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The Eye Contact Triangles

Something that isn’t widely talked about on the internet is something I call “the eye contact triangles”. These triangles are a great thing to know about when you want to understand what kind of relationship one person has to an another. I honestly don’t know why this isn’t a more popular topic for the people of the Internet, it’s an easy and quick way to see the relationship status.

There are three types of triangles that the eyes follow when we communicate with others.

  • The upper goes from the top of the eyes to the forehead and are for those who view your relationship as strictly professional or those who feel they have power over you. Some of those who feel they are just an acquaintance with you will use this triangle too. So those who look at that triangle are looking at the “power/acquaintance triangle”.
  • Next triangle involves the eyes and the mouth, this is the “friend triangle”. This is of course used among friends, you can with this, see if a person has a friendship relationship to the other but the other party has an acquaintance–relationship with the first party. That would mean that the other party does not appreciate the first.
  • The third triangle goes from the eyes to the neck. It is the triangle of flirting so it’s simply called the “flirt triangle”. With this, you can see when someone is in a relationship, or when someone wants to have a relationship.

The context in this is incredibly important, someone who turns their head slightly and look intensively at your lips, suggest more that they do not hear what you are saying and have to resort to visual cues. They try and read your lips. There are a lot of examples in which these triangles are flawed if the context isn’t considered. So always think of what other signs tell you.

Try and learn this! Hope it helps!

And with that, I’ll see you my irregulars.

The Chonce Conspiracy.

On One Direction’s 4th album, Four, we were blessed once again by Ed Sheeran’s writing abilities with the song “18.” Ed Sheeran has helped One Direction with their albums in the past, credited with writing “Moments,” “Little Things,” “Over Again,” and “Summer Love.” “18″ is about being in love, starting from a young age. The song is truly beautiful, but there is something suspicious about it.

Niall Horan singing his part in “18.” Did he mess up on the lyrics, or was that intentional?

If you watch the video, you can clearly hear Niall sing the line “We took a chonce.” In the English language, the “a” in “chance” does not sound like an “o.” We tested this out with a text to speech generator, utilizing the Irish accent option. 

Moira, a very real person, proving that the Irish can still pronounce “chance” properly. She’s a very reliable source.

Due to this, we can confirm that “chonce” is it’s own word, not a variation of “chance.” We’ve never heard of this word before. Upon further Googling, we were unable to find anything. It can be deduced that this word did not exist before Niall Horan. So why did Niall make up this word? What does it actually mean? 

We knew One Direction invented music, but when did they begin inventing words?

We feel the same way. What the fuck IS a chonce?

As we all know, triangles are infamous for being associated with the Illuminati. However, they are not the only shape associated with this organization. The pyramid eye can be seen on American currency, and guess what shape it is located inside? That’s right. A circle.

A circle surrounding the Illuminati symbol. Circles represent perfection, totality, and timelessness, all qualities shown by the Illuminati.

The letter “O” is a circle. The word “chonce” has an “O” in it. That’s right guys… Niall is #IlluminatiConfirmed. Don’t act so shocked though, because we totally saw it coming. The One Direction star has shown his dedication to the Illuminati many times.

Niall Horan has an eye. So does the Illuminati symbol. Also pictured: Niall making a public display of his involvement with a fashionable triangle crew neck sweatshirt. Notice the shades hiding his eye.

We here at 1DUnsolved have discovered even more evidence demonstrating Niall AND One Direction’s allegiance to the Illuminati. Let’s break things down:

Niall Horan. Chonce.

Harry Styles, during a performance of “18,” sang, “I have loved you since we were 16.” Coincidence? I think not.

Harry Styles presenting on stage a shocking connection the number 16 while singing like an angel.

Do you remember that singing group No Doubt from the 90s? No? Alright well they have a song titled “Sixteen” on their album Tragic Kingdom. The lead singer of No Doubt was Gwen Stefani. Gwen Stefani has been photographed making an Illuminati hand gesture.

Is your mind blown yet?

Notice the red nail polish and red lipstick? Well in One Direction’s song, “Night Changes,” one of the lyrics is “Going out tonight, changes into something RED.” The Illuminati has used the color red in the entertainment industry as a symbol to further their agenda. The most well known figure for this? The snake herself.

Taylor Swift promoting her Illuminati album in her Illuminati dress.

This isn’t the only connection to Taylor Swift, however…

18. Four.

Taylor Swift has a song called “22,” which shows blatant symbolism to the Illuminati through the use of triangles.

TWO triangles. She’s really dedicated.

Harry, on February 1, 2016, tweeted this:

Harry pledged his allegiance to the Illuminati as well through this tweet. Therefore it’s safe to assume that Narry (Niall Horan and Harry Styles) are indeed members of the Illuminati. 

However much evidence we think we have, there is no confirmation of this theory by Niall, Harry, or their reps. We tried calling multiple times and they blocked our number… Awkward.

Therefore, this mystery of “Chonce” and its connection to the Illuminati remains


-The Expired Kiwi



At first I had a big problem with his shoulder. THE PERSPECTIVE WAS SO HARD. Honestly I don’t have any hint to tell you cuz I spend 4 years on it.

