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I love how Arya hears her father's voice in the godswood scene in ACOK - it's one of my fav Arya scenes "you are Arya of Winterfell, daughter of the North". Really shows how close she was to her dad. Also love the use of "daughter of the north". Another thing i liked was the northmen using "valiant ned's precious little girl" for "arya"/jeyne. sure, they'd probably use the same for sansa, but i like how there are so many arya+ned connections; theirs is one of the best parent/child relationships

The Harrenhal godswood scene is one of the most poignant moments not only for Arya, but for the series as well. Here’s this she-wolf locked up like a mouse; she scared and restless and angry, so the old gods sent her Ned’s voice to remind her who and what she is: Arya Stark of Winterfell, and a direwolf. Like @gendrie has pointed out before, Arya is beloved of the old gods because she, like northerners of old, is not afraid to shed blood for them. Arya slits the throat of that guard to gain her and her “pack’s” freedom, and all with the encouragement of her religion and father. Ned and Arya’s relationship, despite the former having died in the very first book, remains impactful to the present time. He taught her how to be a Stark in every way that matters, and moulded her into the type of person the north would fight for. Arya’s a sea and a continent away, and she’s still being connected to the north. That’s powerful.


So sweet!


*Back in Black plays in the distance*

Bloodguilt (n); the Judaic concept of punishment for committing unlawful murder. Innocent blood pollutes the earth and is rejected, hanging over the head of the slayer until God or mankind reaps judgment upon them.

Modern AU. Crime and scandal. Petyr/Sansa and platonic Jon & Arya. When Lord Chief Justice Ned Stark dies in a freak accident and his family burns in their home, Sansa believes she is all that remains. Taken hostage by Roose Bolton in attempt to claim her father’s inheritance, Sansa flees, knowing there is justice to be found somewhere in what’s left of the world that betrayed her. Little does she know, she is not alone.

Archive Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Underage
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Fandoms: A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones
Relationships: Petyr Baelish/Sansa Stark, Jon Snow & Arya Stark (platonic)
Tags: Politics, Scandal, White Collar Crime, Blood and Violence, Murder, Religious Symbolism, Rape Recovery, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Slow Burn, Hurt/Comfort, Manipulation, Happy Murder Family™
Chapters: 11/33

  • Jon:*is crowned kitn while three trueborn stark heirs still live and one is literally seated right beside him*
  • Catelyn Stark's ghost @ Ned Stark's ghost:I told you! What did I tell you? Didn't I tell you? Cuz I told you! Mmm hmmm! And when did I tell you? A long time ago. And what did I say would happen when I told you? Exactly what just happened.
Han vil kun kneppe, og det ved du godt. Han vil ikke have problemer; indse at det at blive såret også er en del af et sundt følelsesregistre.  At man ikke kan holde alt på et overfladisk plan og lalle sig gennem livet. Han opsætter en facade og ser sin egen gøre og laden på afstand. Han siger, at han alt han ønsker er et lykkeligt liv med flere glade end triste dage. Han smiler sikkert de fleste dage, men kun kortvarigt. Når han kommer op i hende eller dig, eller når han drikker sig i hegnet for dernæst at ligge i rendestenen. Han vil mig ikke, når jeg konfronterer ham med, hvad der gør ondt. Når jeg siger fra og vil snakke dybt fremfor overfladisk. Så er du for kompliceret; det er for kompliceret, og så stormer han bogstaveligt ud af døren, hvorefter du ligger nøgen i sengen med tårer ned af kinderne. Som han siger selv, så ønsker han ikke at gøre livet mere kompliceret, end det er. Han vender dog tilbage, og så ligger du klar til at lege superman og redde ham, for du tror på det bedste i folk. Men du bliver skuffet igen. For han vil hurtigt forsvinde ud af døren, så snart han er seksuelt tilfredsstillet, og så ligger du der og ved ikke, om du skal være sur på ham for at udnytte dig eller dig selv for at lade ham udnytte dig.
—  dysfunktionalitet #2

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insult the starks

Oh my god. 

These fuckers

Need characters with common sense? Well too bad, you’re not going to get it, especially not with Robb “The Freys Will Totally Be Fine With Me Breaking My Vows” Stark, Jon “I Won’t Fall for Ramsay’s Trap” Snow, Sansa “Joffrey is the Love of My Life” Stark, and especially Ned “I’m Going to Tell a Suspected Murderer I Know Her Biggest Secret!!! That Will Be Fine!!!” Stark. 

Rickon who???? More like “I’m Here to Cause Angst for my other Siblings and Literally Nothing Else”. 
Speaking of people narrative forgot about, let’s not leave out Benjen “My Reveal As Coldhands Was Severely Underwhelming” Stark. 

I just realized I haven’t insulted Arya soooo uhh let’s go with a short joke: “Hey Arya, how’s the weather like down there???” Amazing, 10/10 insult. But also she doesn’t listen to ANYONE AND LIKE, MAYBE SOMETIMES YOU SHOULD GIRL. 


Send me a character and I’ll insult them 

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What's another fandom you really like besides Outlander? Replace that main couple with Claire and Jamie.

Claire watched Jamie as he and Dougal stood in Colum’s office. The door was closed. She couldn’t hear exactly what was going on, but she knew their site visit hadn’t gone well.

Ned from legal walked by her desk, grabbed a peppermint from the candy bowl, and entered Colum’s office without knocking.

“Ah,” Colum’s voice boomed before the door swung closed. “If it isn’t the third weasel come to make his excuses.”

Claire caught the cameraman zooming in on her watching Jamie through the windows of Colum’s office. She felt herself flush as she pointedly looked at the fax machine.

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Recast challenge: Recast The Magic Flute using GoT.

IT WILL NOT BE A CHALLENGE because I have been wanting to fic that for years but lol it’s always not as pressing as it could be that said I had the idea after watching the branagh movie make of it what u will

Ready go

Tamino > brienne
Pamina > jaime
Queen of the night > cersei
Sarastro > ned
Papageno > theon
Papagena > robb
the three kids > arya sansa and bran
Monostatos > only one I never managed to recast but dunno can be LF just have him be in love with cat and not jaime lol
three dames > since they’re cersei’s friends idk taena merryweather, qyburn and one of the kettlebacks

count that this was conceived after seeing the aforementiomed movie which was a world war one au basically MAKE OF IT WHAT U WILL

Okay but seriously tho, I might cry if they write jasam off or have them make an appearance every blue moon like Ned or spinelli. They are my favorite couple and Sam is by favorite character on the show. I would really hate to lose them and I don’t think the show would be the same without them.

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[[ omg i just pictured yarrow lurking in the shadows on the outskirts of this group eavesdropping on a shitty romance novel and smoking the cigarettes philip stole, until philip actually catches up with him & the birds pick a sharks vs jets fight with the quadrupeds ]]

[ned tries to break up the fight by tossing treats to a nearby cluster of sparrows (radrows?) in hopes that the gulls and cats cease the awful fighting and unite against a common enemy.

the romance novel is very purple and anatomically unfeasible at times]