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It’s all my fault, okay? D’: @memy-modblog​ Talked me into giving Lukida her necklace back :T

When I first designed Lukida I drew her with this purple feather necklace. She got it one day when she had to do the day watch dutie in her village. She watched a pegasus flying around (actually the first pegasus she had ever seen) and later found one of it’s feathers. That’s basically the story why she left her secluded home village to travel to Equestria.

The white feather is from her coltfriend @kamithepony :3

First Christmas - Christmas Challenge Day 15

Bruce Wayne x Reader

Can I request a oneshot about Damian’s first Christmas, but like he and the other batboys are batmom and Bruce’s biological sons???—anon

So I took this one to mean baby Damian! So I imagined Dick, Jason, and Tim at around 11, 9, and 5 respectively, and Damian at 8-9 months old (since idk when his birthday is). Enjoy batmom and her little birds!

Words: 757

“Come on Jason! Give it back! I had it first!” Dick complains to his younger brother. Jason pulls the remote control farther away from Dick in an attempt to keep it to himself. The miniature Batmobile it controls jerks awkwardly when Dick knocks one of the joysticks while grabbing it.

“But it’s my Christmas present!” Jason yells and jerks the controller closer to his body.

“No it’s not! Yours is a motorcycle!” Dick yells back at him with a yank on the remote. The two continue yelling at each other when you walk into the room with Damian on your hip.

“Hey! Boys! Not in the house. These are outside toys,” you try to get their attention, but they just keep yelling at each other. Feeling a twinge of annoyance, you turn on your ultimate mom voice and face. “Jason Peter! Richard John!” the two stop short at the sound of their full first and middle names and stare at you wide eyed. “Do not make me tell you again. Not. In. The. House.”

“Yes, ma’am,” they both say in unison. Jason drops the remote and Dick puts it behind his back sheepishly.

“Thank you,” you say walking over to the couch. “You two have plenty of other toys that you can play with right now.”

“Jay, you wanna battle each other in Pokémon?” Dick suggests.

“Sure,” Jason says with a smile, and the two run off to grab their handheld games as if nothing had even happened. You roll your eyes at your boys and hold Damian up in the air as you land on the couch. The rush causes your baby bird to scream with laughter, and you can’t help but smile at your youngest son. You tickle his sides and he laughs even harder.

A pitter patter of feet distracts you as Tim runs into the living room, still excited with his new toy.

“Mommy look! It’s Superman!” he says while holding up his new action figure.

“I see that, Timmy Bird. Do you like your Christmas present from Alfred?”

“Uh huh,” he says with a smile before running off while flying his action figure.

“I still don’t understand why it had to be Superman,” Bruce says from the doorway. Damian starts to wiggle in your lap so you let him on the floor to crawl to his father. He gets about halfway there before he gets distracted by the bows that were on the wrapped presents.

“He almost got Tim a Superman costume, but I talked him out of it. I knew that would be a real blow to your self-esteem,” you shoot at your husband with a smirk.

“Ha ha,” he fakes a laugh and picks Damian up to toss him in the air, erupting another string of happy squeals from your son. Your heart softens at the sight of Bruce holding Damian in his arms and you get up to stand next to him, placing one hand on Bruce’s shoulder and straightening  Damian’s green and red onesie with the other.

“He has your eyes,” you lean on Bruce’s shoulder.

“Well he has your smile,” Bruce looks at you. “I hope this Christmas was memorable for you, Y/N.”

“Of course it was! It’s Damian’s first Christmas,” you look at your husband. “And I had all of my little birds with me. Plus a stray bat.”

Bruce chuckles. “Speaking of,” he says and passes Damian to you. “I have one more gift for you.” He pulls a small box out of his pocket.

Damian grunts and points to the floor. Taking the hint, you let him down so he can play with his toys. With a raised eyebrow, you take the box from Bruce and open it to find a beautiful silver necklace with four feather charms and a bat shaped diamond one.

“A feather for each bird and a bat to protect them at night,” Bruce says as he leans closer to you, wrapping an arm around your waist.

“Oh, Bruce,” you can feel your eyes getting misty at how very well thought out and sentimental the necklace is. “I absolutely love it,” you say before kissing him.

“And I love you,” Bruce murmurs, resting his forehead against yours. “And I love our little birds, too.”

Your tender moment is interrupted by Jason yelling from the doorway. “Alfred! Mom and Dad are kissing again!”

“Merry Christmas,” Bruce chuckles at Jason’s disgusted yelling.

“It is a Merry Christmas,” you smile back at your wonderful husband, and think about your perfectly imperfect little family.

Harvest Moon 64 HATS

Okay, quick dump of my first fandom and my child.  BECAUSE THESE HATS ARE TOO CUTE.

In HM64, your character can get married and have a child, PLUS, you can convince your rivals to marry the remaining bachelorettes and they’ll have children too. And those kids have hats!

