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Jakob Chychrun- Short Drabble 49

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For the Drabble thing chychrun #49!

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“Your voice is sexy.”  You told your boyfriend Jakub Chychrun.

“Your ass is sexy.” He responded running a hand over your butt to your upper thigh pulling it over his legs and consequently you on top of him.  

You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped as you stretched out over him, nuzzling your nose into his neck.  

“Your face is sexy” you respond, kissing your way from his neck up over his strong jawline to his lips.  Before he can respond you run your tongue lightly over his bottom lip asking for entrance.  Groaning he opens his mouth, his head lifting off the pillows seeking yours but you just laughed and pulled away, teasingly.  

“mmm, baby wants to play does she” he responds in a whisper, while taking a two-handed firm grasp of your butt.  Suddenly you found yourself pinned underneath him.  His mouth firmly on yours as you continued to get lost in each other.

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From the Thor: Ragnarok fic that probably won’t appear until after Thor: Ragnarok has already Jossed it to hell, currently titled Sword Age, Wolf Age: 

“Loki Laufeyson,” said a strange voice, and the quality of it made all the hairs on Thor’s neck stand up at once. “Hail.”

“Hail,” Loki echoed. “All honor to the Queen.”

“Which queen?” The voice asked. Thor wished he dared move to see who spoke, but he did not wish to reveal himself and put whatever Loki’s plan might be in jeopardy. If he truly had a plan.

“Only one queen reigns in Asgard,” Loki said tonelessly. “And we are all bound to her service, are we not?”

“Are we?” Thor tensed, bracing himself to move, but Loki barked a harsh and entirely mirthless laugh.

“Do you doubt it? If I could shake off my chains do you think I would still be on this wretched realm?”

“It is easy enough to confirm. Let us see your mark.”

Thor moved slowly, raising himself to the balls of his feet so he would be ready to spring. Loki was quiet for a moment. “Oh, my friends,” Loki said with a sigh. “Your diligence does you credit. A pity you chose to exercise it on me.

Thor sprang up as someone shouted, quickly cut off, but it was already over, Loki shaking his fingers like they’d been burnt and frowning down at the two corpses on the ground. When Thor drew closer, though, he saw that they were not fresh bodies, but withered, desiccated husks. He recognized their uniforms: the Einherjar.

“They are-”

“She is lord of the dead, Thor,” Loki said. “Who did you think would serve her?” 

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(for the headcanon meme) 7. Kissing headcanon for Dogma?



Dogma’s got a weird relationship with kissing because he’s got almost no practice kissing or being kissed. I maintain that he, Tup and Hardcase are the Sole Survivors of their previous unit, which was otherwise decimated by Krell.  Dogma was his previous Unit’s Whipping Boy.  Krell made him a commander becuase he was so easy to manipulate.

So AFTER Krell magically drops dead before any more awful things can happen, Dogma gets to expiriment with some of his brothers and others, and learn a lot about himself.  Specifically:

He doesn’t care for mouth kisses so much- he’s too sensitive to odd tastes these days- but he loves being kissed all over his neck and shoulders, and up along his back.  He also likes chaste mouth kisses that turn into soft bites on his lips.  His favorite to receive are forehead kisses, mostly because they come right after really terrific sex.  They make him feel safe.

As for giving- Dogma LOVES giving people kisses, wherever he is asked.  Lips? Ok, but no tongue.  Neck? mmm snuggly!  Chest and Abdomen?  Fun!  Lower..?  Oh!  Yes, yes PLEASE!

He tends to not initiate, but he likes it when his partners sneak up on him with a quick peck.  He’s also fond of having them sneak up on him with a pleasant nibble.  


i really was on team “drunk elephant” until i saw her put the serum on her neck in a up–> down motion

Design (Final Rose)

“Fascinating,” Victoria murmured. “Could you take your shirt off?”
“What?” Luna blurted. “What was that?”

Victoria rolled her eyes. “Not that you aren’t good looking, but I’m not interested in that. What I am interested in is mapping your Glyphs more completely.” 

Unlike her mother and Aunt Winter, Luna’s Glyphs did not appear in the air around her. Instead, they appeared on her body, coiling along her skin like intricate, multi-coloured tattoos. Their effects seemed to vary based on the design, extent, and colour of each Glyph, and Victoria was interested in mapping as many of them as she could for her research.

Luna’s current Glyph was a shimmering yellow Glyph. It wound its way up her legs and torso before curling across both arms and then coiling up her neck and cheeks. 

“Come on,” Victoria insisted. “Shirt off. I want to see the rest of it. Your mother’s runes can be deconstructed into basic components, not unlike a programming language. I want to know if the same applies for your Semblance.”

“I am not taking my shirt off!” Luna hissed.

“Really?” Victoria fumbled around in her pockets. “I will give you this… uh… chocolate bar if you take your shirt off.”

“That’s it?”

“Hey, I don’t have anything else to bribe you with in my pockets unless you’re after a multi-tool, a heavily modified scroll, or several miniature surveillance robots.”

“You carry those around?”

“You don’t?” Victoria sighed. “Come on, I’m not going to perv on you or anything, I just want to map out the rest of the design.”

“Fine.” Luna sighed. “But this better help me improve my Semblance.”

Naturally, the rest of her team chose the exact moment that she was taking her shirt off to barge into the room.

“What… the…?” Li gaped.

“It’s all for science,” Victoria replied.

“Science?” Alison snickered. “Is that what we’re going to call it.”

Eira rolled her eyes. “Stop it, you two. It probably is just for science since I think our leader has a thing for Penny.” She paused. “Although I’m struggling to come up with a science-related reason for you to have your shirt off, Luna.”

“There is one. I swear.”


supernatural out of context


Layer gifs of best Hannibal art

Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks for sticking around. I joined the fandom just this May and I’ve felt so welcome. Onward to a bloody new year! 

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