you CAN recover. I know that the illness is so consuming that often you feel like no matter how many meals you eat without crying or using behaviours, you’ll never truly be free, but I promise that you will get through this and that a full recovery is possible. You’re not alone, you don’t deserve this and it’s not your fault that you became ill, but you can choose to get better and live the fulfilling life you deserve. You need to eat to survive and calories and nutrients are essential for your body to function properly. You deserve to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Serving suggestions and calorie counts should always be ignored and you should exercise for fun and health, not as a punishment for eating. You don’t need to ever feel guilty for eating (eating is always a good thing- food is essential for life!) and you are not alone. Ilysm and I’m always here, you WILL beat this💪🏻


NEDAwareness Week Photo Challenge
Day 2 - your favorite body part

Honestly, there aren’t a lot of things I like about myself. But I picked my eyes. I’m trying to love them. I don’t have any eyelashes, or any eyebrows. I can’t remember what I looked like with eyelashes or eyebrows. But bald is beautiful too, right?



February 1-8 is Eating Disorder Awareness Week in Canada (#EDAW/#EDAW2015, and February 22/23-March 1st is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (#NEDAW/#NEDAwareness) in the United States. In honor of this month, T-FFED has put together a non-exhaustive list of ways we can push ED awareness into ED justice.

We need your help circulating this material, and we’d love to hear what Eating Disorder Justice (#EDJ) looks like to you! Please help us publicize the hell out of this work so we can challenge mainstream ED organizations, healthcare professionals, body image activists, legislators, social justice crusaders, etc., to continually push our work to be more nuanced, radical, intersectional and transformative!