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Hey guys! Just a reminder that I’ve opened an Etsy shop to sell prints and charms!

Since Tabitha St. Germain will be at Bronycon this year, you might want to check out the Luna and Rarity designs I’ve done!

Rarity isn’t on Etsy right now, but the posters are 18" x 24". You can snag one for $15, plus shipping. 

My Etsy shop doesn’t allow for international shipping right now, because I can’t comfortably guess what things will cost to ship. That being said, if you would like to send me an ask here or a convo on Etsy, I can make a custom listing for you and calculate shipping based on where you live, in or outside of the US. I will also offer discounts on larger orders. :)

I would really appreciate the help, as I’m trying to earn some extra income, but I don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to large commissions because of my other job, combined with current work load.

If prints aren’t your thing and you still want some custom art, I am open for chibi commissions right now. Those are $15 each, and you can add up to two extra chibis in one picture at $10 each.

As always, signal boosts are much appreciated!

(If you are curious, Ned Arkenstone is the psuedonym I used for a long time, and still use to some extent.)


These are all going to be for sale at Bronycon as 18x24 posters, and possibly smaller if there’s enough room in the budget. I hand drew all the sigils to correspond to a sigil from Game of Thrones. (Seriously though, Discord and NMM were a pain)

If you would like, I’ll be taking pre-orders for these to help cover printing costs! $15 per poster or $65 for a set of all five.

ALSO! I will give away ONE poster of your choice if you are the first to inbox me the following:

1. Tell me which house represents which original GoT house (ALL of them you see here).
2. Tell me the original mottos for the aforementioned houses.

(Sorry to say I can only ship within the United States for the giveaway, and if I discussed this with you online last night you are also disqualified…)

This is Thraka, my decidedly half Dwarf half Human character. She was born in the year 2858 TA to a Dwarf of Erebor and a woman of Rohan.

Thraka’s mother was a horse breeder who was doing trades and helping the folks in Dale with their own horses. During her extended visit, she falls in love with a dwarf and he (amazingly) returns her affection.  They are quite happy with each other for along time, until Smaug lays Dale to waste. She flees, and her Dwarf lover accompanies her for her protection. She ends up going back to Rohan and then somehow she ends up pregnant.

Unfortunately, the mother dies in childbirth and the father takes Thraka to the Iron Hills to live under Dain’s kingship. 

She later fights during the battle of Five armies, and resides in a re-established Erebor after Thorin’s death.

Thraka is a skilled jeweler and metalsmith, and a stout warrior. She also has a strange affinity for horses (though she likely won’t admit it). She does  like travel, probably another one of the traits she inherited from her mother. Wary of Elves.

More on her is in the works. But HUZZAH she’s finished!

Also I have a new watermark!

Another WIP shot. Hand is cramping so I’ll take a break. Been working on her for nearly four hours. Combined with the two hours I put in last night, we are at six hours so far, and she’s about halfway finished. O_O

The commissioner technically paid for a drawing, not a painting… but the image in my head really just…. there was no other way for me to do this. Can’t tell my muse no, that’s suicide.