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Suess-stuck Ideatime~ (Because I Can)

• The Cat in the Hat is the First Guardian of the Suessiverse.

• Pre-Scratch players: The Onceler, Norma Wiggins, Jo-Jo McDodd (from HHaW) (I’ll add more later)

• Post-Scratch players: Ted Wiggins, Audrey, Ned McDodd (again, will add more later)

God Tiers

Once-ler: Thief of Life

Norma: Witch of Light

Jo-Jo McDodd: Heir of Time

Ted Wiggins: Knight of Breath

Audrey: Seer of Space

Ned McDodd: ??? of ???



 -Tier 1 Prototype: thneed

 -Tier 2 Prototype: the Lorax


 -Tier 1 Prototype: ???

 -Tier 2 Prototype: ???


 -Tier 1 Prototype: goldfish

 -Tier 2 Prototype: one of his sister’s dolls


 -Tier 1 Prototype: ???

 -Tier 2 Prototype: ???


 -Tier 1 Prototype: ???

 -Tier 2 Prototype: ???


 -Tier 1 Prototype: ???

 -Tier 2 Prototype: ???

Strife Specibus

Once-ler: axekind

Norma: cane(???)kind

Jo-Jo: staffkind

Ted: ???kind

Audrey: paintbrushkind

Ned: staplerkind


Once-ler: Land of ??? and ???

Norma: Land of ??? and ???

Jo-Jo: Land of ??? and Symphony

Ted: Land of ??? and ???

Audrey: Land of ??? and (Frogs???)

Ned: Land of ??? and ???

I’ll put more info on this weird idea if anyone’s willing to listen.

EDIT 1: Added more God Tiers; added Kernelsprites and strife specibi

EDIT 2: Added a Lands section