“Edgy Yet Dressy” Necklace

 Necklace Length 15.5"

The “Edgy Yet Dressy” Necklace has a very distinct look. A deep gray yarn is crocheted around the necklace form into a specific pattern. Silver iridescent beads are strategically placed within the pattern to give the necklace an edgy look. This neck piece looks very chic when worn.

Price $22

The Chic Collection

If you are interested in purchasing this necklace, contact me and i will post it on my Etsy shop: SimplyJades@Etsy.

Break Part Two

Break Part Two

Lance Tucker

Warnings: sex, unprotected sex, oral sex, swearing

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Lance isn’t entirely sure how he found himself in this position, this had never happened to him. He’d trained a few girls in the past and never once had such an issue.

That issue being that Lance was incredibly, absolutely, painfully rock fucking hard.

And, well, the thin material of his track pants wasn’t doing a damn thing to cover it up. He couldn’t even put a hand over it because both of his were being used to rub kinks out of Y/N’s back.

He’s not sure what caused it, having multiple reasons why it could’ve happened. It could’ve been the sports bra he picked was pushing her breasts out, or how the shorts she wore were up her ass. But, he thinks it’s definitely the fact that he’s seated on the round of her ass, driving his thumbs into her skin.

There’s a lot of reasons as to why he’s uncomfortably hard. Every slight brush against his crotch when he’d move, every sense of friction against his pants - his cock was taking it all in and pulsing even harder with every touch.

It really didn’t help when Y/N would let out a soft moan whenever he hit the right area. Or when she’d wiggle into his touch, silently pleading for more. Or, when she’d look back at him and smile.

Damn, that smile did things to him that he never even knew could happen.

“You need to get loose. I’m not going to be able to rub out your back halfway through your routine when you make it to the Olympics.” Lance sniffs, hips shifting so he can lean forward and reach her shoulder blade.

She hums, lifting her foot up behind him. “Maybe not halfway through, but before would be great.” She digs her head into the mat below her, sighing when he hits a particularly tense muscle.

He can’t help it when his mind races to thought of how she’d look under him, undressed and begging. If he had his way with her she’s be so entirely fucked out that she wouldn’t walk for the next few days.

“Alright, what else hurts?” He asks, clapping his hands together to get her attention.

“Lower back.” She groans, eyes clenching when she adjusts her hips below him. She brings a hand behind her, pointing to the lowest dip of her back before the arch of her ass. 

Lance nods, blinking rapidly. He brings his hands down again, rubbing at the bare skin between her bra and her shorts. The muscles are so wound together, he’s shocked that she was even able to complete half the routine. 

“When’s the last time you went to get stretched?” He asks, driving the pads of his thumbs into her skin.

She sighs, looking back at him. “Caleb stretched me out last night before I left the gym. Hope asked him to do a full body with me.”

Lance scowls, pushing her rising body back to the mat. “Caleb’s been here for two days, he isn’t allowed to touch you again. You understand me? Not going to allow some newby to fuck up my protege.” He seethes, feeling overwhelmed by the unreasonable anger rushing through him. “And Hope isn’t your coach, tell her to fuck off next time she tells you to do something.”

“She said you told her to have me do it.” She murmurs, placing her head on her forearms. “And that - oh!” Y/N’s body jolts up, pressure being released under Lance’s finger.

And shit, he would give everything (probably not everything but a decent amount of whatever) to hear her make that noise again.

“Right there?” He nudges, watching her head nod. He digs his fingers deeper into her muscles, pulling and pushing along them. “Don’t listen to anyone but me. Hope’s just jealous of you.”

“Well no shit. She’s still living in her glory days when she was America’s Sweetheart and she fucked you all the time. I can see where she’d be jealous.” Y/N sighs into the mat, wiggling in Lance’s hold.

He smirks down at her. “Is someone jealous that Hope got to fuck me? It was only a few times for fun, babe.” He hums, an amused look crossing Y/N’s features. 

“No, not really. Not at all, actually. Plus even if I was jealous, I could fuck you if I wanted to.” She huffs, moving her shoulder when he drags his hands back up her back.

Lance furrows his brows, a small frown on his lips. “What do you mean you could fuck me if you wanted to? I wouldn’t fuck you, you’re my athlete, I’m your coach. And I’m older than you.”

“As if that’s really stopping the raging hard-on you have pinned to my ass.” She scoffs, smiling up at him. He swallows, unaware of how much she could feel through his pants. 

