Blood Lust

Kuno Hofmann childhood was tailor made to create a violent individual. Born in 1931 in Bavaria, Germany, to a violent father and overpowering mother, he was very frequently brutally beaten. When he was just one-year-old, his father shoved him into a sack to be “thrown away.” The beatings were so severe that Kuno lost his hearing and as a result, spent virtually all of his time in isolation, attempting to avoid the wrath of his father. With no education, Kuno turned to a life of crime and spent nine years in mental institutions, escaping a total of twelve times.

Throughout his life, he frequently broke into cemeteries and mortuaries where he would often dig up fresh corpses to mutilate, often hacking their heads off. Moreover, he would often consume the flesh of the deceased he grave robbed and commit sexual acts on the corpses. After his arrest, he would claim he preferred corpses to be as fresh as possible so that he could suck their blood. Soon, these corpses wouldn’t satisfy his blood lust and he began to search for living targets.

On 6 May, 1972, a cemetery warden caught Kuno during the middle of one of his grim acts. Kuno whips a pistol from his pocket and shoots at the warden, injuring him before fleeing into the night. The following day, Kuno sees a young couple sleeping in their car - 18-year-old Ruth Lissy and 24-year-old Markus Adler. The necrophilic vampire, Kuno, creeps up on the couple and shoots them dead. Following their demise, he sucks the blood from their bullet wounds. Days later, after a description provided by the surviving cemetery warden, Kuno is apprehended. He readily confessed to the murders and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

I got my first view of my OC @thearcanagame 
I’m very excited about this project ! And I think I love  Muriel… I mean, IT’s a weird feeling the one I have when I saw him… like hmm looking into a mirror… and I look more like my OC than Muriel… alkdfj I’m babbling and trying to say I would ship them so badly ! !
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You’ll love the aesthetic and the characters are memorable designs

Just five years after serial killer Edmund Kemper murdered his grandparents in cold blood at the tender age of fifteen, he was pronounced cured and sane by no less than nineteen psychiatrists and doctors at the mental hospital he was sent to, and released into his mothers care.

When he was again arrested for multiple murders, Kemper claimed to have remembered the correct answers to over a thousand psychiatric test questions, and was so adept at faking his recovery that at a post-release meeting a doctor remarked that Kemper was “harmless” and a “success story”. During this same meeting, Kemper had the severed head of a teenage girl in the back of his car.

Dear SCPers.

Please, for the love of god.

Do the work first.

Do you have an idea for a great article? Awesome! Write that shit up. Write it to the best of your ability. Then ask for feedback. Don’t tell everyone you have a great idea, or ask if an idea will work… you know how you can make it work? Write that shit up. Until you at least try, we don’t KNOW if it’s going to be the next Puppy Machine… or the next Unluckiest Necrophile.

Do you have an idea for an awesome GOI? Write a tale that uses them, SCPs that use them, make people care about them… THEN invite people to join you in them. Honestly, if you do it well enough, you won’t have to invite people in, they will have already invited themselves.

Are you making a video game about the SCP? Cause we’ve heard that a lot before. And, while you may be the one to do it this time… without any knowledge of you, or, more importantly, any evidence of what you’re making,  the majority of people are going to give you a ‘meh’ in response to your idea, because we’ve been burnt before. If you have a demo of the game, or video of what yer working on, that will actually get people interested.

In anything you do for this site, you’re going to get a MUCH better response, if you do the work first. You’ll see some of the older writers, occasionally tossing out challenges, or offering ideas. You know why people listen to them and not newer, unproven writers? Because, they did the work first. They’ve written tales, and articles, and made the site better. People know, if, say Clef, put out a call for writers for a vaguely worded story arc, that he ACTUALLY pulls his weight and writes for it, and his ideas usually work!

So please, before you post an idea, or try to get people to back your next cool thing-

Do the work first.


A paraphilia is a mental disorder in which an individual experiences sexual attraction to inanimate objects (such as shoes), children, animals, or nonconsenting adults, something that caused marked distress to the person and/or impairs their functioning. 

The definition of paraphilia has often been debated, because over time, what is considered to be inside and outside the normal range of sexual attraction has changed. For example, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) classified homosexuality as a paraphilia until 1973.

Although the exact number of paraphilias is up for debate, one estimate puts the number at as many as 549. 

Examples of paraphilias:

  • pedophilia (or pedophilic disorder)- sexual attraction to prepubescent children in adults who are over 16 years old. Some pedophiles are exclusively attracted to children, while others also experience attraction for adults.
  • partialism- sexual interest in a specific part of the body other than the genitals (such as the feet or hands). Jeffrey Dahmer had a rare partialism that focused on internal organs.
  • kleptophilia- being sexually aroused by stealing things.
  • autovampirism- sexual arousal from picturing oneself as a vampire.
  • necrophilia- sexual attraction to corpses. There are ten types of necrophiles, ranging from role players -who are aroused by pretending their living partner is dead- to exclusive necrophiles -who can only perform sexually with a corpse, not a living partner. 
  • melolagnia- sexual interest in music.
  • gynemimetophilia- exclusive sexual attraction to transgender women.
  • hybristophilia- sexual attraction to a partner who has committed an outrage (such as cheating) or a crime (usually an extreme one like murder or rape). Hybristophilia seems to be more common in women, which is unusual for a paraphilia.

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Tell me a dirty joke

So there’s this zoophile, pyromaniac, necrophile, and a masochist all sitting together. The zoophile turns to the other’s and says: “We should fuck a cat.” The pyromaniac nods and says: “Yeah, but after you’re done I’ll set it on fire.” Then the necrophile gets excited and says: “Then after both of you are done I’ll fuck it.” After a few seconds of silence, the masochist looks at the others and with a smile says: “~Meow”