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Barely Legal - Part 4 (NSFW)

Chapter: 4/? – It’s 2 am, what are you doing awake? (NSFW)
Characters: Tony Stark, Reader, Peter Parker, Ned Leeds (Mentioned), Natasha Romanoff
Word Counting: 
Warnings: Teasing. Smut. Dry humping

Barely Legal - Masterlist

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A month.

That’s how long he was holding himself.  

You teased him in every single opportunity you could. He had lost count with how many times he saw you crossing and uncrossing your legs at him, bathing under the sun – even though every day was colder than the previous in the fall –acting extremely flirty around him and touching him whenever you could. Sometimes, you would press yourself against his body and wiggle your hips innocently until his cock was hard and just walk away before he could even scoff you for that.

Dammit, right now you literally had your very naked legs threw on his lap while using your phone and ignoring the looks of confusion the rest of the team directed to the two of you.

“Tony, look.” You leant closer to him with your phone in hands. “What do you think?”

On the screen of your phone, he could see Princess Leia’s slave bikini displayed and it got his eyes wide immediately.

“Nope. I prohibit it.” He affirmed, his voice showing no room to protests.

He could take you seducing him, rubbing yourself against him and driving him insane, but there was no way he was going to allow you to wear such a tiny thing protecting you from complete nudity.

“Oh, come on, Tony.” You tiled your head and holding his arm with both your hands, leaving your phone floating in front of the two of you. “Don’t you think I will look pretty?”

He shook his head in response. You were invited to a party in some weeks and was looking for a costume. 

“Let’s just try not to get anyone arrested at that party, darling.” Tony pointed. “You could wear that dress of hers. The white one.”

“The one she wore without a bra?” You added. “I don’t want to flash everyone, Tony. Peter is going as Han Solo, anyway. I don’t want us to look like a couple.”

“It would be cute.” Natasha said, making you look at her.

On the other side of the room, Peter made a loud puking sound for a moment and you rolled your eyes, using your powers to hit his own phone on his forehead lightly.

“Shut up, Spidey. You wish we could go matching outfits.” You rolled your eyes.

“I’m matching Ned.” He corrected you. “He is going as Darth Vader.”

Tony frowned for a moment but didn’t say anything. The room slowly emptied and you only realised the two of you were alone when you looked up from your phone.

“What about you?” You questioned, back the Stark. “How would you dress up if you were invited?”

“Tony Stark.” He rested on the couch.

“Oh, don’t kid me.” You exclaimed, now moving fully and sitting on his lap with your legs spread. Tony gulped. You were just a single inch away from his crotch. “You can’t be serious.”

“Deadly.” He cleared his throat, adjusting his posture for a moment.

You were wearing an oversized shirt and jeans, probably the shortest shorts you probably had. If he tilted his head just a little bit…

“Darling…” He muttered. “You should… You shouldn’t…”

You lifted your head when your name was called and smiled at him, kissing his cheek for a moment.

“Gotta go. Bye.”

As you rushed away, he ran a hand up his face. Damn.  You were going to kill him someday.

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“It would just be really nice if we could get even one episode of Stranger Things where all the kids just hang out and do normal stuff toget-“

Freaks and Geeks. The show you want to watch is Freaks and Geeks.

Missing You (Peter Parker x plus size reader)

Warnings: Angsty, cursing, asshole boyfriend

Notes: I decided to make this part angsty but I will probably make a part four. Hope you enjoy:)

Part 2:

Part 1:

Part 4:

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It was about 2 weeks until homecoming, and you couldn’t be more excited. Even though you and Peter weren’t officially dating there was still kind of a lot of flirting. You really didn’t talk to all of your friends since you broke up with Brian, but Peter introduced you to all of his friends, who welcomed you will open arms. At first you really missed being with your old friends but after a couple of days of hanging out with Peter, Ned and occasionally Michelle you realized how much more in common you had with them then your old friends. You, Ned and Peter could nerd out about things that you usually be called geeky for by your old friends, and complain about things with Michelle without being called ‘negative.’