He stands up, his lips tweaking up at the edges. “You didn’t say anything earlier? Did you enjoy feeling my cock pressed against your ass, or what?” His snarky nature comes out, covering the embarrassment he would have.

“Well I didn’t complain about it, did I? Plus I was getting a massage, why would I want that to stop?” Y/N brushes off her hands, chalk particles floating up in the air. “I’m just happy my ass got you hard.” She laughs.

Lance nods, looking at her fully. “You do have a huge ass.” He chuckles, walking around her to survey her body. She pats a hand on it, looking behind herself.

“Guys seem to like it so it can’t be as bad as you make it out to be.” She smirks, brushing some chalk off of the black material. Lance looks up at her, shaking his head.

“No more guys, no distractions. I need you focused on the Olympics, focused on the gold we’re going to win.” He snaps, feeling the unreasonable anger flowing through him again.

Y/N rolls her eyes, crossing her arms. “Aren’t you the one who told me I need to get fucked more often only 8 hours ago? What happened to getting loose, huh?” 

“I didn’t think sex was that big of a deal for you. Didn’t know you needed sex to live.” He smirks, sauntering around her. She shakes her head slowly, laughing at his words.

“I don’t need sex to live. But, while we’re on the topic - I fucking love sex. I think it’s quite great, if I do say so myself. So I’m going to have as much sex before, during and after the olympics as I want.” Y/N leans back, eyes on Lance.

He stays quiet for a moment. “Okay.” He says, watching her cock an eyebrow. “If you want sex so badly then fine, I’ll be the one to fuck you. No distractions means no distractions.”

“I’m not going to have sex with you.” She scoffs, her eyes unashamedly moving down to the bulge in his trackies. “You’re my coach. I’ll tell you about my sex life, I will not have you be part of it.”

Lance shrugs, stepping towards her. “I don’t know if you heard me right. I will be the one to fuck you. The only one to fuck you. The only one you’ll even think about fucking. Got it?”

He steps until his chest is pressed to hers, his head tilting down to look at her. Her eyebrows are furrowed together, annoyance crossing her features. “Got it, Coach.”

“Good. Back to the routine.” He swats at her ass, pointing at the uneven bars. She stands in the same position, looking at him without any emotion on her face. 

“No.” She defies, a hint of a smirk on her face. “I want to have sex. Now.”

He would’ve been taken aback if it wasn’t so damn early and if he wasn’t so fucking hard. So instead of speaking, he nods at her, shrugging his shoulders to let her know it was okay.

He actually liked the dominance in her voice. Of course he would never willingly let her take control, but the idea of it seemed fun enough for Lance to let her brashness off the hook.

He steps towards her again, knocking her a step back. “Then lets have sex.” He whispers, palming the back of her head until he pulls the ponytail out. Her hair flies around her body, giving Lance something to grab onto.

He tugs her head back, exposing her neck to him. Leaning down, Lance latches his teeth to her skin, nibbling softly - just enough to get a rise out of her, a whimper or something of the sort.

Her rise ends up being a hand in his hair, tugging him closer to her neck. Which absolutely fucks Lance to his core.

Lance only bites at her skin, not daring to press his lips against it just yet. He works his way up her neck, across her jaw at to her lips where he fans his breath across her smooth ones.

“How much do you want to have sex with me?” He grins, a shit eating grin really, that he knows will send her off with a sarcastic remark to slap in his face. But, he likes the sarcasm - it keeps him humble.

“Considering you’re the only person i can have sex with for a long time, very fucking much.” She breathes, her lips brushing against his with every word. “But, if I was allowed other options I wouldn’t want to fuck you at all.”

He smirks, holding in a laugh. “Them’s fightin’ words.” He snickers, sliding his hands around her to hold her waist. He pulls her into him, his cock resting on her stomach.

They stand there and stare at one another for a moment, but as the tension in the room rises, they both become aware of the growing situations in their pants.

“So, you gonna kiss me or not? Because I’m beyond okay getting myself off in the locker room shower.” She smirks, nudging her head up against his.

He chuckles, shaking his head ever so slightly. “I would’ve kissed you earlier but you never shut the fuck up.” 

“Says the one who has to have an entire monologue before even saying ‘good morning’.” 

“Fair enough.”

He bends down, catching her lips with his own. Its forceful and possessive, just shy of pain. It’s a bruising kiss, just molding to each other with no tongue involved. Lance lets out a small whimper when she tugs at his hair, pulling him even closer to her.

