my favorite things about the nineties are probably the tv shows haha :D friends is my all time favorite show! and we are the harry potter generation (where people would still read the books) and mixtapes! i used to hav so many tapes haha but there are so many things that make me proud to be a nineties kid :) xxxx 

nineties network yay

hi girls! im milleni but you can call me mel, im born in the late nineties but even when i was growing up i kinda got with the more developed stuff a bit late bc i was living in sri lanka but yeah, my favourite things from the nineties are those cute little butterfly clips that everyone wore, the rugrats :’), the wild thornberries, the backstreet boys, madeline (the french cartoon) & young leo ♥ hehe

i would looooooooooooove to be part of this fab network, thanks so much for considering me :) xx

p.s. sorry this is half reposted bc it deleted and i wasnt sure if you guys saw it :)