So When my sister-in-law, who also obsessed over this game as a kid, heard I was having a kid of my own, she commissioned someone to make me these hats!  And now I will show you~

Hat #1: Your child.
regardless of who you marry, your own child will wear a blue mouse hat.

(He was thinking about being sad, here)

In the game there are five potential marriage candidates, plus five rivals.

Hat #2: Ann and Cliff: (Dino!)

Hat #3: Elli and Jeff (Chicken!)

(I couldn’t find a bigger picture)

Hat #4: Maria and Harris (Panda!)

Hat #5: Karen and Kai (PIKACHU)


And hat #6: Popuri and Greg (Bunny….but I think my SIL was doing this from memory and thought it was more like totoro? It’s still cute as heck, though. Also earlier TVs made it difficult to tell what color this character was then)

My SIL found a knittign person on Etsy, and worked with her to get these hats to look like them from the game. Here is her shop.

So while I’m here talking HM64, I’m also gonna post my blue feather engagement necklace and my wedding cake because holy shit I loved this game. ((In the game, you proposed with a blue feather))

Okay, end spam.


Elemental witchy vial pendants with long silver plated necklace ~ Earth ~ Water ~ Fire ~ Air

These attractive teardrop vial bottles represent the 4 elements.

Earth ~ Green stones of Peridot
Water ~ Pieces of Aquamarine and seashells
Fire ~ Stones of Peacock Ore
Air ~ Tiny black feather

They each have a lobster clasp attached so all or some can be worn on the long silver plated chain.

The vials measure approx 2.1cm x 3.8cm and chain measures approx. 72cm in length. The wire, findings and chain are silver plated.

Necklace comes wrapped in tissue paper with a details of properties of the crystals, a small dhoop stick to cleanse your item and a cloth gift bag.  

Close Encounter Pt. 2: Sirius x Muggle!Reader

Request: a oneshot where the reader goes to a party in the summer with lily and marauders are there (reader is Lily’s friend and knows she’s a witch and about hogwarts/James but hasn’t met the rest of the marauders). And maybe reader and Sirius get to talking at the party (Lily’s maybe off with James?) and they kiss then the next day reader goes on the date with James friend Lily’s been wanting to set her up with for ages. She gets to the date&Sirius is her date? And super cute date pls? Either like Lily’s best friend from a young age as a muggle or she goes to beauxbatons maybe but whichever you prefer is fine for me☺️

Warnings: none

A/N: Sorry, it got long again so the date itself is not included.


Originally posted by siriusblackasf

“Ughhhh. I officially HATE apparatitioning,” I yell as Lily and I arrive back in her room and I feel a twinge in my ankle when we land on the wooden floor and my head still spinning a little bit from the alcohol. She laughs at me, collapsing on her bed.

“It’s called ‘apparating,’” she corrects me. “Thanks for coming with me, (Y/N).”

“Of course, Lil,” I say. “Even though you ditched me for your new boyfriend.”

“He is NOT my boyfriend,” she says glaring at me. “I’m sorry I left you alone, though.”

“Oh please, it’s fine. I’m a big girl, I can handle myself at a party.”

“Good,” she smiles, quickly changing into her nighties. “Did you talk to anyone there?”

The memory of the tall, dark haired boy floods my mind. The touch of his leather jacket under my hands, the smell of his hair vaguely reminiscent of chocolate and campfires, and the ecstasy I felt with his lips against mine….

“Er–yeah, seemed pretty cool,” I say. I’ve never really been one to talk about boys before. At least, when they’re concerned with me. “Did you have fun with James?”

“So much,” she says, launching into a story about the tall, messy haired boy, giggling ridiculously.

The slow music plays around us and I feel his hands on my hips, pulling me closer to him. I bite my lip as my arms move up to his neck, the cool leather of his jacket against my warm skin. My eyes scan his face for a moment before locking onto the grey orbs that look back into mine. I latch onto the moment, feeling my heartbeat quicken under his gaze. And then the contact breaks as his eyes flicker down to my lips for only a split second, and before they’ve made it back to my eyes, my lips are pressed against his. Hard. His hands move from my hips to my lower back, pulling me even closer to him, and his lips move against mine, making my knees weak. My hand migrates upwards, my fingers tangling into the base of his long locks, tugging gently. His lips gently part as a moan escapes from between them, and I trace the tip of my tongue against his lower lip asking permission for entrance. He takes it as an invitation, and in no time at all, our tongues are battling for dominance, and I am not one to give up on a fight.

I wake up the next morning, hair strewn across my face and pillow, the image of the tall boy embedded in my mind. Lily’s already up and getting ready when I rise from the depths of the pillows.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty,” she chirps from the mirror, where she’s expertly styling her dark red hair.

“Ughhhh.” I groan out a reply, shielding my eyes from the bright sunlight. “Those magic wizard-drink things are not for the faint of heart… or for the light of tolerance.”

She laughs and I cringe at the sound, shushing her and collapsing back onto the pillows.

“You need to start getting ready,” she says, standing up. “I’ll get you some water.”