It was also great not being so popular, and being the center of attention all the time. Even though being friends with the ‘weirdos’ of the school you still got many offers from other popular guys to go to the homecoming dance. But you would politely decline and say you have a date to the dance. When they asked who their jaws would drop to the floor. Which made you and Peter both laugh.

It was finally the homecoming dance, and you and Michelle both got ready together at your house. You picked out a nice f/c dress that complimented your body figure. You put it on and looked in the mirror you looked beautiful and so did Michelle in hers. You both then left your house for the dance. You and Peter decided to meet at the school. So when you arrived you saw Peter standing at the front of the school with a smile on his face waiting for you. When you walked up to him and Ned his jaw dropped and he smiled nervously.

“Hi Peter. Hey Ned,” You waved awkwardly “You both look nice.“  Ned muttered a thanks before leaving to go into the school with Michelle, but before he left you heard him whisper to Peter don’t screw this up, which caused you to laugh.

“You look lovely, y/n-n. Well I mean more than lovely, you look beautiful. But you always look so beautiful. But you look especially nice tonight, well not nice. I mean more than nice, gorgeous actually but you always look nice-” You stopped Peter’s blabbering but kissing him on the lips. He awkwardly stood there but began kissing you back. You pulled back from the kiss.

“Thanks Peter.” You laughed at his nervousness. “Let’s go inside.” He nodded and you both walked inside.

As you walked in many people complimented you on your dress, including a number of boys asking if you could save a dance for them to which you denied.

Then Brian walked up to you and Peter. “Well y/n don’t you look beautiful tonight, but don’t you always. Well thanks for keeping her company Parker but I think I will take it from here.” You just rolled your eyes at him, and ignored his presence and continued your conversation with Peter, “Come on y/n, don’t be like that, do you really want to stay here with this dork.”

You turned towards Brian “First off he’s not a dork, he has manners, something you obviously need. And secondly I do want to stay with Peter.” With that Brian scoffed and walked away.


“It’s fine, Brian is a jerk.”

“No really, no one stands up to Brian like that for me.” You just smiled at Peter.

For the remainder of the night you and Peter both talked at lot and had lots of fun. And when a slow song came on you and Peter both danced even though you both were terrible it was still fun.  

Everything was going great until one of Brian’s friends, pulled you onto the dance floor as another slow song came on. You looked at Peter nervously but he just nodded telling you that you should go.

“What do you want Nick.” You said as he forced you into holding onto his shoulders and dancing with him.

“Can’t I dance with my best friends ex-girlfriend.” You two danced for about a minute, then you realized Liz was talking to Peter. You noticed he looked nervous talking to her, and he was staring at her, in her dress. He was also blushing a lot. You didn’t want to get jealous, but you did. Sure you and Peter weren’t dating but you were still his date, but then you realized that you were doing the same thing to him with Nick.

Peter’s Pov

I watched as one of Brian’s friends pull y/n on the dance floor. She looked at me nervously, but I just nodded letting her know I didn’t mind.

“Hey Peter.” I heard someone say and I turned to see Liz.

“Hey Liz, you look nice.” I ignored her presence and continued to stare at y/n. Y/n looked stunning. Her cheeks were red from dancing, her hair looked beautiful in the lighting, and her dress looked beautiful on her complimenting her curves so much. Before I could think about her anymore Liz interrupted me from my thoughts once more. 

“You two look cute together, you and y/n.”

“Really?“  Liz nodded and I started to blush nervously. Then my phone went off with a notification. NEWS: A robber out on the loose, hard for police to catch a sight of, armed and extremely dangerous.

Oh god. I went over my choices and I knew I would be quick so I ran out of the gym and hopefully I would make it back in time so she wouldn’t really notice.

Regular Pov

So as soon as the song finished you quickly went to go find Peter but he wasn’t standing where he was before. So then you went over to Michelle and Ned but they said they didn’t see him. Then you went up to one of Brian’s nicer friends.

“Hey Evan, have you seen Peter and,or Liz.”