“Feisty, huh?” He chides, pulling away and tapping a hand on her bum. She shrugs, moving her hands to rest on his abs under his shirt. He knows where her hands are - exactly on the neckpiece of his medal.

He smirks inwardly at the knowledge, knowing he’ll be able to say some type of remark when his clothes come off.

He leans down again, pushing his lips into hers. This time he slots his tongue between her lips, licking his way into her mouth. She reciprocates the kiss, wrapping her arms around the back of his head.

She takes control for the moment, just enough time to push him back into a stack of mats, his back resting against it. 

“Wow.” He chuckles as she drops to her knees, placing her hands on his track pants. “Eager, are we now?”

Something changes inside of Y/N and fuck, Lance loves it.

She’s no longer fighting against him. Instead, she’s pulling out all the stops in order to show him exactly what she can do.

She rolls her fingers along the waistband of his pants before looking up at him from under her lashes. “Shirt.” She murmurs, beginning to pull the material down his legs.

Lance whips his hands to the bottom of his shirt, peeling it over his head and tossing it somewhere around the room. “Are you fucking serious?” She deadpans, putting her hands on his hips.

Lance smirks triumphantly, knowing she’s referring to the grand masterpiece painting his lower abdomen. “You asked me about it, you already knew I had it.” He shrugs.

“I thought it was a fucking joke. I also didn’t think it’d wrap around your cock. Are you really that materialistic as to get it near your dick?”

“Not materialistic, proud is the wo – oh – oh!” He’s cut off by Y/n placing the tip of his cock on her tongue. “Fuck.” He curses, palming the back of her head as she works her way down his cock with ease.

She suckles and licks at every ridge, pressing her thumbs along the pulsing vein at the base of his cock. 

She moves at an enticing speed and Lance can’t help but watch the way his cock disappears into her throat with every stroke. “Just like that, baby.”

“Shut the fuck up.” She pops of his cock, looking at him. “Ruining the fucking mood.” She mutters, licking her lips before diving back onto his cock.

“Feisty, feisty, feisty. Better watch your mouth.” Lance grins, rubbing a hand down her cheek to feel the hollow of it as she sucks on his dick, pulling him into the back of her throat.

She swallows around him, enjoying the little gasps and whimpers escaping his lisp every time she did a new move. “You’re quite good at this, huh?” He muses, chewing his bottom lip. “Might just have to cum in your mouth.”

“This isn’t about you, it’s about me. If anything, I should be the one to get off from some oral.” She smirks, stroking his cock in her small hand, twisting along the base. Her breath fans across his cock, causing it to twitch in her hand.

“Well baby, you’re the best I’ve ever had so far. So yeah, might have to cum in your mouth.” Lance smiles, lightly thrusting into her mouth, edging his hips from the mats behind him.

“Never heard that before.” She hums, stroking him. Lance peers down at her with a cocked eyebrow. “That I’m the best anyone’s ever had. The guys I sleep with just want half a blow job then some sex before they leave.”

“Well their fucked.” Lance groans, his head falling back against the mats. “So, so good.”

She takes him back into her mouth, sucking with some force this time.

“That’s it, just like that.” He moans, pushing hair from her eyes so he can look at her. “Fuck, that’s good. Keep doing that thing – fuck.”

He can’t help but swear when she does a particular twist-suck combo on his cock, her hands moving rapidly along the vein pulsating. She nuzzles him into her mouth so far that her lips curl around the base, sending a choked cough out of Lance’s mouth.

“Christ.” Lance purses from his lips when she swallows around him again, his tip tucked neatly in the back of her throat. He can feel the clenching of his stomach and he knows he’s closer than he’d like to be at the moment.

A shudder rolls up his spine, his fingers clasping along the mats behind him. His knuckles are turning white from the pressure. When her teeth rub against his length, he loses all control.

“So fucking close – ‘m gonna cum – like that, yeah.” He brushes another finger along her cheek, reveling in the feeling of his cock poking against the thin skin. She winks up at him, her cocky side taking over once again.

 He can honestly say that Y/N is by far the best sex partner he’s had, and he hasn’t even been inside of her yet. He used to think Hope was so great with her gymnastic moves but fuck, this girl had his cock all the way down her throat and she still managed to toss a sarcastic jab in there once in a while?

Yeah, she was the best he’d ever had.

Lance can’t even prep her for his orgasm, because when it comes, he’s blindsided. His hand slams down on the mats, eyes locked on Y/n’s mouth and teeth biting dangerously hard on his lips.

