r3cklessr0se’s ninth giveaway !!


  • you can enter on both instagram, and tumblr! go to the instagram littledeertreasures to find out how to enter on instagram! to enter on tumblr just reblog & must be following r3cklessr0se
  • reblogs count as entries, likes do not but you can use them to bookmark
  • must be eighteen years of age or have parental permission
  • this is in no way affiliated with tumblr, as guidelines permits and is only affiliated with the owner of r3cklessr0se’s blog and their etsy store
  • there is no limit on reblogs, but please do not spam your followers
  • no giveaway, inactive blogs, or side blogs
  • you must reply within 24 hours of receiving my message or a new winner will be chosen
  • do not tag as giveaway
  • the winner will be chosen on July 31, 2015


  • one leather wrap necklace with tigers eye beads
  • one garden pot necklace, with moss and copper toned chain
  • one pair of earrings in copper wire, botswana agate, tigers eye and rose quartz
  • one copper toned bracelet with copper eye charm, rose quartz and botswana agate
  • one copper ring, with rose quartz

These are all new items, and will be posted in my etsy after my latest craft show (July 19)! I hope you all enjoy this giveaway, as the last one was so much fun! Thanks so much for entering! Please don’t forget to enter via instagram as well.

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