jackalope7  asked:

I love. chicken leg fairy so much. do you have any more chicken leg fairy please (not sure if I've already said this lmao) I was just remembering how great chicken leg fairy is

i do not have more chickenleg fairy but given your enthusiasm for it and the fact moolu got a followup, i will make some for you

also, a recreation of my favorite chicken-related video

casualstarwhale  asked:

So, Clatic sting and Cyst could technically be considered "Offspring" of the Necrin, correct? If so, are there any other Offspring of it?

it has many across various universes. handful off the top of my head include

the dj is supposed to eat electricity, but all of the city’s power comes from the Necrin. there’s a reason they refuse to feed on it.
((canonically their will has proven itself unbreakable to pmuch any outside force though, so they refuse out of principle than actually risking getting assimilated. i just like drawing alterations and am secretly a sucker for Evil Versions of characters))

w1ck3d-elf  asked:

Can The DJ glow in the dark?

but of course! they can range anywhere from ‘glow in the dark sticker’ to ‘blinding to onlookers’
the actual dilemma is if they are somehow prevented from turning it off

vonbaghager  asked:

Strange question, but some of my favorite monsters/villains are the type who devour or assimilate. Across many of the Agents, KG, and the general recurring soft vore, do you like the eaters/assimilators, too? >o>

Not actively/in a way I think about intentionally, though it is definitely a recurring thing in a lot of monsters when I hadn’t planned on it. I guess when I was more open about “yeah I’ll draw vore sometimes” thing it made me realize the warning signs for my fascination with supernatural noms / assimilation had been there a lot time, honestly :U

i prefer playing it for horror in PD, obvs, but it does happen a lot, lol

monkeysky  asked:

The evil DJ is really interesting. Have you drawn any other Necrin-corrupted characters?

I haven’t, but that sounds like a fun doodle prompt - anyone feel free to suggest characters to make necrin-y and I’ll give some of em a shot
There’s a lot of ways it could go for any one character honestly, since I’d instinctively wanna make them subtly creepy, given the eldritch nature of it, and it’d also vary based on if they were just assimilated vs got some extra powers/status of some kind, though regardless a lot of necrin aesthetic is traits/motifs that are needlessly/stereotypically associated with goodness, angelic, lightened color palettes, disingenuously cuter/conventionally attractive designs, and depending on the character, their entire species could get rewritten

like wicky could end up Bug’s Life pastel blue, turning into a more ‘acceptable’ bug like a butterfly, or if we wanted to go overkill here, he stops being a bug entirely and turns into like, a dog or something

ryoumahoshi  asked:

Who exactly is spryghast he's rlly cute

There’s not a lot I can say about them - literally, even in-universe they’re one of those types of artists who makes a point to be as reclusive as possible and likes to be left alone. Like The DJ, they’re completely independent and very few entities in Purg know their actual name, history, where they live, etc, and while they will collaborate with other artists, they refuse to do interviews, guest appearances, endorsements, etc. They’re also pretty darn picky about who they’re willing to work with, and quietly shun almost anyone affiliated with Necrin/Citadel.
Unlike The DJ though, the Citadel isn’t that concerned about Spryghast operating out of their immediate reach, as they are more obscure and aren’t actively rebelling.

((at least, not where anyone can see them…))