She manages to move back quick enough to avoid being drowned by a load of cum (which Lance will have to apologize about after he gains his footing again). She moves back to his tip, sucking on it as her hand drives up and down the skin.

Lance is a complete wreck above her, his body jolting in every way. He’s even shocked at how much cum he just poured into her mouth – enough so that it started spilling out the corners of her lips. 

But, just as he thought, she swallowed it all, with him in her mouth might he add, and threw a smile up at him two seconds later.

She stands, licking her plump and swollen lips. And Lance, well he’s utterly fucked out after that. He’s not even sure how he’s standing at the moment, let alone breathing.

When she steps closer, her thigh brushing against his overly-sensitive cock, that’s when Lance snaps back into the real world. 

“Welcome back, Coach.” Y/N teases, pressing small kisses to his neck, chewing on his skin.

“You’ve been holding out on me.” He chuckles, sucking in as much breath as he possibly can in order to get his head to stop spinning around the fucking room.

“You never asked what i could do with my mouth, so I technically wasn’t holding out on you.” She murmurs against his neck, biting harshly to create a dark mark that he won’t be able to cover up.

He nods, blinking the haze from his eyes. “Let’s take care of you now, doll.” It takes only a second for Lance to hook her legs around his hips, his body holding her up.

He’s able to get her sports bra off with ease, his mouth attacking her collar bones and the swell of her breasts as her fingers thread through his hair. He sucks marks on her skin, smirking at the final product.

He crouches down, laying her on her back against the floor. Running his hands along her stomach, he lowers himself down her body. After he gets her shorts and paints off, she spreads her legs for him and smirks.

“So fuckin’ wet.” And Lance is actually really amazed by the sheer glistening droplets that are clinging to her skin. He can feel his cock getting heavy at the sight.

He kisses his way down her thigh, pulling his fingers along her folds to spread her juices evenly. When Lance looks up he finds Y/N with her eyes closed, one hand on her breast and the other tangled in his hair.

God, his hair’s going to be a fucking mess after this.

He flattens his tongue along her clit, dragging the rough pad of his muscle along it to emit a whimper from her mouth. He does it again, also moving his fingers to her opening.

He knew from the first taste of her slick that he was completely enamored with her.

It didn’t take long for Lance to find himself lost in his job, his eyes closed and his fingers soothing their way inside of her as if it wasn’t his first time touching her body. Everything just felt so natural to him.

“Please, more.” She breathes, tugging at the roots of his hair. He reaches his free hand up to grip her breast, tugging at the nipple and running his callused fingers along it.

“Lance..” He likes it. Fuck does he like it. The way his name rolls of her tongue - he really fucking likes it.

Bucking her hips into his face, Y/N moans out for him. The noises she’s making sends a throbbing sensation throughout Lance and he’s sure he could cum just by the sounds she’s emitting.

“Taste so fucking good.” Lance mutters against her heat, pulling his fingers from inside of her. He brings his hand up to her mouth, watching as she encloses his digits in her warmth.

She sucks and licks along his fingers just as she did for his cock, something he wasn’t even sure he was expecting. He kisses he clit and crawls up her body, nipping at the skin along the way.

“Fuck me.” She whines, sending a fuck load of blood to his cock. Lance nods, pressing his lips against hers in a sloppy manner.

“You on the pill?” He breathes, not even caring if she was because his cock needs attention and it needs attention now. She just nods up at him, sucking his bottom lip into her mouth.

“Can you get on all fours for me, baby?” He grabs her hips, helping her to turn over. “Perfect. That’s it,..” He runs his hands down her ass, getting a handful of the plush area that’s been the center of his masturbation thoughts all week.

He’s happy when she dips her shoulders to the mattress, lifting her ass so far that the slope between her ass and her head is a huge curve.

Lance positions himself behind her, running his tip along the slick of her heat. “You ready?”

“Would you just fuck me? Sick of this damn commentary.” She smirks up at him, tossing a wink in there as well. 

He chuckles, slapping her ass. “Watch your fucking mouth.” She laughs at his words, wiggling her bum in the air.

Once he finds her hole, Lance sheaths himself entirely inside of her. He has to stop himself from moving because fuck, she was so warm and inviting and so, so tight.

“Fuck.” Lance groans, feeling the pulsing of her walls against his cock. She nods, moving her ass around to get him to move even an inch. Lance pulls out the whole way until just his tip is left inside, then plunges back into her at an alarming speed.

