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Game of Thrones Modern AU

I just wanted all of them to be in an actual house(Jon is an exception), that’s why Gendry is a Baratheon and not Waters here. He’s Robert’s son after all, he’s part of the family!
Anyways, Ned, Cat, Petyr, Bran, Gendry and Brienne are joining my collection of crappy au collages.

Game of Thrones actor AU!

  • Kit and Jason (aka Jon Snow and Khal Drogo) are boyfriends off set.
  • Kit usually does his own stunts, but he’s scared of heights,so when they filmed the Wall scene and the scenes at the mountains, they used a stun double. Kit was sad,because he thought he was troubling a lot of people because of his fears. The cast assured him that it was not like that,and they understand why he can’t do it.
  • Jason cuddled him for like,2 days or so.
  • Maisie is their daughter okay,she gets away with a lot of shit lmao.
  • Maisie,Gwendoline and Rory do their own stunts.
  • During the sex scene between Drogo and Dany, Kit sat in the director’s chair with his legs crossed with sunglass and sipping from his Starbucks. “By all means,do continue. Pretend I’m not here.” The crew and cast laughed their ass off.
  • Even if he plays the villain,Charles is one of the sweetest actors in the cast. He’s the one-to-go men everyone goes to for an advice or a question.
  • The cast and the crew are not allowed to speak bad of Superman in the presence of Jason lmao,he will flip his shit because nobody insults ‘his boy’. One time a staff member said Superman is overrated (he wasn’t lying) and Jason refused to come at shootings for a week before Kit threatened to not give him blow jobs.
  • When Ned died,the cast took a day off because everyone was too depressed to work. Working with Sean was so much fun,and everyone was so sad to see him leave. Sean was the one who pulled Jack aside and assured him that it was fine and not worry himself over it.
  • Emilia and Lena are BFFs off screen. They bring echother lattes and donuts on breaks,but they’re not dating. Nope. Totallynotdatingwhatthefuckno they’re totally dating.
  • Nikolai and Kit are the ultimate bros.
  • Maisie and Kit play pranks around the studio and like to mess with the special effects. One day,when Emilia was filming a scene with the dragons,Kit played around while no one was looking and changed the fire that came out of their mouths with green smoke and fart sounds. Emilia was dying of laughter.
  • Filming the scenes with dragons are the most difficult because Emilia has to literally pet the air and the actors that get set on fire have to squirm around like worms and it’s so amusing.
  • Kit,Maisie, Rory, and Jack all mess up their lines the most because they crack up jokes during filming.
  • Kit has won the 'Best Ass’ award in the show. And it was well-deserved.
  • Rose was doing an interview once,and was asked about what was the funniest moment that happened off set.

Reporter:Okay,so,Rose,after you,what was the funniest moment that happened on the 'Game of Thrones’ set?

Rose: Oh gosh,the funniest? Umm..well,there was a lot of funny moments,you know, Maisie’s pranks,Peter not being able to pronounce benevolent, and Charles almost puking when he had to skin that deer,haha! But,the funniest thing that happened to me was… me and Kit were ready to shoot that cavern sex scene,right?

Okay,so I wait for Kit,reading my lines,getting ready to shoot,when this six- foot- four hawaiian guy just comes to me,and looks at me dead in the eye with a scary expression, and I sit there awkwardly, because like,I never met the guy before.

And so,I ask him if he needs help,and he said:“When the sun rises in the West and sets in East,the booty shall stay with you!” And just left. I was so confused,and I brushed it away. And,me and Kit shoot the scene,and I told him what happened and he started laughed really loudly, and I asked him 'what’s up? Why you laughing?’ And he said 'that was Jason,my boyfriend’. I was…shocked,to say at least. Kit laughed even harder when he saw my reaction. We all went for a pizza afterwards. It was neat.

  • Jason carries Kit on his back when he’s too tired to get in his hotel room. It’s so cute.

Welp,that’s about all the headcanons I have so far.

Anonymous asked: Modern AU: Perhaps Jamie gets laid off/ fired from his job and the family has to cope with his unemployment

Modern Glasgow AU

“…dinna care one bit – he canna go about beating up lads in the schoolyard anymore. It doesna matter what his brothers did at his age –”

“Ach – I can come back.”

Rupert MacKenzie, publisher of Leoch Editions, looked up to find his star editor crouching in the low doorway of his office.

