Who To Expect in Rio Beam Finals

Laurie Hernandez - USA

  • 2016 Average: 15.371
  • 2016 City of Jesolo Trophy Gold Medalist

Simone Biles - USA

  • 2016 Average: 15.325
  • 2013 Worlds Bronze Medalist
  • 2014 Worlds Gold Medalist
  • 2015 Worlds Gold Medalist

Shang Chunsong - CHN

  • 2016 Average: 15.222
  • 2012 Asian Champs Gold Medalist
  • 2014 Asian Games Bronze Medalist

Sanne Wevers - NED

  • 2016 Average: 14.957
  • 2015 Worlds Silver Medalist
  • 2016 Olympic Test Event Gold Medalist

Flavia Saraiva - BRA

  • 2016 Average: 14.834
  • 2014 Youth Olympic Games Silver Medalist
  • 2016 Olympic Test Event Silver Medalist

Aliya Mustafina - RUS

  • 2016 Average: 14.701
  • 2010 European Champs Silver Medalist
  • 2013 Worlds Gold Medalist
  • 2014 European Champs Bronze Medalist
  • 2014 Worlds Bronze Medalist
  • 2016 European Champs Gold Medalist

Angelina Melnikova - RUS

  • 2016 Average: 14.606

Catalina Ponor - ROM

  • 2016 Average: 14.533
  • 2003 Worlds Silver Medalist
  • 2004 European Champs Gold Medalist
  • 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist
  • 2005 European Champs Gold Medalist
  • 2005 Worlds Bronze Medalist
  • 2006 European Champs Gold Medalist
  • 2012 European Champs Gold Medalist
  • 2016 European Champs Bronze Medalist

Who might steal their spots

  • Aly Raisman - USA
    • 2016 Average: 15.033
  • Isabela Onyshko - CAN
    • 2016 Average: 14.449
  • Fan Yilin - CHN
    • 2016 Average: 14.434
  • Mao Yi - CHN
    • 2016 Average: 14.250
  • Marine Boyer - FRA
    • 2016 Average: 14.398
  • Seda Tutkhalyan - RUS
    • 2016 Average: 14.395
  • Pauline Schäfer - GER
    • 2016 Average: 14.383
  • Lieke Wevers - NED
    • 2016 Average: 14.205
Fairy Tail Chapter 495 Reaction

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AGAIN … // heavy sigh

PLEASE BE MORE ORIGINAL, this arc specifically has scenes that looks too similar to other scenes and it’s not acceptable YET it might be a coincident so I’ll pass… just like the Yukino and Sorano one 

was that ever a problem ? the enemy is usually stupid and runs towards their death anyways so ?

I think Mashima is trying to make Erza sound more cautious and logical again but failed since it doesn’t make any fucking sense, they’re rushing without a plan not to mention that they’re injured, you know what could have been interesting ? if they stayed where they were and used their magic from there, Gray and Juvia might create a flood and Natsu can shoot a good number of them without worrying about getting attacked from multiple directions, but thinking is not a choice here, everything works fine anyways and there is no consequences to anything unless it helps the plot

Natsu has the worst reaction I have ever seen, I know Natsu is dumb, careless, … etc but a little hesitation here and there with some facial expressions changes could have done enough to convey the pressure of the situation   

the tension is so “high” I don’t know if they’ll make it out OK

what are you doing together I thought you separated ?? 

oh not you 

more importantly, what’s with the design ? 

this just can’t be a coincident 

and no it’s not OK 

anyways this chapter gets a 


for wasting so many pages over a fight that could have taken 1-2 pages instead of those huge panels and Gildarts bootleg design

-Mod Turtle &  Taco  

The Lawyer, Ned Gowan

This ficlet is part of the Faith lives AU which starts with A Garden of Worries.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Redcoats at Lallybroch

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Faith Restored.

This Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet alludes to information/events that appear in Voyager.

Let me know what you think.

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Today, 26th July, is Mick Jagger’s birthday.                                  

Sir Michael Philip “Mick” Jagger (born 26 July 1943) singer, songwriter and actor, is the lead singer and a co-founder of the Rolling Stones.

Jagger’s career has spanned over 50 years, and he has been described as one of the most popular and influential frontmen in the history of Rock & Roll.

Mick Jagger’s mother was born in Sydney, Australia in 1913 but the family returned to England in 1917. Her brother, Percy  later returned to Australia and his children and their families, (Mick’s cousins) still live in Australia.

In November 2014, Mick invited 103 Sydney relatives to the Rolling Stones concert in Sydney.

In 1969, Mick Jagger came to Australia and played the part of Ned Kelly in the eponymous Australian made movie. The State Library of New South Wales holds a collection of photographs depicting the shooting of the film in 1969, as well as many biographies of Mick Jagger and books about the Rolling Stones.       

Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, 1995 - photographer Tony Mott

Exhibited in What a Life: Rock photography by Tony Mott - October 2015 - February 2016

Arrival of Mick Jagger at Sydney airport in July 1969  (to make the film Ned Kelly)   Australian Photographic Agency - 45426                           State Library of New South Wales

i think we’re collectively missing out on a lot of modern au arya in drama club potential. esp in a post mercy world. like growing up arya never thought she was artistic so she stuck to sports but she ends up in drama club one year (im feeling like its a punishment) and, to everyones surprise, loves it. she’s really good at acting too. her freshmen year she has a minor role but she scores the lead after that. 

gendry builds sets ofc and when arya needs someone to practice her lines with she forces him to help. that includes kissing scenes. and he seethes when she has to kiss ned d. during the actual play  

When Dany meets Jon Part 8

Ghost came up to Jon as Jon stared at the fireplace in his chamber. He licked Jon’s fingers then slid his head under Jon’s hand. “I’m all right, boy.”

But they both knew that wasn’t true.

Jon was not a Stark.

His whole life, Jon had said that, but he had never truly believed it. His fath–his uncle–had always said he and Arya looked more Stark, more of the first men, than the rest of their siblings, more than Sansa or Robb or Bran or Rickon with their Tully red-brown hair and blue eyes. That had been a point of pride, the one thing that always gave Jon comfort whenever Lady Catelyn unleashed her wrath upon him. That and Ghost. For who but a Stark could call such an animal their companion. 

You may not have my name, but you have my blood.


Ygritte had told Jon his heart was of the north, the real north. She knew nothing. Had he been raised in King’s Landing, she would’ve called him a flowery southron prince, lords-in-waiting always at the ready to service his every need.

The door swung open, and Ghost whined and rose in anticipation of the touch of another set of familiar hands. “Jon,” Sansa said, stroking the direwolf, “if you talk to Davos about abdicating one more bloody time–what are you doing? Are you sulking again?” Jon kept staring at the fire. Sansa sat down beside him. “You can’t keep doing this. You have to talk to me.”

Had she been Arya, Jon would have already. Arya understood. She had seen his tears when they were children. Arya knew how badly Jon had wanted…had wanted…seven hells, had wanted Lady Catelyn to…to love him. She would know how much becoming a Stark and not just Snow meant to Jon. “Go away.”

“You’re still father’s son.”

“I’m not. Not unless Starks have been behaving a lot more like Lannisters this whole time than anyone’s realized.”

“Look at me.” Sansa forced him to. “Father sacrificed everything. For you.”

“Lot of good it did him. What did he get for his trouble?”

Sansa put her hand on his chest. “This. The heart that restored his house, his family, that united his bannermen in saving countless lives of his people during the Evacuation to Skagos and the Battles of the New Gift and the Grey Hills.”

It was the kindest thing she’d ever said to him. Sansa had never thought much of Jon as a politician. He was fine with that. He never had any desire to be one. Receiving her praise for his military acumen, however, was important, especially after his showing at the Battle of Winterfell. He needed to redeem himself in her eyes. Why that was so important he did not know.

A knock on the door thankfully pierced the intimacy of the moment. Sansa took her hand off Jon and said, “Enter.”

“Sorry to interrupt, my lady,” Podrick said. “But there’s been a raven from Lord Manderlay.” He handed Sansa the message.

“What news?” Jon asked.

“A parlay. With Tyrion Lannister and Olenna Tyrell. They wish to discuss…an alliance.”

Sansa and Jon had been hoping to broach that very topic with the Targaryen queen via Samwell once she was further north. Her dragons and her army could turn the tide in their fight against the Others. Letting her and her army come up the Kingsroad unfettered, to see what the Long Night was doing to the north and its people, was a gamble. If it had failed, they would’ve been hard-pressed to defeat her. The armies of all the northern houses put together were not enough to fight a two front war.

But better to bend a knee to the dragon queen then become meat in the army of the dead.

Jon said, “What are the terms of the parlay?”

“We meet in White Harbor. Two representatives each, no more than fifteen escorts for either side.”

Jon said to Podrick, “The small council is to convene in the Great Hall immediately. Have Arya and Bran join us.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

Once there, Sansa relayed the news, which was welcomed by all. Their plan had worked, or at least, for now it was working. Arya said, “Clegane and I will lead the escort.”

“I will join you, my lady,” Brienne said.

Their eagerness put Jon at ease. He would not let another one of Ned Stark’s children be tricked or harmed. Not for anything. His uncle had bled for him. Now he would pay that back tenfold. He told Davos, “You will be my sister’s second.”

“Begging your pardon, Your Grace,” Lord Baelish said. “But I had hoped that I might take up that duty. I have no doubt Ser Davos would do a fine job, but I am better suited. For I am far more familiar with these manner of negotiations.”

Jon did not trust him further than he could throw him. And unfortunately Jon had questions about his father and mother that only Lord Baelish could answer. “No,” Jon said. “I would have you stay behind so that we might speak.”

Bran said, “I don’t think–”

“Not now.” Jon was still upset with him. And he would not be undermined by his little brot–cousin–in front of his small council.

Sansa said, “I would have Lord Baelish accompany me. No offense, Ser Davos.”

“None taken, my lady.”

“No,” Jon said. “You will take Davos.” It was her turn to listen to him.