Hello my beauties! I’ve finally decided to make my first follow forever! Considering that this blog has only been active for a short time I think that this is absoloutly incredible!!I’d just like to thank all 750+ of you for putting up with me and I’m also sorry if i leave anyone out (i have a really bad memory oops)

let’s begin!!

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deathclw's 15th birthday follow forever
yay i'm fifteen! so i decided to make a follow forever (since i've wanted to do one for years but haven't had an excuse) ♥♥ faves are bolded.
abyssswalker  aerynlallaboso  asheliah asianizati0n atomicry bccae bonecharm buttsauce-vakarian captainscarletts cassidycaravans christineroyce couslands crescentstrike dumbdeadgirlfriend  ebulliense  eev-ees elcorr faeblade fjorgyn froakenstein gordonfreemann gristol infiltratortitss jimyvegas johtoing laurakinneys ladysithis laracrofts libbabink luvellah lyriumpotion missgaley necromages newt-newt ocheeva pendletons phantonhives piratejill  ppaganmin queen-arrow queen-sansa-stark redheadrenegade renegons roaminromans rouya sangheliios shepardsass sirta-foundation ssophoo  sunqueens talizorrahs tarecgosa thefirstinquisitor thropa towblerone vaultt-tec volpestarks yaoguais zev-ran 
i threw this together in like literally two seconds so i probably forgot like a million people and if i forgot u message me and i'll fix pls thx.