Yea, 4 years, since 2011 I guess.

I’m not trying to show off about how I spent a long time on this, it’s just hard to understand and study his chest plate and his shoulder plate. Knockout is not a square transformer, partly his body is more like a well built male human body: thick and strong neck, and the triangle shape of his body.

However his hips is not straght down, there’s little bit female body element in there, but not that obvious.

All I can do is to tell you the shape and what I tried to get his body looks right, what you can do is to practice more and you also can study the detail about his body part on google or just re-watch TFP.

You can do anything with his optics, I used to drew his eyes like human shape or whatever I wanna do.

I believe you can do it.



day 3: recovery

Hospital beds are not made for sex.

Mature Audiences Only

When Sakura reaches across him in attempt to lift him up, he turns to his left to stop her from doing so, leaning down on the stood-up pillow so the the back of his bed can dig into the healing flesh. To remind him of what he lost, and what he gained.

Sasuke may be her patient, but first and foremost, he was a man and her…

He didn’t know what he was to her really.

But he won’t be babied by her and he definitely won’t be a burden for Sakura, especially when she would casually touch him on his shoulders or hold his hands despite the professional environment of the hospital. It made it so much harder to ignore everything. Like just how useless he felt without his arm. He was sick and tired of dragging her down all the time. How he needed her help to do the simplest of tasks and his own inability to defend himself. Her, maybe. Them, to be honest. The both of them.

He’s heard the rumours.

How the Godaime’s apprentice could do so much better than the village traitor, how he - such a bastard - was taking advantage over her sweet and kind disposition.

It didn’t matter anyway. He would leave as soon as they stabilised the blood loss and finished monitoring him for any other internal damage. After that he would plan his journey away from Konohagakure. He would return, it was his home now - but life wandering, helping those that also lost everything was a life that called out for him more. He yearned to travel, to see the world. Hopefully, with a lighter heart this time.

He would also need to clear things up with Sakura before he left.

Speak of the cat, and she shall come jumping in.

With bundles of bandages and a basin in her hand, Sakura looks every part the medic-nin she is. It is only her choice of dress that leaves him stunned. Given that the hospital wasn’t actually open (it’s half past midnight), he wasn’t sure whether this was her as medic or her as a visitor.

She has on a sheer robe (was there anything underneath?) tied loosely at the waist, probably to create the illusion of a fuller bust. He has come to learn within the short month that he has stayed in the village that Sakura had become very self conscious of her breasts and he blames her mentor solely for that. Because despite not having actually seen them, he is sure that her chest is fine.

At least… it certainly felt fine every time she presses them lightly across his chest whenever she reaches for something over the bed.

Such as now, as she wrung the water out of the towel and she wiped him down. The lingering touches lasting a little longer than what would be considered normal in his opinion. As she got past the abdominal muscles and dipped lower, he wriggled slightly to the side to keep her from causing any potential harm towards the relationship they had managed to maintain until now.

They were going at a good pace. A pace he could handle, with a relationship ambiguous enough that if he were to leave the village - she could still give up on him with no strings attached and no guilt present. Sakura wouldn’t be bound by any promises to wait for a useless man whose life lacked the stability women like her would want.

She had started cleaning his back instead; but after she deemed it clean, it was as if she really tried to use his abs as a washboard by how often her hands - peeking past the towel - brushed against his skin. Once again, he could only squirm in hopes that she would understand that he was only trying to protect her from a potentially embarrassing situation if her hands wandered any lower.

“Kami. Stop moving, Sasuke-kun. You are the most impatient patient I’ve had to deal with in a long time!” He glared at her.

“There aren’t other guys who you’ll do this with, are there? Because if you do this to men, they may get the wrong impression.”

“Huh? What are you talking about, Sasuke-kun? Of course there isn’t anyone else I would do this to, they might sue me for sexual harassment if I tried,” she laughed. “I only do this because you’re my boyfriend!”

Boyfriend? Oh.

Unbeknownst to Sasuke, apparently they already had ‘the talk’. Because he was her 'boyfriend’, which would automatically make her his 'girlfriend’. His face must have showed his confusion despite how occupied he felt by the warm just below because Sakura’s teasing expression immediately turns worried as her brows furrow.

“You mean… You would do this with another girl?” She asks. Timidly, a tender-footed deer as it senses danger.

“No.” Sasuke growled. Kami, she’s annoying.

“Would I do this to anybody but you?”

He pulled her in for a kiss that she seemed to be equally prepared for, despite the sudden action.

When his lips covered hers, he was not gentle. Not cruel - but certainly not gentle. The pulse of his blood was too jagged, too urgent - and in response - his kiss was that of a starving lover, not that of a gentle title such as 'boyfriend’. He would have forced her mouth open too, if she hadn’t let him in herself.

Deciding that since he was physically unable to ease her up the wall, press his hips against hers and kiss her senseless - Sasuke pulled Sakura towards him instead. Fingers gently stroking her chin, guiding her closer as Sakura climbed atop the white bed that became their stage. Straddling him as she tried to avoid his injured limb.

“I need this now, Sasuke-kun. Don’t stop.”

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