neck of the woods project


1. Writing for episode 8 is all done, and we now have a (tentative) time set for Friday for recording it! So ~things are happening~

2. Hayley got bored so now the PVB logo has been redesigned to look closer to the actual Korra logo and less pixelated and weird-looking!!

(may or may not have some tweaking done later)

*~*~ so that’s what’s happening in this neck of the woods ~*~*

And it’s all smiles in this neck of the woods, as the massive-huge-epic project I’ve been working on for months went live today, and good golly, it went well! 

Plus, I like my outfit today. And, I have a date tonight. So, dear blog, hair up or down for said date? And heels or flats? And blazer or cardigan? Hmmm. HMMMM. Oh jeesh, I am so out of practice.