Shine a light on me 

I long to feel my heart burned open wide, til nothing else remains,
except the fires from which I came.
Like parted souls, divided for an age, awe and wonder I´d embrace,
and the world anew again.
But now, this picture from me fades.
From still´s cold hand there´s no reprieve, light the fire in me.

Shine, shine your light on me.
Illuminate me, make me complete.
Lay me down, and wash this world from me.
Open the skies, and burn it all away.
‘Cause I’ve been waiting, all my life just waiting,
for you to shine, shine your light on me.

Finally finished… there is one more motorcycle Kylo waiting for me. :)

Rey’s theme doesn’t hint at her past. It hints at her future.

Ok, here goes a theory some of you #Reylo enthusiasts might be interested in.

I have just listened to a piano version of Rey’s Theme by John Williams. What was so special about it is the fact that it’s a very raw and toned down (instrumentation-wise) rendering, and it allowed me to decode a musical signifier or two (or three) hidden therein.

Just listen:

Piano Theme

Rey’s theme, as it has been probably explained several times over the web, Is said contain hints at Rey’s past and her lineage, most notably: it contains references to the Imperial March and is a mirroring of Kylo Ren’s motiff… (here, for one is a great musical analysis by @ms-qualia​: Rey’s vs Kylo’s themes)

But we already know that!’ I hear you interrupt.

Well pointed out straw-person who I just invented inside my head for the sake of the argument’ I reply. ’But I do not intend on repeating things that are already generally acknowledged. On the contrary, I dare contest the notion that Rey’s theme hints at her past, and, rather, I interpret it as an indication of her future and, most importantly, her character development.

Long story short: the gist is –  Rey’s theme has always seemed to me as a collage of various different mini-themes smashed together in a semi-viable attempt to make something coherent out of the resulting mess. Not that parts of Rey’s theme aren’t well written pieces of music. It’s just that if I heard them out of context I’d say the’re dedicated to a couple of different characters, with at least two of them being the bad guys. How does that even make sense? Here’s how…

As Semi-official news has it, Rey will dabble with the dark side in Episode VIII (@necronauta​ correct me if I’m wrong), or should I say – she will be ‘romancing the dark side’. If that’s true there’s a decent probability her theme should represent that and if, again, that’s equally true, this in turn must mean other pieces of her theme will be representing different parts of her development / story-line.

I for one am able to easily secern between at least three sub-themes within Rey’s theme.

  • 0:00 – 0:15 – a kind of spunky 'don’t-hold-my-hand’ introductory motif’
  • 0:16 – 0:40 - a sinister theme in A-minor, followed by a reprise of the introductory motif
  • 0:40 – 1:00 – a bittersweet love / loss theme,

… and from that moment on the 'love’ theme gets slashed by the sinister theme (with the chords becoming diminished) and further on the themes overlap each other with an eerie overabundance of the minor key (just for the record – minor keys aren’t there to invoke happiness).

Mind, I do take into consideration (as should you), that some reprisals and turnarounds are forced by the fact that this is, simply said – a musical piece and it has to fall into some kind of orchestrated pattern thus over-interpreting every note and staff would simply be overdoing it; but there is an overlying arch tying the mini-themes together and we all damn well know it.

I think it’s a bit to early to interpret the third theme (the 'love theme’ as I dubbed it), but I’m betting my money on the second theme being there as a representation of something sinister Rey does (or – something she almost does and is likely stopped at the very last moment), but what kind of sinister are we talking about?

OK, listen to the original theme (link). Don’t worry I’ll be here when you finish.


Noticed anything out of place? *cough* bells and glockenspiel *cough*

Did anyone just say the theme is played on bells and glockenspiel? Again, well noticed! Using such an instrumentation essentially waters down the whole 'evil’ of the theme. But wait, there’s more.

If you’re musically gifted try to play this theme on a church organ (preferably) or some kind of wind instrument and try to add some drums and percussion – ideally try to play it using the instrumentation of the Imperial March. Go on, do it.

Noticed any change?

For me, it immediately becomes 'I will straight up slaughter young-lings on the steps of the Jedi academy’ kind of sinister.

Episode VIII Rey will probably have a lot of explaining to do.

And if that theme comes up anywhere around a dark-side Rey moment, mark my words – other parts of her theme will also pop up around moments they are meant to signify. And there is a minor-key bitter-sweet will-they-won’t-they theme waiting at the very end of that sinister theme.

Whom is this theme dedicated to? Well it’s not up to me to answer. But the darkovertones hidden therein are prominent as hell.