my favorite things about the nineties are probably the tv shows haha :D friends is my all time favorite show! and we are the harry potter generation (where people would still read the books) and mixtapes! i used to hav so many tapes haha but there are so many things that make me proud to be a nineties kid :) xxxx 

nineties network yay

hi girls! im milleni but you can call me mel, im born in the late nineties but even when i was growing up i kinda got with the more developed stuff a bit late bc i was living in sri lanka but yeah, my favourite things from the nineties are those cute little butterfly clips that everyone wore, the rugrats :’), the wild thornberries, the backstreet boys, madeline (the french cartoon) & young leo ♥ hehe

i would looooooooooooove to be part of this fab network, thanks so much for considering me :) xx

p.s. sorry this is half reposted bc it deleted and i wasnt sure if you guys saw it :)

x nineties network x

hola chickas!! yes ok i’m anahita and i was born in ‘98. i know it’s quite later on, but i have some fab memories- all the sassy shows like frasier, everybody loves raymond, and fresh prince, and when the fashion was funkay with all my colourful scrunchies aha! yes and nintendos and my mum’s awesome nokia phone i played snake on! sorry about all the emotional memories haha! i have a gypsy blog, and i’m very active! thanks for considering xx

90's bby

Hey guuurls,
so i was born in ‘98 and i love it woohoo, my childhood was like awesome cuz of all the 90’s shows, saved by the bell omg who like didn’t had a crush on Zac, fresh prince omg, nickelodeon omg, disney omg, THOSE CRAYOLA KITS AND NINTENDOS *cries* i would love to be part of the network and meet all you new amazing people and talk about fun things, and if any of you ever need help, my ask is always open !  (:

Good luck choosing !

followers ignore xxx

Favourite thing about the nineties would probably have to be all the great television shows that are so much better than the stuff kids watch these days! Clothing and technology too: flip-phones and huge brick mobile phones, feeling nostalgic! I hope I am considered xx

Nineties Network Application

Hi! My name’s Neve, and I’d love to be considered to be a part of your network

My favourite memory from the 90s is cassette tapes and VHS, they were just so lovely, and remember the sounds they would make? aw

Anyways, yeah, that’s all, thank you for your consideration! x


Smoothie: Spinach, necterine, strawberry, coconut yoghurt, matcha

s-small banana

4 stuffed vine leaves, cashew nuts, celery, pepper, humous

Apple peanut butter, jammy dodger biscuit and tea


Butternut squash, tomato, pepper, cottage cheese, lettuce, cucumber

Exercise- 30 min run, weights