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If you’re looking for ways to accomplish the retro Parisian look, nothing says chic more than a neck tie blouse.Traditionally called a pussy-bow blouse, this top is typically made of silk with a two thin scarf-like pieces hanging from the collar that you can wrap gently around your neck and tie into a bow. The blouse is similar to a turtleneck, another big  ’70s trend this year that’s conservative and sophisticated, leaving sex appeal to the imagination. See how big faces in fashion wear the blouse today, and shop our favorite affordable and designer options below. 


For style inspiration, see how Kate Moss wore her blouse with black jeans and at Thakoon, the top was paired with an androgynous suit.

Kate moss wearing a neck tie blouse in London, October 2014. 

Thakoon Fall 2014 

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Affordable Picks

From Forever 21 to Equipment, shop printed, sleeveless and denim blouse options below. 

Tie Neck Top

ASOS Tie Neck Blouse

Tie Neck Top

Tie Neck Blouse

Tie Neck Blouse

Tie Neck Blouse

Edith & Ella Feathers Tie-Neck Blouse

Vince Camuto Ruffled Tie-Neck Blouse

Buttoned Tie-Neck Blouse

‘Poppy’ Tie Neck Sleeveless Silk Blouse

Blogger Jill Lansky or The August Diaries.


If you’re looking for designer options, shop Givenchy, Rochas, Derek Lam and more!

lame neck tie blouse

Lavaliere neck-tie blouse

Tie Neck Cotton Blouse

Proenza Schouler Sleeveless Tie-Neck Blouse, Black/White

Tie Neck Silk Crepe Blouse

'Classic Dot’ Tie Neck Stretch Silk Blouse

Tie-feature silk blouse

Derek Lam Striped Silk Crepe Tie-Neck Blouse

Vintage Saint Laurent Slither Blouse

Printed silk shirt

Thanksgiving Outfit

This is what I would have loved to worn at a Thanksgiving dinner this year. The semi sheer floral tie neck blouse with ruffle cuffs paired with a faux suede button skirt makes it a perfect fall outfit, I was going to take photos on Thanksgiving but was a bit under the weather so I am showing it now.

Even though it is late, I am truly thankful for each and every follower of this blog. Your support and encouragement has meant the world to me! Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

bayridgekid  asked:

What's up with all the teal? So many characters wearing it! It's also a predominant color in the sets--walls, furniture, accent items. (I love teal, BTW.) Curious if you have any contact with the producers/set designers/wardrobe people who might have already answered this.

I haven’t been told anything but this is my answer from here:

I believe that the state department employees have the trend of blue clothes because of the symbolism of the color. Blue is a color that represents peace, honesty, trust, and stability among other things and that is the kind of state department that Elizabeth McCord is trying to cultivate.

A lot of the wardrobe was meant to make small statements. Her acorn earrings for peace, she and henry wear matching necklaces inspired by St. Christopher, to symbolize their unified marriage.

She wears feminine, but powerful clothing, including many tie-neck blouses which draw a feminine comparison to men’s shirt and tie. She doesn’t hide the fact that she is a women, but embraces it and makes it a strength.

The beauty of the show is that the small details, and symbolism really unconsciously add the the effect that the creators are going for. They help arouse the feelings of togetherness and peace, or strength, whatever the scene or plot line call for.

Finding cool girls who have the look, the vibe and the insta theme you can kick with is harder than you’d think. These 5 dolls always know what’s up- but you already knew that. Let’s break down your faves faves and steal their inspo from some of the OG style mafia. Co journo with my IRL bestie @lashesnlux xx 

LOU TEASDALE // While some days you can look at Lou and think she’s a fourth member of the band Babes In Toyland, lately she’s been keeping things equal parts rock n roll and equal parts chic. So jumping over the obvious Lou Teasdale and Courtney Love comparisons, bin the baby doll dresses and look towards Blondie. Blondie’s style was always garage grunge, effortlessly glam, and tacky fab. Besides both Lou and Debbie Harry being diagnosed with Blondarexia, their closets would be the absolute best of all things punk with a girly twist. Lou’s mastered the “I’ve knicked this top from your boyfriend’s bedroom floor,” maybe pairing it with platform boots and (probably) red lipstick whilst never appearing over the top. Although, Lou usually opts for designer suits and YSL boots when she want’s to go all out posh, I swear she brings those mangy white and blue reeboks in her designer handbag to kick out for any bender. 