“And Advil, please.”

I see her shaking her head as she walks from the room, closing the door behind her, and I pull myself out of the bed and into the shower, my discarded clothing on the bathroom floor. I let the warm water run over me and slowly, my pounding headache disappears.

Once I’m clean, I hop out of the shower, and cross to Lily’s sink, looking for the hairdryer.



“Where’s your hairdryer?” I call, pulling open the drawers in her cupboard.

“Er–I don’t use one anymore. Here, come here.” I wrap a towel around myself and walk back into her room, and she has her wand out. “D’you mind if I…?”

I eye the long stick of wood suspiciously. “Is it… will it hurt?”

“No!” she laughs. “Not at all. Here sit down.”

I do, and I watch her through the mirror on her vanity.

“How do you want it done?” Lily asks, a little too nervously.

“Er… dried and a little wavy, if you can?”

“Yeah.” She points her wand at my hair, concentrating deeply and then, very clearly says, “Crinus Muto,” and my hair begins to dry and style itself… perfectly. My jaw drops as I watch her literally work her magic on my hair.

“Why,” I begin, “would you just show me this NOW?”

She rubs her neck nervously. “Well, that was the first time I’ve tried it…”

“I hate you.”

“I know. Are you feeling better now, though?”

“Much, actually.”

“Good. Now get ready, your date’s in thirty minutes.”

Shit. My date. I complete forgot. Lily had arranged for a blind date for me with that friend of James’. The one she kept writing to me about. SHIT. My stomach turns when the image of the boy I met last night comes flooding back to me once again. How am I supposed to go on a date after meeting that last night?

“Er… yeah.”

Lily gives me a questioning look. “You don’t seem very excited?”

“No, no it’s–” I backtrack, not wanting to offend her. Gosh, why do I suck at talking about boys so much? “I just. I guess I’m just nervous.”

She smiles at me. “Don’t be. He’s great. You’ll love him.”

I sigh dramatically, grabbing my maroon dress, feather necklace and earrings, black booties and leather jacket, and quickly change into them. Lily does my makeup again, and I’m ready to go.

“Ugh. He’s gonna fall in love with you in no time,” she says, looking me over.

I raise an eyebrow at her, “And you think that’s the guy for me?”

“Absolutely.” She holds out her arm to me, waiting for me to take it.

“This again?” I complain. She laughs, shaking her head.

“Yep. Let’s go.” I place a hand on her arm, hear a sharp crack and feel myself once again being stretched from all directions and then squeezed through a small tube, and finally I feel my feet hit the floor again. In front of the same house as the night before.

“Um… Lil?”


“This is James’ house.”


“Why are we at James’ house. Are you setting me up with James?”

She smiles and shakes her head, approaching the front door, knocking on the golden knocker. I stare at it, waiting for it to transform into the fat mustached face, but instead, the door opens, revealing the one and only James Potter from the night before.

“Afternoon, Evans.” And then turning to me, “(Y/N), good to see you again.”

“Hey, James. Would you care to explain what’s going on, since Lily refuses to?”

“Nope. One moment.” He closes the door, and Lily turns to me smiling, as the knot in my stomach begins to turn. I can’t help but feel guilty about the boy from last night. I don’t know how I’ll get him out of my head while I’m out with James’ friend, and the guilt is already eating at me.

“(Y/N), are you alright? You look sick,” Lily asks me, clearly concerned. I sigh deeply, and lean against the front door.

“I’m–I’m fine, I just. I don’t know if I should do this.” But as I say those words to her, I hear the same thing echoed on the other side of the door, in a different voice than my own, and it catches my attention. I recognized that voice. “What was that?”

“What was what?”

But my attention’s on the door now, as I listen intently to the conversation on the other side.

“…c’mon man, Lily brought her all the way over here to meet you.”

“Alright. Alright, fine. I’ll meet her. But I’m not promising anything,” the voice says and I feel my heart leap, the knot in my stomach transforming into butterflies. I quickly step away from the door just before it opens.

James stands there, and behind him is a tall young man wearing a leather jacket, with dark hair and piercing grey eyes that lock on mine. I watch as his jaw drops and then slowly turns into a smile.

“Well, hello again, (Y/N).”

“Hello, Sirius,” I reply, remembering the name of the boy who swept me off my feet the night before.

“Sorry, what?!” James and Lily say in unison.

Sirius brushes past James and Lily coming right up to me, his face mere inches from mine.

“Prongs, I think I’ll be alright for this date,” he says, not breaking eye contact with me. I smile and bite my lip slightly.

“You two know each other?” Lily asks, completely shocked.

“Hardly,” I respond, not looking away from his grey eyes. “We met last night.”

“I KNEW you were acting weird this morning!” she almost shouts.

“Shall we be off, (Y/N)?” Sirius asks me, extending his arm.

“I believe we shall,” I respond, not taking a moment to question. And we apparatitionate away leaving James and Lily with their jaws hanging to the floor in the doorway.