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Theon + Smiling = Strength

Theon smiles a lot:

No doubt he was smiling. He smiled a lot, as if the world were a secret joke that only he was clever enough to understand.

He was smiling. Ever smiling.

She studied Theon Greyjoy’s sly smile, wondering what it meant. That young man had a way of looking as though he knew some secret jest that only he was privy to.

A callow youth, always smiling, skilled with a bow.

[…] he had declared, smiling that way he did

And Theon, if he lived, was just as hopeless, a boy of sulks and smiles.

Theon smiled a lot, its one of the things observant Tyrion notices about him, but then comes the question; why is he so damn happy all the time?

By all rights, Theon should be a really depressed teenager/young adult. He was stripped of his home and family at age nine and forced to live with a man who appears cold, who would chop off his head if his father stepped out of line (don’t forget the fact that his brothers died and his sister got to stay home with their family).

Personally, I think Theon smiled so much as a sort of ‘fuck you’ to the world. Like, you might have it bad but I did too and I’m still smiling. Almost like it makes him stronger than everyone else and like he is clever (“as if the world were a secret joke that only he was clever enough to understand” - AGOT, Bran I).

Of course most people just find it annoying (“That young man had a way of looking as though he knew some secret jest that only he was privy to” - ACOK, Catelyn I) which on a way is understandable, Theon was always quite “cocky” and “sly” too. But it’s almost like they find his strength annoying, because despite everything that has happened to him - including being beaten at Winterfell and Ned Stark not being that ‘perfect father’ to him that most of the fandom sees him as - he was still smiling that wide, annoying smile.

And then Ramsay knocks out his teeth (along with much worse) and said that whole, “I may have broken some of his pretty white teeth.” like the cunt bad guy he is. And so in a way, metaphorically I suppose, Ramsay also broke that strength and cleverness, because Theon’s smile represented them both.

TLDR; I think his smiling is a very important part to Theon which is mostly overlooked as cockiness and him being an ass.

I kissed the Enchantress! - Peter Parker Imagine

This one is about Peter’s and Ned’s conversation. Peter kissed you-The Enchantress (I made her a fellow Avenger and like 17 years old. she studied in Charles Xavier’s school) and he is freaking out. 

Ok guys its my first imagine so go easy on me xxx It turned out to be longer than I planned but here we go; there will be part 2 btw. I purposely write some words wrong :d


Ned (14.09): Ok, so youre tellin me that yo kiss THE ENCHANTRESS and you freaked out and acted like it didnt happened. After this incident you kissed her again 2 weeks later. And after the second kiss you bring her to the school and drool over Liz? IN FRONT OF HER? ARE YOU FUCING MAD?!?! 

Ned (14.11): Youre lucky dat she didnt kill you tbh. 

Ned (14.12): But there is a good in all bad right? At least we know that she likes your smart ass… :D :D

Peter (14.12): How do we know tis exactly…?

Ned (14.13): Oggh youre the most idiotic genius like ever… She let you kiss her, and after you acted like tis didnt happened, she let you kiss her AGAIN (Still cant believe tis though) Thats sometin man… Why did you even do all tis things anyways?

Peter (14.15): I just- I dont know! She is amazing and just couldnt help it. There was a party at the Stark tower and we got bored and went to the roof. While we were sitting I just leaned and kissed her. 

Peter (14.17): After I acted like it didnt happened she didnt say anything bout it. After 2 weeks I just got into a fight with bank robbers and when I went back to the tower she was there. She saw me bleeding and bring the first aid kit. Her face was really- I mean REALLY close to mine cuz she was looking at the wound on my cheek and I just leaned and kissed her again. 

Ned (14.21): And after that? How dd she reacted?

Peter (14.21): She was smiling. When I was leaving to go to home we just hugged and Idk it was a little bit longer than normal I guess. She kissed my cheek and I was out.

Ned (14.23): And 3 days after that you bring her to the school and yo drool over Liz….. DAMN I should have look at (Y/N)’s face when Liz came and kissed your cheek. Sorry bro :/

Peter (14.24): It’s just.. I dont know what to do. I have a crush on Liz since like FOREVER. But than I met (Y/N) and it got complicated. We have sooo much in common and we have great time tgthr. She is an avenger FOR GOD’S SAKE! She is THE IRON BABY! 