“Yea,” he scratched the back of his neck “I just saw the both of them. They were kissing, then I saw Liz whisper something in Peter’s ear and they both left.” Evan was lying. Brian told all of his friends to say this to you so you would crawl back to him, but not knowing that your heart dropped and tears started to form in your eyes.

“Thanks.” You said as you began to run out of the gym and outside. You walked around the high school and then you saw Brain and his friends at the side of the school. You then stood there for a second looking at him, then he turned and saw you standing there. You then quickly ran straight towards him and into his arms a crying mess.

“Hey, hey shhh baby what’s wrong.” you were crying into his shoulder and he looked up and smirked at his friends knowing his plan worked.

“You were right. Peter he-he,” your sobs began to grow “He left with Liz, Evan said they were kissing and then they left. I should have stayed with you.”

“No baby, it’s okay he’s an ass.” He then ordered his friends to leave “Now how about you give me a kiss.“ You then looked up in his eyes and kissed him. After a while of standing there and hugging each other, you both walked over to his car. Peter then came back and ran into the school but before he did, he saw you. You with Brain. He knew he screwed up, he screwed up bad.

It had been a week after the homecoming and everything was like it was a month ago. You and Brian were the it couple of the school. You were popular and friends again with all your old friends. And you weren’t talking to Peter or any of his friends, just like before.

You never really said anything to Liz about the Peter thing, cause Brian told you not to worry about it since you had him again. You were walking down the hallway and then reached your locker when Peter went up to you.

"Listen y/n I never got to explain to you what happened during the danc-’

"There’s no need Parker,” his heart dropped at you using his last name “you chose Liz over me.” you said bitterly.

“Liz? What-what are you talking about?”

“You know exactly what I am talking about , and if you don’t mind I have to get to class.” you said as you closed your locker and pushed past him.

“But y/n…..I miss you.” he muttered to you as you walked off, and tears started to form in his eyes.

It had been two weeks since the dance and you still haven’t talked to Peter since your encounter last week. You were walking into school with your friends and noticed that Brian was beating Peter up, the first time since that day you and Peter first met. Everyone was laughing at Peter again and his face was red with embarrassment. He then looked at you who had a frown on your face before Brian knocked him down to the ground again.

“I told you not to go near her, dork now you’re going to pay.” He picked Peter by the collar of his shirt again. You quickly walked up to Brian.

“Come on babe,” you grabbed onto his arm trying to pull him away “Let him go he’s not worth it." Brian let go of Peter causing him to hit the floor. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and kissed your cheek. Then the bell rang.

"Let’s go to class baby.” You began to walk into the school. You then turned your head to see that Peter was still laying on the floor kids kicking his stuff out of his bag. Peter noticed your gaze on him and looked over to you. When your eyes meet you snapped your head forward.

You then walked into the school, not helping Peter at all like you did before, that’s what hurt Peter the most.

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Ahh can I request a Peter Parker x reader where the reader's an artist and Peter happens to find that there's a few pages of her sketchbook that have sketches of Spider-Man? Thanks in advance! ❤️

Title: Spidey Doodles

Word Count: 1,517

Warnings: nada

AN: Honestly I relate so much to this request because I am an artist and I love drawing Spider-Man XD (gif source: x)

It was lunch time and you had your sketch book out and your food to the side. This was a common occurrence and your food often got cold because you’d be drawing through your lunch break. Your friend Peter tried to peek over the sketchbook you held in your hand. “Whatcha drawing today?” You kept it out of his sight because you thought that they, him and Ned, would think you were weird because you sketched them a lot. You liked to sit around different places like parks and sketch people who were having picnics or just laying in the sun.

“Nothing.” You muttered and added the final touches on Ned’s round face. Peter knew to back off once you’d said that.

You’d been trying to do different styles lately for art class; cartoon, abstract, realism. So far you really liked drawing cartoons and caricatures of people. Whenever you weren’t doing schoolwork, you were practicing your art skills. It was something you had felt very strong about since you started high school.

