Batt rep 1500 Necrons vs IG
Post nr 3. 

Necrons turn 1. On the left side the flayed ones move through the crash site and get ready to charge the advanced chimera. The remaining praetorians jumps ahead and hide behind the down flyer.
In the middle the ghost ark and the warrior squad advances slowly after two warriors are revived by the ghost ark. 

Praetorians and tomb blades on the right flank shoots the walking infantry squad as the objective is needed for the necrons. However both the tall jump infantry and the fast biker constructs fails a 5′ charge and are standing in the open.

IG turn 2. The forces of the imperium targets the advancing warrior squad with falling shells from the artillery. The vet squad in the chimera on the left side disembark and cover the closing flayed ones in flames from a heavy flamer. When the fire dies only a few flayed ones are gone. Pask and his companion in the executioner shoots at the praetorians and the tomb blade in the open on the right side and kills 2 praetorians and 2 tomb blades due the high rate of fire from the punisher cannon combined with dangerous blasts from the executioner.  

Necrons turn 2. As the covering smoke around the 2 dangerous tanks disappear Commander Kalathor of the Nihilakh sub region aims and fires his one use tachyon arrow. The beam hits the tank even though the tank are hard to see due to camo netting. The hit results in making the tank blow up in a great explosion which engulf and kills the company commander and 2 guys in the nearby building. 
A warrior is revied from the ghost ark and the warriors advances steady on. The ghost ark floats up ahead and the occupants disembark into the ruin midfield next to the remaining executioner tank. They try to pling off some hull points but fails to do any damage to the vehicle.
The 2 remaining praetorians hiding behind the crash site now jumps above the crash site and charges the Leman Russ. They manage the destroy the tank with their rods of covernant and grab the objective that have been hidded by the tank. The flayed ones runs out of the terrain and charges the vet squad. The heavy flamer wielding guard manage to kill 1 flayed one on overwatch. However all the veterans are slain to the flayed ones sharp blades.

On the right side the 3 praetorians shoots and kill 2 guardsmen and kills 3-4 more in close combat. The guardsmen fail their moral but manage to escape and stops 1′ from the board edge, phew.

Unfortunatly I forgot to take pictures from here on out.

IG turn 3. The chimera moved at full speed behind my lines to get away from the flayed ones frenzy. The executioner backed up a bit and unleashed plasma cannons on the advanced warriors from the ghost ark in the midfield ruin. In cover from the plasma shoot only 2-3 warriors were slain. The 3 unscattered tomb blades mid field had moved head and got annihilated from artillery barrages. My opponent conceded at this point.

I still got a night scythe in reserve with 5 gauss immortals. Kalathor left the warrior squad and got ready to smack the chimera in his DZ with his war scythe. The praetorians next to the wrecked leman russ on the left side started up their jump technology to get ready to smack the artillery in the far left corner. Both the advancing warrior squad, the ghost ark and the remaining warrior squad in the ruin aimed their gauss weapon the glance the executioner to death. The praetorians on the right side got ready to kill the command squad in the ruin next to the executioner.   

++As Pask saw the tall necron overlord point his arm with the strange array he knew this woud’nt end well. He quickly jumped from the hatch in the gun turret onto the dirt and rolled behind some low cover as the explosion blew overhead from the detonated ammunition depot in his tank. He need extraction NOW and to order tactical retreat.+++

Microgestin and comparable Birth Control Brand Names

Microgestin is norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol 

other norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol brands of birth control pill include:






























If you see any of these with the word Lo infront of it it is a lower dose, any of these with Fe after it is a 28 day pill, where no Fe means it is a 21 day pill. If it ends in 1/20 it is 20 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol and 1 micrograms of Norethindrone. if it ends with 1.5/30 it is 30 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol and 1.5 micrograms of Norethindrone, 1/35 is 35 mcg of ethinyl estradiol and 1 mcg of Norethindrone.