Haven’t done this in a while, so thought I would c: I’m not going to describe them b/c quite frankly I’m tired atm and don’t feel like it. Go explore these wonderful tumblrs~

Nedarkenstone Asks: What’s your favorite thing to eat?


Fresh strawberries and strawberry jam and strawberry ice cream and strawberry cheesecake and strawberry cookies and strawberry pie and strawberry milkshakes and strawberry shortcake and strawberry sundaes and strawberry licorice and strawberry candy and strawb–

…Uhm, yes. Strawberries!

theslippertroll asked:

Actually... I powered through it and was finished before 1pm my time. Well before my shift ended, which was several hours ago. I loved it! I'm caught up on Rust in Peace also, and I can hardly wait to see what happens next. Though so far, my predictions keep coming true!

hehehe >:D I will have to try harder! R.I.P. is proving to be quite a mountain for me to climb up. I guess because there’s already a background in place that I”m trying to build off of. It makes it difficult, planning how things will go. Making sure they make sense and also aren’t boring. Which is why this chapter is taking so long to update. Its going to be the skeleton of the whole thing and I’m debating the paths I’m taking. :/

But I know people will still love it! I’m excited to get this one, and the 3rd installment out there.

Art signal boost!


I know a fantastic artist and designer, aka Ned Arkenstone, or 

, is having a character auction and is prepping badges! And that’s in addition to her normal commissions. If you’re interested, head on over here: and take a look. While you’re at it, just give a cursory glance at her gallery and see what she has to offer. And if you can’t manage to get a purchase yourself, maybe spread the word a bit? Every little bit helps. Thanks!