“I think that the way Dollshipping works out is entirely up to the fan who is working with it.”

First of all, I just want to say that, until now, I have not dealt with this pairing at all. I actually had to look it up because I did not know what it was, which was a surprise for me since I normally do not have to do that. But, because I have never worked with this pairing before, my answer may be rather lack-luster, for which I apologize.

Anyway, I do honestly think that the workings and outcome of this pairing would depend almost exclusively on the fan who is working with it (fanart, fanfiction, roleplay, etc.). Why? Because Dark Necrofear is a Monster. She just is. And, unlike Black Magician Girl or some of the more common Monsters, Necrofear does not have an established ‘character’ design. (Or at least, so far as I know.)

As I looked into this pairing to try and get a better understanding of it, I encountered a fair few people who had very different views of how it would work. Assuming that Yami Bakura remains as in character as possible, all the variations of this pairing would end up at least a little bit similar, but each example that I saw was very different when it came to Necrofear’s side of it, because her personality and character design is entirely up to the fan that is 'creating’ her. 

I have not sat and thought about this pairing long enough to actually come up with many headcanons of my own about this pairing, since that requires a lot of time and focus on my part and I have been sleeping far too much lately for that to happen. However, one that I did come up with is this:

(This is under the assumption that Dark Necrofear has her own, physical body, and is not a hologram of any kind.)

If Yami Bakura was in a relationship with Dark Necrofear, and she started 'acting up’ in a way (not doing what he wanted, deliberately doing what hedid notwant her to, basically just bratting at him), he would take or threaten harm against her baby, and she would very reluctantly start to obey him again, even if she hated him for it.

If that thing she carries is a doll, or actually her baby does not matter in my headcanon. If it is actually her baby, her potentially maternal feelings towards it would drive her to protect it, and thus, obey Yami Bakura. If it is a doll, then in my mind, she once had a baby, and lost it somehow, which psychologically damaged her to the point where she had convinced and deluded herself into thinking that the doll is her baby, so the end result (Yami Bakura blackmailing her into submission with it) would remain unchanged.

I will admit, this was a weird pairing to think about. I have not really thought about any sexual scenarios with these two; just the pairing itself is enough to make my brain struggle a bit. However, if I think of anything else for it, I will either update this post, or simply post a new Musing about it.

Episode 83: darkshipping? more like DORKshipping amirite (part 1)

Brought to you by the wonderful @k-for-days​, @hiramiyugioh​, S.K., and K.M., via my brand-new shiny-and-chrome patreon

It’s Yami vs Bakura in the first round of the Battle City Finals which are, for reasons best known to and understood by Seto Needsacalminginfluenceinhislife Kaiba are being held on a platform on top of a MOVING, FLYING BLIMP currently 1 km above Domino City, and there’s only one question on Yami’s mind (aside from, I hope, “why the fuck are we playing a card game on top of a moving fucking airship??”), and that is…

Don’t worry, Yami, Bakura sure as shit doesn’t know what he’s planning either.

Bakura’s just activated his Red Sky At Night Floating Eyeballs Delight effect as a result of Why The Doll Tho’s (Dark Necrofear, for you losers using the actual card names) untimely demise, and it comes with a wandering evil ghost thing. 

Which low-key possesses one of Yami’s monsters and really seems like the kind of card effect that tournament rules would dictate you must state to your opponent but no one’s even trying to pretend like this tournament has real rules so #shrugemoji

Yami, knowing there’s a trap at play somewhere, has only one possible course of action ahead of him.

Say hello to Mr There’s A Trap I Better Trigger It To Find Out What It Is!


same tbh


As usual, it’s completely unclear if this is only hurting because the holograms are semi-solid or if there’s actual magic involved or…..?? I’m reasonably sure it’s “just” holograms right now. Although apparently it should also be the wind cutting their bodies like knives #sendSetoKaibatotherapy2k16

he said, hopefully and a touch plaintively.

But there’s more! The ghost does half the possessed Monster’s ATK in damage (because it had to be something needlessly fucking complicated) to Yami’s Life Points…

Rehinge your jaw immediately, young man.

So this is how the writers have dug their way out of that hole they were in, where Yami only needed to get one more attack off to win.


whoever was animating faces this episode was either really good at their job or really bad at it, depending on how adorkably expressive they intended everyone to be

Okay so then. Look. There’s really only one direction for me to take the next suite of jokes. Because Bakura just goes in really hard for the D.

Bakura surprises Yami by suddenly whipping out his D


I literally can’t even add anything to that last one.

While Yami contemplates Bakura’s D, let’s not forget that they have an audience who can also see Bakura’s D, and have …. questions.

I have to imagine Ryou is somewhere inside Bakura’s head devastated at the loss of this opportunity to explain some creepy-ass shit to amusingly jelly-stomached Jounouchi.

So the task falls to, of all people, OTOGI and SHIZUKA. Not who I would have guessed. Maybe the writers pulled names out of a hat.

Also ~Western spiritualism~ lols

I’d like to take this moment to point out that an ancient precursor to the Ouija board was used in China in the Song dynasty and was srs bsns, and the concept fell out of use until an eccentric businessman decided to reinvent it as a game, ostensibly for children but popular with adults and if that sounds familiar it’s because it’s the plot of Yu-Gi-Oh!

So Bakura has his Ouija Board card out, and I thought there was going to be a, like “ooh what word is appearing??” segment but no.

Bakura spells it out for us.



And then so does Yami. Just in case.

(In fairness, it’s in English for some reason, so presumably Yami has to figure it out from Yugi’s canonincally-not-stellar English knowledge)

But he gets there!

oh noes!!




Everyone’s freaking out, since this means, provided it’s not interrupted, Yami loses (dies??) automatically in four turns, but at least someone’s pleasantly surprised!

“I knew I could rely on Bakura’s D!”