LOTTIE TOMLINSON // Spice girls of the modern day is back and lookin a lot like girl gang member Lottie Tomlinson. Lottie’s sporty / baby spice inspired look puts us all to shame with her effortless dopeness. I mean you don’t actually have to get sweaty and like workout (?) to achieve Lottie’s straight off the soccer field look. Nah, just throw on a Rita Ora Adidas trackies and some scuffed up trainers and you’re good to go. But really, it’s impossible not to draw parallels between her and KyJenn. When Kylie isn’t glammed out in Balmain or her over-the-knee black leather boots, you can usually find her hitting the streets wearing a bomber jacket or her Puma jumpsuit. The two teen social media moguls always manage to give sucha “don’t fuck with me” vibe rather than a “chav in the back of a shop” vibe. It’s a salt thing. So apply some Candy K lips (but anything nude really), hoops (the biggest you can poss find), insert cool dino braids (mermaid locks preferred), add a good selfie light (which can be purchased at Amazon for as little as $19.99), and you won’t even need to face swap Lottie to look fly for your snapchat story. 

GEMMA STYLES // You know that one girl who shows up to the party in ace Nike kicks, black culottes and a cool band tee peeping out through her leather jacket while you’re pimped out in 6 in. pumps and a bondage dress that is cutting off your circulation?? Yup, all of a sudden you feel like shit, overdressed and flat out like you’re trying too hard (your barrel curls and false lashes missed the memo that cool is supposed to be effortless) Mhmmm that’s chicks like Gemma for you. Gemma’s “don’t sweat it” look resembles something of Alexa Chung, the international “It” girl. While Alexa owes a lot of her cred to the fact she was dope enough for indie rock stars to write songs about her, nobody can really rock a graphic tee or a tie-neck blouse like Chung. She’s the perfect combination of tomboy and femme and makes us all wish we had the balls to chop off our hair too. Gemma’s style feels as quirky as Alexa’s and that much more achievable, opting for dungarees, statement jackets, and a monochrome color theme. n like okay, if we can’t be the girl Alex Turner is singing about can we at least look like one of the indie birds in the background of his music video? Looking towards Gemma, it’s a definite. 

KAHLANI TWINS // If millennials could stop being lame for five seconds, we’d stop being so scared of bringing back early 2000 trends (you can’t possibly hate silk camis and jean skirts THAT much). Danielle and Nicole Kahlani are what could have been if Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera stayed young forever. Whether you were sneaking cheeky sips of vodka in your friends basement to “Dirrty” by Xtina or looking like a scene out of The Virgin Suicides singing “I’m not a Girl, not yet a woman” by Britney, you deffo had a fave of the two and dressed accordingly. Nicole always keeps things more pink and glittery, pairing things like dark 90’s corsets with a baby pink tube top or pastel denim with grungy bralettes while Danielle keeps her halter tops and baggy skater boy pants much more dark and goth. Nicole and Danielle’s different but same, 90’s but 2000’s, girly but dirty look is seriously what’s it.

make sure to hit up my fave @lashesnlux she’s cooler than meeee xo

Lacewood Valentine's Day Prompt
anya-faye asked you: Random little Lacewood prompt for Valentine’s- Serena is getting chocolates for her friends, but she’s trying to find a special kind for Augustine because he’s rather picky about his sweets. And all the stores are either sold out or don’t stock them. _________________ Totally late, but here you go! Kind of deviated from the prompt a little bit… -_- Enjoy anyway!

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3 Outfits to Wear to Your Dream Job Interview

You got this

Finally, you’ve landed your dream job interview! Don’t wait until the last minute to plan what you’re going to wear to your interview, especially if your closet is full of jeans and t-shirts. 

To get the right mix of professional and stylish make sure you seriously consider what kind of work environment you’re going into. Our motto is better to be overdressed than underdressed. Here are 3 outfits that will leave a good first impression without looking boring and frumpy.

1. The Creative Class

Sleeveless Dress

Schoolboy blazer in black

ALDO Arelaven Wedge Strap Sandals

2. Corporate Climbing

Crepe Tie Neck Blouse

Petite All-Season Stretch One Button Jacket

All-Season Stretch Pencil Skirt

‘Jaden’ Bootie (Women)

3. Startup Life

Piped Utility Blouse

Slim-Fit Cropped Pant

Galleryl Pump with Calf Fur

Browse more styles in our Job Interview shop!

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Patchwork Print Dress

ASOS Paisley Swing Dress with Turtleneck

Sleeveless Dress

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Saga suede jacket

Suede coat

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Palazzo Pants

Cropped Palazzo Trousers

Striped Foulard Print Palazzo Pants

Red flower print palazzo trousers

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