Bali, Indonesia

So I found this bat just hanging out at a traffic turnout in Bali. I also saw a tree of them in Delhi. They are so damn cool.

One of the “megabats” flying foxes are the largest members of the bat family. The largest can have a wingspan in excess of 5 feet! Fruit eating bats aid the distribution of plants (and therefore forests) by carrying the fruits with them and spitting the seeds or eliminating them elsewhere. Nectarivores actually pollinate visited plants. They bear long tongues that are inserted deep into the flower; pollen passed to the bat is then transported to the next blossom visited, thereby pollinating it. Compared to insectivorous bats, fruit bats are relatively large and, with some exceptions, do not navigate by echolocation. They are herbivores and rely on their keen senses of sight and smell to locate food. source