“Lance.” She prolongs his name as it tumbles from her lips, her head digging into the mat below them. He nods to himself, appreciating the way she chanted for him.

She felt fucking amazing around him. So warm and tight, making him want to nuzzle his cock inside of her and never pull out.

He places his thumbs in the divots at the base of her spine, using it to pull her back against his cock. He enjoys the way her ass looks whenever it bounces off his hips, rippling and smacking against his skin.

He smirks when her moans grow louder. Made him want to make as much noise as they possibly could. Made him was to have her scream his name so loud that every other guy will know to stay away.

“Feel good?” He leans down, placing his fingers against her clit and drawing fast circles with no particular rhythm other than that of getting her off before him.

She lets out a broken moan, her breathing becoming labored. “Fuck, fuck! Right there!” She gasps, her hands pulling at the mat below.

“So, so tight.” He groans, slamming into her with such force that he can feel the mat moving along the floor. He watches his cock glide in and out of her, glistening with her juices.

He angles his hips differently, nudging his cock against her furthest wall. “Lance! Oh, fuck. Coach Tucker..” She groans, her hips starting the shake from the pleasure.

He doesn’t stop, he couldn’t imagine stopping that this point anyway. He keeps swiveling his hips, rolling them into her to explore her. Lance leans down and sucks a mark on her shoulder blade, feeling her quake against him.

He ruts relentlessly into her, her moans bouncing off the walls of the gym. He didn’t care that it was around 3 in the morning and that she would have to sleep in tomorrow to catch up. She clearly didn’t care either.

“Fuck – fuck! Lance, fuck me!” She curses, clutching to the mat. He feels her stiffen against him before a wave of pleasure knocks her down. She whimpers and screams, shaking uncontrollably in his arms. 

She clenches hard around him, not allowing him to have any movement what-so-ever. She screams again, an echo of his name that bounds off the walls and circulates back to him.

And he is absolutely delighted by the sound.

It only takes a few more thrusts for the coil in his stomach to spring open, exploding inside of her. He paints her walls with stuttering hips and a dropped jaw.

“Well, that was better than expected.” Y/N chuckles breathlessly under him. Lance moves away, laying on the ground next to her so she could flip onto her back.

“Much better.” He agrees, lifting a hand to high five her. Their skin slaps against one another and Lance can’t help but grin.

View from my desk.

I’m not gonna top this- also, I may have realized my point of no return. It’s almost a mercy there’s hardly any B+C official merch.

Note to everyone- don’t accidently remove the neckpiece from the HT trooper along with it’s head when all you’re trying to do is remove an epaulette, there is a HUGE number of layers and knicker elastic you have to go through to get everything back in place and everything is really sickerty-snap delicate.


The episode “Bride of Chaotica!” offered viewers–and Star Trek: Voyager’s cast–a delightful black-and-white side trip into an era when science fiction wasn’t quite so polished. The story primarily takes place on the starship’s holodeck, a recreational area where the crew can interact with realistic holographic projections. Due to a misunderstanding with alien life-forms from another dimension, several of Voyager’s crew members are forced to assume the identities of fictional characters in order to save the ship. The most outrageous of these characters, both in appearance and behavior, is Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People. And who better to portray her than Voyager’s Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew).

As soon as he read the script, Robert Blackman knew just what to weave for the Spider Queen’s attire. “I told Kate, ‘We need to think of Arachnia as a ‘30s vamp. She’s a spider lady.’ We had a great fitting and I made a copper-beaded dress that made her look like a million bucks. The fabric was on a silk base. It was beaded, the whole thing, solid, with little copper glass beads and feathered shoulder pieces. And the neckpiece was wire built on plastic, with black, metallic beads.”

Star Trek Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier, Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann


Heads for Sale!

I painted and brought these to Resin Rose, but sadly they didn’t find someone to go home with - so here they are!

All heads are legit, and they have been painted by me, Semiotickitten, using doll safe materials and MSC. They will be packed safely and shipped 2-day Priority, with full insurance, for domestic, and EMS for international. I will NOT underdeclare or ship without insurance, sorry! I do not charge paypal fees.

Please read everything carefully and feel free to ask questions! I will not offer refunds or returns, everything is sold as-is.

Fairyland Feeple Nanuri 2016 elf head in NS. Will not come with any neckpiece or donut, head only. She has beautiful gold accents on her upper lip, eyeliner, and freckled gold across her cheek and temple. 200usd, US domestic shipping included.