“For our next art project we’re doing pop art and I don’t know what to do it on…” You closed your sketchbook, hid it in your backpack, and picked at your cold food. They looked at your blankly, and you remembered they weren’t as well versed in art styles as you were. “Pop art, like pop culture.” They both went “ohh” and nodded.

“Do it on one of the Avengers. They’re pretty big in pop culture right now.” Ned suggested and you forced down the rest of your cold spaghetti.
“That’s a good idea, Ned.” You wiped your mouth, then looked at your phone for the time. “Better get going, I want to get started on my current art project before class starts.” You said your goodbyes and hurried off to the safety of the art room.

While walking there, you looked up at the tv screen in the hall and saw a piece about Spider-Man saving your decathlon team from an elevator in DC. He was a local celebrity, but you were wondering if you’d be able to use him for your pop art piece…

Over the next couple days you were scouring the internet for pictures of Spider-Man for reference pictures. It was hard because most of them were of him just standing on a roof or climbing a wall. You wanted a more dynamic pose, and only found a handful of those pictures. You started to practice drawing some of them, and would sit yourself in the library at a computer so you could have your reference pictures on a bigger screen than your phone.
You were in the middle of sketching a picture when you saw Peter over the top of the monitor. “Hey, Y/N.” He walked over to you and you closed all your tabs and your sketchbook at lightning speed.

“What’s up?” You rested your head in your hand and leaned on you elbow on the desk.

“I was just looking for some stuff for that English paper before class. So this is where you were instead of lunch?”

“I was drawing. For class.”

“I’m not surprised.” He teased and you rolled your eyes.

“Just like you and Ned love being nerds, I love drawing.” You teased back and put your sketchbook in your backpack. “Gotta go; I’ve got chemistry next.” You turned to walk by yourself but Peter caught up to you.

“We could walk together, I’ve got a class over in the same direction.” The two of you started to talk about the English paper for the class you shared and you couldn’t get over how awkward Peter could be. He was one of the sweetest boys you’d ever met, but he could be so weird whenever he hung out with you. Despite all that, you’d developed a bit of a crush on him; even though he had the most obvious crush on a senior girl, Liz.

“Well, Peter, this is my stop. I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, see you later!” He flashed that awkward smile of his and you quickly turned your back to him to hide the red in your cheeks.

One morning you were sitting on the front steps of the school, attempting to sketch Spider-Man again, and you didn’t notice Peter show up. “He’s not that skinny.” You jumped when you heard his voice and felt your face go red.


“It looks great, though!” His cheeks slowly turned a little pink and you sighed.

“You probably think I’m some weirdo or something.”

“This is for that pop art project, right?” He continued to admire your work and you twirled your pencil.

“Yeah, Ned gave the idea after suggesting the Avengers.” You didn’t notice Peter staring at the back of your down turned head.

“It does look good, though.”

“Thanks…” That awkward silence began and you were about to excuse yourself, but Peter actually started to say something.

“Um, remember how Ned said I knew Spider-Man in gym that one day?”

“Uh, yeah. I honestly didn’t believe him, though.” You shrugged.

“Well, he was telling the truth–I swear,” he added, “but I could see about getting some better shots for reference pictures for you…” He rocked back and forth on his feet and you blinked.

“Um, that’s really sweet of you, actually.” You tucked a piece of hair behind your ear.

“Would you… like to meet him?”

“Now you’re pulling my leg.” You joked.

Peter crossed his arms. “I’m not joking, Y/N. How about I tell him to meet you on the roof of your place tonight?” You stared up at him and tried to see if you could figure out if he was messing with you or not. He looked away when you did, and you squinted your eyes.

“Alright, Parker, but you better not be messing with me or you’ll have it.”

You waited impatiently on the roof, giving your parents the excuse you were going to draw up there; which is something you often did so it was believable. You were trying to use your charcoals to imitate the night sky, but it wasn’t working and you got frustrated and tossed them aside. Not too long after you’d thrown your fit, you heard the gravel on the apartment building’s roof crumble under someone’s feet.

