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Doesn't a Jonerys marriage essentially make the story about the Targareyns? I'm a big believer in that this story is about the Starks. While there are main characters from other families, the story is about the Starks. It began with them. It will end with them. Jon's journey is about being a Stark. Him marrying Dany and them ruling Westeros together makes the story about the Targareyns. What does that do for Ned and his story? Nothing.

Exactly. If Jon marries his aunt, which is way more taboo and Targaryen thing to do than marry a cousin, he will essentially represent how his death brought him back more dragon, than wolf. Them ending up together would endanger the Stark storyline because outside of Bran, neither girls can hold the North alone without an outside marriage to someone who doesn’t seem to exist showverse. I just don’t see Jon and Dany ending up together thematically because Dany has to die storywise, and it’d be a waste of a storyline with so few episodes left.

Getting to know you

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Sibling regression

Scene: Southbound D train, 10:02 p.m.

ALEX: (whispers) “Ask Ned if he likes riding the D train.”

MOLLY: (giggles)

ALEX: “Ask him.”

MOLLY: “I can’t…I’m laughing too hard.”

NED: “What?”

MOLLY: “Alex wants to know if you like riding the D train.”

NED: “I can ride the D train for hours. I’ll ride the D train all the way home.”

ALL: (giggling)

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hauptsache sich über'n trump beschwern aber selber n hofer wählen, leiwand gmacht österreich (is jetzt ned an di persönlich gerichtet, eher in response zum news-cover lol)

Ich glaube die, denen der Trump missfällt, werden auch nicht den Hofer wählen.

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I wonder how will Gendry and Jon's relationship will be like? Maybe they will relationship similar to Robert and Ned.

That would be AWESOME! Gendry is a very nice guy, and also, Arya would be very happy to see his “brother” and “””””friend”””””” being mates.