Doll in Mind 2009 Event Head. This head is quite old and has some staining, but I feel like I really brought out how cool he can look! His previous owner called him a Cruel Prince, and I definitely see it! He is unfortunately not fitting in around here, so I’m hoping someone will find him as cool as I do! Asking 60usd, US domestic shipping included.

April Story Eternal Winter Sleeping head, is a really stunning androgynous looking sculpt, so I tried to paint them in a way that could read that. They do come with their CoA card, I can take a pic if you need it. 150usd with US domestic shipping.

SoulDoll L-Heart head, this head is discontinued and probably yellowed, but in really great shape! He does have a CoA, pics upon request. 150usd, US shipping included.

Doll Chateau Hugh in the old resin yellowed WS. This has has seen some better days, and is old, but has a cute, fresh faceup to help him find some love! Please be warned, there is some staining and stuff in his lips and the tear ducts, if you remove the faceup. This is not a new head! 60usd with US domestic shipping included.

I live in a non smoking house with pets, I do not have a car, and work nights, so shipping and replies may be slow.

No trades or layaway at this time, thanks!

Boosting appreciated!! 💖

LEGO Ninjago Movie Minifigures review

by Simple Cash

Ok, I’ll start by saying that I’ve never been a huge Ninjago fan. To be honest, I don’t know anything about Ninjago, nothing at all, but when this collectible minifigure series was announced, I fell in love with it. 

One of my favorite LEGO themes as a kid was Ninja, so I decided to give this minifigure collection a shot, so I drove today to my nearest LEGO store and picked up a couple of blind bags. 

The first bag had Jay in it:

As I said before, I don’t know anything about Ninjago, so I will limit myself to say what I like or dislike about the mini figures themselves. First of all, I really like that hairpiece; the look of that messy, brown hair is really nice. At first glance, I didn’t like the torso printing at all, but once I put the scarf on, I changed my mind. I really like the way those orange details from the torso blend in with the orange from the scarf! 

That face print is unlike any other I’ve seen before, that awkward smile was a necessary addition to my collection! I used to have several freckled minifigure heads as a kid, which were some of my favorite, so it’s kind of nostalgic to get freckles in a 2017 minifigure.

The leg printing, although simple, is fitting, and I believe it will prove to be very versatile in the future.

There’s no back printing, but it’s not necessary, I guess. I think it looks just fine like this, keeping things simple and clean.

Oh, I almost forgot! Jay comes with a cellphone and a selfie stick, which is a nice update for the one found “LEGO Travel Pack” which I got during my trip to Orlando back in June.

The second blind bag had Lloyd in it:

Ok, I was really surprised this time. Not only did Lloyd come with two accessories, he also comes with an extra hairpiece. LEGO definitely did not have to include so much in a blind bug, but they did anyway, which is very generous of them. First, let’s take a look at Lloyd with his balaclava on (I’m sure there’s a proper name for it, but I haven’t been able to find it!).

The level of detail this minifigure has is amazing, specially for one not included in a big set. The balaclava is the newer, updated version found in all Ninjago sets, which is made up of two different pieces: a neckpiece that makes up the lower part which covers the mouth and a headpiece that makes up the top. I really like the green band and letter on his head, as well  as the green in both his torso and legs. 

The arms themselves deserve a close look. Take a look at that black-on-black pattern, while it may not be visible at first glance, it is a much appreciated, detailed arm printing. I’m really excited to see how LEGO has been putting more love and work into arm printing (honorable mention to both the Homecoming and Civil War Spider-Men here) , and can’t wait to see what they will be doing next. 

As I mentioned before, Lloyd comes with two accessories: his sword and what seems to be the blueprints for some sort of dragon head; I guess we’ll find out more about it in the movie!

Back printing is great, it’s simple, yet perfect. I must say, I am really digging the green on black combination, wow!

Without his balaclava on, we can appreciate Lloyd’s face printing. The most distinctive aspect of his face has to be his green eyes. This is the first time I have seen different colored eyes (and I’m not taking characters like Ultron or such into account here, just “normal human beings”) in a minifigure, and it’s something that adds a degree of distinction to both Lloyd and the Ninjago theme in general. His face expression looks fantastic, and I believe that smirk captures Lloyd’s personality that we have seen in the trailers.

I think I’ll be getting more of this blind bags as the minifigures are really appealing to me. Maybe because of nostalgia, maybe because of the color combinations, I don’t know, but they are something!

Go get yourself some Ninjago minifigures while you can, wether you are a fan or not, you’ll see that they have a lot to offer!