“Scarlett, love – I’ll have to call ye back. Jamie is here…” Rupert waved at one of the two chairs on the other side of his desk, watching Jamie close the door and carefully hoist the large stack of manuscripts to the floor.

“No, ye have to tell Moira that she’s still grounded. And ask Senga to tell me all about her test when I get home tonight. All right?…I love ye, my dove. See you tonight.”

Rupert hung up the phone and rubbed his face with his hands. “I swear to God, Jamie – I love all the bairns, I really do – but they’re just so difficult to manage sometimes.”

“I’ve only got the four to deal with,” Jamie smiled tightly. “I canna imagine how you and Scarlett deal with twice that number.”

“I dinna think we do, to be honest – being at home is like having the inmates run the asylum.” Rupert cracked his back and narrowed his eyes at Jamie. Curious.

Jamie looked right back, with that damn blank stare that had won over so many skeptical writers and book distributors – but which never ceased annoying the hell out of him.

“What can I do for ye, Mr. Fraser?”

Jamie sat up a bit straighter. “Weel – speaking of bairns. Claire – *we* are expecting again.”

Rupert stood bolt upright and reached over his desk to clap Jamie on the back. “Congratulations, lad! What wonderful news!”

Jamie flushed – clearly pleased. “We werena expecting it – it’s been almost seven years since William, and we had promised no more, but – ”

“Ah, I ken fine what ye mean. After every bairn Scarlett swears she’ll cut off my ballocks, but then she’s always pregnant again within a year, so…”

Jamie coughed. “*Anyway*, this time the doctors have asked her to take extra care, on account of her age and her troubles with Faith.”

“Aye – I mind that. A bit scary, as I recall – though you’d never know it now, to look at her.”

“So Claire and I were thinking – with a fifth bairn coming, we’ll be spending a lot more time up at Lallybroch. I want her to be up there and rest. And I want to be up there with her. To give the kids fresh air.”

Rupert thought for ten seconds.

“So are ye quitting, then?”

Jamie licked his lips. “No – I’m just asking for a smaller job.”

Rupert skeptically raised his shaggy brows. “*That*’s no’ something I hear all the time. Especially from someone like you – ye ken that ye’re the top editor I have. What you were able to do with Ned Gowan’s latest mess of a book, and how you were able to finally land Tom Christie – ”

“I hear ye, and yes it’s important. But it’s not the most important thing to me anymore. Claire is – my family is. Fergus will be going to uni in less than two years. Jenny’s kids are growing up. I canna miss that.”

Rupert briefly turned away to rummage through the pile of papers on his desk – quickly finding the single page he was looking for.

The list of Jamie’s current projects – from those that were just barely ideas, to those ready for publication, to those currently on book tour.

“I want to do right by ye, man – ye ken I do. I havena given so much of my life to this company, to just throw it all away.”

Rupert nodded, chewing his lip, studying the list. “So what do ye propose?”

“I keep the big names – Ned, Tom Christie, John Grey, Neil Forbes. I manage them as I do now – only from a mix of Glasgow and Lallybroch. None of them are local, anyway. Well, Ned is – but he willna care.”

“And if they’re not happy with the level of service?”

“Trust me – they’ll be happy. Have I ever let ye down?”

Rupert thought about it – and realized he had nothing to counter.

“And what about the other authors? The other tasks?”

“Give it to Willie – ye ken he’s chomping at the bit to prove himself. Or Manfred. Or anyone – I dinna care who. Ye’ll do it the right way.”

Rupert doodled on the list.

“And ye can cut my pay to reflect it.”

Startled, Rupert met Jamie’s eyes – so damn blue.

“Nonsense. Ye’re dealing with the most important names we have – I canna do that to ye. No’ wi’ a new bairn on the way.”

Jamie curled his hands into gentle fists. “Whatever suits ye, then. Dinna say I didna offer.”

Then he rose and extended one big hand.

“Ye willna regret this, Rupert.”

Still dazed, Rupert had no choice but to shake the proffered hand.

“I dinna think I will, Jamie.”

And with that, Jamie Fraser nodded and quickly, quietly padded out of the office.

Rupert looked back down on the list – now covered with doodles – and shook his head.

Jamie paused on the landing at the end of the hallway to text Claire:

*we’re on, mnd. I’ll be yours now all day, every day*

Her immediate reply led him to pack up his things and cancel his afternoon meetings:

*youve always been mine. all mine. come home and show me*