rise and shine ✨🌙 come over for breakfast parties in bed (a little place called heaven 💭💫😇) this morning’s spread consisted of tropical essences and infinite toast creations 👅🙊 bananas + limes + nectaries + grapes + strawberries + mango + blueberries ⚡️💦 paired with the most heavenly slices of toast ever. seriously. 🌿
(from left to right)

maple peanut butter (just pb2 powder + maple syrup) + jam + strawbs + blueberries + bananas + mango slices sprinkled in hemp seeds ✨🌸🍌 avocado + spinach cherry tomatoes + hemp seeds + lemon pepper 💭🌿 avocado + nutritional yeast + chili pepper flakes + spinach + tomatoes 🍞🙊 strawberry jam + bananas + chia seeds + strawberries 🍓💫 chocolate fudge (peanut butter + cacao powder + maple syrup) + strawbs + nanas + coconut 🌞🌺 and finally (best for last 😜) maple peanut butter + chocolate chips + double chocolate cookie dough + strawberries + blueberries 💖😛 which one would you chose first? 🙈✨ tag a friend 🔮 shoutout to @lovelightandbananas for creating + devouring (the best part 😉) these treats with me 🍓🌎💦 next time someone tells you that veganism is “boring” or “restrictive”, just whip out an abundance of PLANTS like this 🌿🙌🏽 purely natural + compassionate bliss, every single morning ✨👅💦 and for anyone thinking I only eat breakfast, I have a new video live on my channel showing you how to make the most epic curry. ever. 😘 link in my bio ❤️

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TS3 Winter Festival Progress

On the off-chance that there is anyone out there who follow me but doesn’t also follow @satureja13., I want to bring your attention to the AMAZING lots made by satureja for the Winter Festival project.

She has done a spaceport, a shuttle, a gorgeous beach lot (several parts to that), a volcano-nectary….all of it so creative, so beautiful and perfect.

I am so happy that @satureja13 has taken interest in this idea and run with it!

My thanks for all your skillful work..I am beyond amazed to be working with you.

Everyone who hasn’t seen her lots should go to her site and have a look..MASTERPIECES, all of them.

*bows respectfully*