neck slice

Imagine pocket-sized Dino trying to act like a tough guy so you don’t eat his gummy bears. “Y/N, I need to go to the washroom. Don’t touch my gummy bears. Or else.” 

*dramatically slices his neck with his thumb*

*looks at you seriously then runs to the bathroom*

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While her husband was working a celebration in a nearby town, 22-year-old Irma Jean Stahlhut traded in her role of doting mother to bar maiden on the night of June 22, 1949 to manage their roadside Morrison, Iowa tavern. Harvey Stahlhut returned to the tavern, which was also their home, shortly after midnight to find his wife missing, but figured she was visiting the neighbor’s and went to sleep. When he awoke around four a.m., he noticed the door to the walk-in refrigerator wasn’t fully closed and discovered Irma’s mutilated remains. She was stabbed twice in the heart, her neck was sliced from ear to ear, she was cut open “down the middle,” and both of her breasts were removed, one of them still in her bra that was tangled around her neck and shoulders. As soon as the finding was reported, witnesses identified Edward Beckwith as the last man at the tavern. The 27-year-old was a recently divorced war veteran living with his mother, who frequented the bar almost every night after work. Police also received a tip from a family member that he admitted to the murder to his mother and said as he left, “I’m taking off and you’ll never see me again.” He was found in a muddy corn field, no more than a mile away from the crime scene and apprehended. After several hours of interrogation, he confessed to the murder, sharing that he was “crazy for her” and had planned on sexually assaulting her for some time. When she refused his advances, he went berserk and stabbed Irma to death with a paring knife, which was found along the railroad tracks, but he didn’t remember the mutilation. “I had a crush on her. I didn’t plan to kill her when I went to the tavern Wednesday night, but when she started fighting me, I did it in a fit of anger.” Beckwith built his defense around alcohol-induced insanity, which proved to be unconvincing. He was found guilty, and the jury recommended the death penalty, which the judge was required by law to fulfill. The Iowa Supreme Court granted him a new trial a year later, but he was sentenced to the same fate. On August 4, 1952, he was executed on the gallows.

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You taught me that there are fourteen bones in a human face, so if I've already broken 13 of yours, how many do you have left? Oh... sorry, my mistake, I forgot you can't speak when someone slices your neck open and claws out your vocal chords. Too bad, your singing voice was the only good thing about you. But the sound of thick blood gurgling at the back of your exposed throat, spurting out in every direction as you scream for the last time ; its music to my ears.

also yesterday we went to a restaurant for my moms birthday and i had a stare off with this dude around my age ive never met, and as we left he did the neck-slicing motion


Today we finally butchered the chickens. I held myself accountable and helped with butchering the chickens. The P.E. teacher butchered the first chicken but he wasn’t diligent. He twisted the neck and then sliced the chicken’s neck midway. Obviously it wasn’t effective and took a while for the chicken to die. I took charge and butchered the chickens myself. I’m surprised that the teachers didn’t know the process. I was a little worried because the 6-2 teacher dipped the chickens in the hot water too long. It’s crucial that the water temperature is just right. If it’s too hot the skin will peel or you’ll basically end up with a cooked chicken. I’m vauv 10K status. I think for the most part the Korean teachers were shocked that I was willing to get my hands “dirty” or even knew how to butcher a chicken. I don’t know what they think of foreigners but I know I have challenged their notion of what it means to be “Asian American.” I’m obviously capable and embrace the best of both cultures.

After butchering the chickens, some of the staff and I went out for dinner. We talked for a bit and the 5-2 teacher asked if I was willing to help with the camp event tomorrow and take pictures of the students. I said I didn’t mind. So that means I’ll stay at school all night. He went over the schedule with me and it seems fun. I get to spook my kids during a scavenger hunt activity. This should be exciting! The 5-2 teacher is pretty cool. He has brought so much to the table with his hands on activities with the kids. He has some great ideas!