Just five years after serial killer Edmund Kemper murdered his grandparents in cold blood at the tender age of fifteen, he was pronounced cured and sane by no less than nineteen psychiatrists and doctors at the mental hospital he was sent to, and released into his mothers care.

When he was again arrested for multiple murders, Kemper claimed to have remembered the correct answers to over a thousand psychiatric test questions, and was so adept at faking his recovery that at a post-release meeting a doctor remarked that Kemper was “harmless” and a “success story”. During this same meeting, Kemper had the severed head of a teenage girl in the back of his car.

After Edmund Kemper murdered his first two victims, Anita Luchessa(18) and Mary Ann Pesce(18), he decided to take them to his apartment in Alameda.

At his arrival he decided to carry Mary Ann up to his apartment and began wrapping a blanket around her body, which had been laying with her in the car. He did not realize, however, that the murder weapon, the knife he used to murder both girls had still been tucked in one of the folds. It fell onto the concrete floor when suddenly, Kemper heard another car pulling in to the garage.

He quickly rushed back to his car, still carrying his victim and crouching behind it. He could see the driver of the car and recognized him as a neighbour. A small Filipino Navy steward. Now, quick action was needed to prevent his picking up the murder weapon.

Edmund emerged from hiding and walked slowly, coolly toward the doorway. The small man had seen the knife. There was fear in his face and voice: “Is that yours?” “Yes,Kemper replied. As he retrieved the knife, the man fled upstairs.

Kemper followed him and stood at his apartment door for several minutes to check for any signs of a telephone call or conversation. There were none. So, he returned to the garage.

I thought, I was pretty slick and then just tripped all over myself, those first two murders. The first twenty-four hours there had been three clear times I should’ve been busted and I wasn’t. Because three different individuals or three different groups of people got scared. And minded their own buisness and looked the other way.

Dear SCPers.

Please, for the love of god.

Do the work first.

Do you have an idea for a great article? Awesome! Write that shit up. Write it to the best of your ability. Then ask for feedback. Don’t tell everyone you have a great idea, or ask if an idea will work… you know how you can make it work? Write that shit up. Until you at least try, we don’t KNOW if it’s going to be the next Puppy Machine… or the next Unluckiest Necrophile.

Do you have an idea for an awesome GOI? Write a tale that uses them, SCPs that use them, make people care about them… THEN invite people to join you in them. Honestly, if you do it well enough, you won’t have to invite people in, they will have already invited themselves.

Are you making a video game about the SCP? Cause we’ve heard that a lot before. And, while you may be the one to do it this time… without any knowledge of you, or, more importantly, any evidence of what you’re making,  the majority of people are going to give you a ‘meh’ in response to your idea, because we’ve been burnt before. If you have a demo of the game, or video of what yer working on, that will actually get people interested.

In anything you do for this site, you’re going to get a MUCH better response, if you do the work first. You’ll see some of the older writers, occasionally tossing out challenges, or offering ideas. You know why people listen to them and not newer, unproven writers? Because, they did the work first. They’ve written tales, and articles, and made the site better. People know, if, say Clef, put out a call for writers for a vaguely worded story arc, that he ACTUALLY pulls his weight and writes for it, and his ideas usually work!

So please, before you post an idea, or try to get people to back your next cool thing-

Do the work first.

Thousands of pages praising the moon, hundreds more debating whether the cracks, shadows and crevices mar or enhance the beauty of the silver satellite.
Yet so few wondering what lies hidden on the other side.
Maybe the moon kept that side for itself.
Surprising No One

Are we still doing things for phantomrose96‘s ‘it’s not gay if he’s dead’ thing TOO LATE DID IT ANYWAY

Tucker clinically scrolled through his phone as he noisily sipped from his mixed soda-fountain concoction. “It’s official, dude: half of the school wants to jump your bones.”

Danny slammed his head on their usual booth’s table. “This is it. This is what finally destroys me. Move over Ghost King, it’s my real nemesis: necrophilic memes.” 

Homoerotic necrophillic memes,” Tucker corrected him.

Thank you, Tucker.”

“I got ya, dude,” he went back to his phone and noisy straw sucking.

“I’m honestly surprised something like this didn’t happen sooner,” Sam said. “You’ve been flying around in a skintight black jumpsuit for the past three years saving a bunch of hormonal teenagers like a real-life superhero. What did you think was going to happen?”

“I dunno. A fan club, some webcomics, girls with my face on their shirts? I wasn’t really thinking of that in the middle of stopping all the murder-happy ghosts trying to- wait is my jumpsuit really that tight?”

Sam told Tucker. “Break it to him gently.”

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Jeffrey Dahmer Fun Fact #1

Jeffrey’s only friend at a point in his adolescence was a boy named Figg (surname). Figg was with Jeffrey in the car smoking pot when he decided to purposely hit a dog with a car. Jeffrey, the cannibalistic necrophile murderer described it later as “sickening.” Another time he was going to attempt one of his experiments on a ?stray? dog. He gave up and shooed the dog away. This would be the only time he showed mercy.

Jeffrey definitely had a soft spot for dogs.

Your honor, it is over now. This has never been a case of trying to get free. I didn’t ever want freedom. Frankly, I wanted death for myself. This was a case to tell the world that I did what I did not for reasons of hate, I hated no one. I know I was sick or evil, or both. Now I believe I was sick. The doctors have told me about my sickness and now I have some peace.
—  Jeffrey dahmer