[“Racing to Breathe” premiere and fundraiser in Arlington, MA today at 7pm

Tommy Goguen and I have been racing against each other in New England Cat 3 cyclocross for a few years now. I make a cameo around 1:20, muffing the start in the black/white kit the row behind him.

We’re rarely “on” on the same day (head to head), but it’s worth noting that all the close finishes on that list end in his favor. He’s one of my favorite (and most frustrating) opponents because he’s fantastic on the bike and nails-tough about battling for places. GIANT leap for radsport!

word guru…hah! I mean, I’m an editor by day, so I suppose the shoe fits.

anyway - to the news!

We’ve finally secured sponsorship for the team by way of Giant Cycling World in Boston, and we couldn’t be happier.

External image
Kinda makes you wanna dance like this.

We still have to hammer out specifics with them in terms of bikes, kits, equipment, etc. But wheels are in motion! (Pun not really intended, but you couldn’t find a more fitting idiom.) And after emailing back and forth with their Retail Operations Manager for the past week or so, it sounds like this is an amazing opportunity to work with great people just as committed to the team as we are.

I AM WICKED EXCITED. And really impatient for the season to start already. Although, maybe I should be grateful the season doesn’t start for another 5-ish months since I’ll need all the training time I can get so I don’t end up like this.

External image
Or, at least not as often.

Hopefully Sean and I can visit the shop soon and meet everyone in person.

We’ll be updating the page with kits, bikes, schedule, roster, and logo soon!

For now, enjoy one of our favorite songs.

- Julia

ps - Sorry for the delayed post tonight. I am editor by day, but babysitter during all my free time…Hey, it’s free food and good money - I’ll make enough money this week from babysitting alone to pay for that Bianchi I’m buying.


At 1:04 “It’s straight from Boulder where USA Cycling is from”

Also, I think it’s a Coors Light, which is from Golden. So basically none of that is true.

But more importantly—look at how well this course combines burly-when-raced with fun-when-drunk. It matters—a lot—when an event is made with love.