Your eyes followed the noise and couldn’t believe what you were seeing. It was Spider-Man; Peter definitely wasn’t lying. “Oh my God, I thought Peter was lying.”

“Peter ain’t no liar.” He replied in a horrible stereotypical New Yorker accent. Something about that voice was eerily familiar though. “You’re Y/N, I presume?” He leaned against a pole and you nodded. “I hear from Peter that you’re drawin’ me.”

You snapped your fingers. “Peter, is that… you?” You slowly walked towards Spider-Man and his posture changed.

“I don’ know whatcha talkin’ about.” You were close enough to pull off his mask and you did so; revealing your friend Peter Parker.

“Wow, Peter, this was a little much.” You rolled your eyes and tossed him the mask.

“Wait, Y/N,” he tried to run after you as you picked up your things.

“I’m not messing around tonight, Peter. I’ve got stuff to do.”

Wait.” You heard a strange noise and felt some resistance on your elbow. When you looked down your eyes widened and realized this was the real deal.

“Oh my god…” You faced Peter and put your hands to your mouth, dropping your sketch pad and supplies. “You’re… Spider-Man…”

“Yeah… I wasn’t lying when I said I knew him.” He scratched the back of his head nervously.

“Who else knows?”

“Just Ned; and Mr. Stark.”

“You know Tony Stark?!”

“Who do you think made my suit?” Your eyes shifted to the rest of his body to examine the details in the suit. It did look too nice to be handmade, and it sure had a sleek look to it.

“I’m friends with the Spider-Man.” You looked away into the distance and had to take a moment to take it all in.

“So… you still doing your art project on me?”

“Um, yeah.” You got out your phone and gestured for him to put on the mask. “Do some swinging around or something, dude.” And the two of you had your own photo shoot. By the end of it you’d ended up in the alley below and you were scrolling through all the different pictures you took.

“How’s my modeling skills?” Peter was hanging on a web upside down from the fire escape next to you.

“Pretty good, Parker.” You smirked.

“Well, I gotta go.” And before you even think about saying bye, he gave you a quick peck on the cheek. “Bye!” His voice wavered and he disappeared into the night. You grazed your fingertips over the spot he kissed and covered your face with your hands. Peter Parker kissed you, Y/N! Heck, Spider-Man kissed you! You climbed back up the fire escape and gathered your things, nearly dropping everything in your hurry, and made your way back to your room to scream into your pillow.


Remember if you stretch it you pay for it

Hey char vader B) Noticed you had a snazzy-looking submit button and I thought to myself why don’t I use it, hmmm? (I do hope I am sending the right file to you)

Sorry I really rushed on this one but I was determined to finish it today (on your birthday ofc) as we are almost off to go~

Hope you have a wonderful day today <3 enjoy it

I Hate You!

Relationship: Peter Parker X Male!Reader

Summary: Growing up with Peter Parker you had slowly but surely fallen in love! But what happens when a certain superhero comes and tries to ruin it for you? 

Warnings: Cursing, homophobic slurs and parents

Word Count: 2,195

A/N: I finally wrote another one! I’m so sorry it took so long, but I just got the chance to write, and a new idea came to me! This is a Male reader insert story, so read if you want to! I really want new requests, so please send them in! They give me life! I hope you can understand why I haven’t been posting recently! School is a bitch! If I missed a warning, please tell me! Please like, reblog, and send in your requests! I love you all! <3

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“I hate you,” you say, a smile on your face, a laugh bubbling from your tiny lips. You were on the playground, Peter chasing you around, trying to kiss you, when you dove into a bush. “You’re stupid and I hate you!” You were sitting side by side in the bush, your tiny, child body just small enough where Peter could also fit in the hollowed out bush.

“You don’t hate me!” he says and you pout, crossing your arms and shaking your head.

“Yes I do! You were trying to kiss me! I don’t like that stuff!” You say and Peter crawls over, wrapping his tin arms around you. They were so small they couldn’t even fit around your shoulders.

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