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because our eyes are too slow or something I don’t understand

Kind of!

Basically because light takes time to travel to your eyes the happenings around you are in a different frame of reference to your consciousness of them happening (even though it’s probably only by a fraction of a picosecond in everyday life)

But on a larger scale that means that by looking at stars very far out in the universe you’re actually seeing them as they were millions of years ago


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Why is this so perfect? I love all of you guys (even if you don't even know who i am and now think im some creepy stalker)

Hehe Dan looks like i really do stalk you then ;)

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2nd option obviously! You’ll feel super hot too :)

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second option, you have fab boobs SHOW THEM OFF (but not like, in a really slutty way okay)

ahhh girls you make a point but according to my mum the back of the dress is super hot and she likes that better. I JUST DON’T KNOW. ok gonna take both outfits and decide there where i will have the outstanding opinions of three girls irl
but thankyou for this xxxxx 

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I completely agree with your post; tumblr is the reason I became body conscious and obsessed with losing weight. It romanticizes everything from self-harm to eating disorders and I hate it for that. but honestly you are gorgeous and seem a nice weight and size to me :) xx

Thanks gorgeous, yes exactly it really sucks that tumblr makes self-harm etc look like it’s nothing and i’m struggling with this a lot and whenever i go on tumblr i get triggerd so easily and ugh it just need to stop haha c:

You are very beautiful too, i wish i had your looks tbh xx