necromancer chronicles

“She’s not here.” Hale wiped a hand over his mouth and down his chin. This was getting ridiculous.

“But she was.” Dyson corrected. His eyes darkened to a burning ember and black, triggering a subtle shift as he took a large wiff. A scent he’d only smelt on her still in the room. His head perked up, swearing there was a glimmer of blond in a window if only for a blink.

As Dyson brings Hale in on the investigation of their new file clerk, Jael starts to think the feeling of being watched is more than an old paranoia, nearly exposing herself to prove it … {Read Here}

“God, I wish I was psychic!” Kenzi moaned in longing. Jael froze, her beer just resting before her lips as her once relaxed body tensed once more. She cast a glance over to her friend. Her best friend.

She didn’t know why she kept lying. Kenzi had accepted her for what she was, or at least what she said she was. But that was different…the voice in the back of her head said. Kenzi had already believed in psychics before meeting Jael, so it wasn’t that far of a stretch. Confessing she wakes the dead, however…

A good time out for the roommates turns into an after school special for not accepting drinks from strangers when someone ends up dead. Just not the person you’d expect, leaving Jael to attempt a one-woman rescue when Kenzi is seemingly taken by a woman who already has a body count for the night, and proving once and for all Kenzi has a talent for finding trouble … {Read Here}