8 selfies of the year i realized i was butch!
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Vic do u have any blog recs similar to ur aes / mine i need more blogs to follow ily 🤧💗

hm my aes is kind of all over this place so i’ll list who i reblog from a lot/like their aes also sorry this took Forever but here are mutuals im love/blogs i really like:

@unlove @loveposting @boyyangel @godreject @ruyuu @knekiken @killerpt3 @nightloverz @egoths @salemcore @necterines @aygo @akeci @pusantra @ichcr @kimimary @gfmp3 @cupidcore @g0thbug @9km @clannads @ehseokjin @zocadic @mdinv @robotllamas @0004 @cherryhalo @cypherkilling @opt @gothkid @mujabes @dreambots @guncores @itach1 @1bratz @espionaged @ph5 @bokou @zzwreck @bachuru

Tag Game

Tagged by @jason-todd-is-demiromantic

Name: Eddie

Nicknames: Ed, Angsty, Firefli

Height: 5′ 6″

Orientation: Panromantic Asexual

Nationality: American

Favourite Fruit: Either strawberries or necterines

Favorite Season: Fall or winter, just none of the hot ones

Favorite Flower: Paintbrushes!! They’re small and pretty and feel fuzzy

Favorite Animal: Hyenas!!

Favorite Colour: Green or purple

Favorite Scent: Fresh laundry, warm lemony scents (like lemon tea)

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: Hot Chocolate first then coffee, and I haven’t met a warm tea I’ve actually liked but I do like a few Snapple flavors

Average Sleep Hours: 3-7 on a good night, I don’t sleep very well. 

Dog or Cat person: Both tho I prefer dogs

Favourite Fictional Character: It’s a tie between Edward Nygma and Jonathan Crane, both mean equally as much to me as the other does. 

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 2-3, I like the weight of them all and I’m a very cold person

Dream Trip: I want to go to Italy and try real authentic Italian food (I’m motivated by food in my life)

Blog Created: This blog was created November of 2016

Number of Followers: 713

Random Fact: Back when I was a Homestuck nerd freshman year of high school, I was actually able to do a semi decent Terezi voice if I tried hard enough. I could possibly do it now but it would take some practice to get used to again, it kinda hurts to do it. 

Get to know me!

I saw this meme floating around so I decided to do it! 

1) Name: Starr

2) Nicknames: Kermit (long story)

3) Height: 5’6

4) Orientation: bisexual!

5) Nationality: american

6) Favourite fruit: Necterines! 

7) Favourite season: Winter!

8) favourite flower: Roses!!

9) Favourite scent: Lemons or Peaches.

10) Favourite colours: Dark Grey, Rose Pink and Leaf Green!

11) Favourite animal: Dogs, Penguins and Dolphins

12) coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: I guess coffee, even though I don’t really drink any of these ^^’

13) Average sleep hours: 7-10

14) Dog or cat person: Doggos!

15) Favourite fictional character: Lance Mcclain from VLD!

16) Number of blankets you sleep with: Three, the magic number.

17) Dream trip: Thailand, Germany or Austria!

18) Blog created: I think the summer of last year!

19) Number of followers: 32!

20) Random fact: I am double jointed in 5 of my fingers overall. (Not all in one hand.)

and to keep this goings, I’ll tag @annahakuouki, @pridethearrogant @wiishbear and @15finnsolo

Thanks to @that-0ne-bloke for tagging me! :)

Rules - Answer the 20 questions, then tag some people

Name - Sabrina

Nicknames - (the ones people currently use) Sab, Sabs, Sabbypoo, crazy cat lady, Xile

Height - 5'5"??????????

Orientation - Straight

Nationality - American

Favourite fruit - Berries/Necterines

Favourite Season - Changes like every year, right now it’s fall/winter. All I know is that Summer is my least favorite.

Favourite Book - I would say what I’ve said in the past but hmm…

Favourite flower - Orchids

Favourite scent - Anything that brings up feelings of nostalgia or coziness

Favourite colour - Red

Favourite animal - Jaguars

Coffee/Tea/Hot chocolate - I like drinking tea more but I love the smell of coffee. I’ve never tried hot chocolate

Average hours of sleep - Atm 8-9

Cats/Dogs - Both are good but I love cats more :3 (to nobody’s surprise)

Favourite fictional character - hmm….

Number of blankets - Two atm!

Dream trip - Road trip around Europe

Year that your blog was created - 2014 according to my blog

Number of followers - Last time I checked, 160

Random fact - Did you know that a giant squid’s brain is shaped like a donut? Its esophagus runs through the donut hole and if a it eats something too big, it could die.

I’ll tag @sirappleton , @dumble-dalf , and @bandlovergirl98

If I didn’t tag you and you want to do this, just do it and tag me :3

Yall don’t have to do it if you guys don’t want to!

my favorite things about the nineties are probably the tv shows haha :D friends is my all time favorite show! and we are the harry potter generation (where people would still read the books) and mixtapes! i used to hav so many tapes haha but there are so many things that make me proud to be a nineties kid :) xxxx 

nineties network yay

hi girls! im milleni but you can call me mel, im born in the late nineties but even when i was growing up i kinda got with the more developed stuff a bit late bc i was living in sri lanka but yeah, my favourite things from the nineties are those cute little butterfly clips that everyone wore, the rugrats :’), the wild thornberries, the backstreet boys, madeline (the french cartoon) & young leo ♥ hehe

i would looooooooooooove to be part of this fab network, thanks so much for considering me :) xx

p.s. sorry this is half reposted bc it deleted and i wasnt sure if you guys saw it :)