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• The Hobbit
• Basically, anything Tolkien
• Harry Potter
• Pushing Daisies
• Lee Pace
• Orlando Bloom
• Luke Evans
• Emma Watson
• Benedict Cumberbatch
• Martin Freeman
• Aidan Turner
• Poldark
• Sherlock
• Downton Abbey
• Mr. Selfridge
• Disney
• Taylor Swift
• YouTubers
• Dan & Phil
• Sprinkleofglitter
• Jack Howard
• Human rights
• Feminism
• Travel
• Photography

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ARISA (To Neda): “Derrick, who won the big brother US season last year, had nothing but praise for you and REALLY respected your game.”

DERRICK (on the BB16 live feeds): “Jon completely carried Neda through the whole game then cut her when he didn’t need her anymore.”

who the hell replaced superfan Arisa with casual fan Ar*sa