Ned (14.26): If I were you I would just immediately went to Enchs room and propose man… 

Peter (14.27): I cant… The thing is after that school drama she is MAD at me. When I returned to the tower she just wasnt the same. When I asked her about it she looked me in the eyes and said she is dissapointed. She told that she wasnt something I can get close and then throw away. She said “I dont want you to kiss me or get closer to me more than a friend.” So I just screwed up everything…………..

Ned (14.31): Harsh. But it makes sense. She liked you and when you kissed her she thought that youre into her too and after she saw yo ass drooling over Liz, she understood that sshe was wrong. 

Peter (14.32): No no no I do like her! I just, I liked Liz for years and finally she notice me and took interest in me. I just dont know what to do. urgh she doesnt even eat meals with me anymore. We were always eat together. After that conversation she just goes with other people. 

Ned (14.33): Cant you just yo know go talk to her?

Peter (14.34): I would if she wasnt in LONDON. Yesterday night her friends from Xaviers mutant school came and they were talking about some guy named Alex. It turned out to be June’s ex. Her bff told that Alex is still into her and she just showed some pics of them when they were together. 

Ned (14.38): Hows the dude?

Peter (14.38): Well Wanda said he is pure perfection…………

Ned (14.38): oH.

Peter (14.38): And then Jean ( (Y/N)’s bestie) asked mr stark to take June to London for the reunion week. There will be ALL mutants be there. And mr stark said June to stay away from alex guy. So I know that he will be there too. 

Ned (14.41): It kinda solves your problem tho. You dont have to worry bout staying in between. She will just probably start with Alex guy again anyways. So you can be with Liz and just stay as friends. So happy ending for everyone. :D

Peter (14.44): Why do you think that she will go back to her ex?

Ned (14.44): Come on bro she liked you, yo fucked up, she is single and she liked the guy before. The shared all this stuf memories friends romantic moments etc. And you say he is still into her. So its %100 that he will make a move. My guess he will talked aout times they shared and being so happy vs vs vs. She will remember those moments and her bff will encourage it so she will think to herself “Oh I liked this kid and he turned out to be trash there is tis guy who likes me and makes me happy. Everyone around me is okey with it too so why wouldnt I be happy?" 

Peter (14.49): Ok what can I do to prevent it?

Ned (14.50): Why do yo wanna do dat? It will solve the problem I dont get it :S

Peter (14.50): I just I dont want to see her with someone else…. I know that I fucked up and i just dont wanna lose her yknow?

Ned (14.51): You dont wanna give up Liz either? So….?

Ned (14.53): Man i know this sucks but you cant just have it all. just bcuz yo like both of them it doesnt mean that they will be ok with it. 

Peter (14.53): I know i know its just i cant stop thinking about her. I am stalking her, her bff, her close friends, xavier school social media accounts AND that dudes accounts. i mean i even set up an alarm if sometihng new comes up. I wanna call her text her idk

Ned (14.57): Shit. 

Peter (14.57): wat?

Ned (14.57): Yo know what yo sound like?

Peter (14.57): what?

Ned (14.58): like in love.

Peter (14.58): what if i am?

Ned (14.58): well you are basically screwed bcuz she probably wont look at you again cuz she is THE ENCHANTRESS for a starter and she has a charming ex bfriend whos still into her and she is drop dead gorgeous. She probably thinks that youre messing around.

Peter (15.00): Y’know what im gonna text her

Ned (15.00): OK KEEP ME IN THE LOOP!


Miss Perfect
Title Fight
Miss Perfect

You look so pretty in your sleep, tell me

Are you dreaming of me?

Or do you dream about the way that things used to be?

It never was this bad and I was good at more than just always making you sad

I know that I told you that if you just stay with me, things would be fine until the end of time

But you know that there’s no such thing, as a promise ring, that doesn’t lose its shine


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Ughughguguguugh Pushing Daisies. This show is so impossibly happy and sappy and sweet but I love it so much it makes me so happy. I was happy practically the whole time I made this thing.

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