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Today’s and this weeks work. I am working on guards for the three daggers today and depending on how far I get I forge out a few seax blades and heat treat some of these edc/ neck knives. The neck knives will be available for as low as $25 including shipping in the USA only. Check out my other in stock items in my etsy shop!!

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Thanks everyone!!

A few recent sheets
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R.U.T sheaths .

A good customer has very kindly offered to re send me his Rexford Rut so I can make a few more sheaths for them .

So from next week if anyone requires either a kydex neck /key ring carry or leather version for belt carry via tek lock in either clean or rustic stonewashed finish please contact me at the email bellow to pre order  as I will only be able to have this tool for a short period of time  and yes they fit both version 1 & 2 RUT’s .

 Current kydex options include kryptek mandrake ,highlander , nomad and typhoon , multi -cam , standard black ,hunter orange , coyote brown , flat dark earth ,chocolate brown , desert digital (2 versions ), woodland digital , carbon fiber black , carbon fiber foliage gray , carbon fiber coyote brown , urban digital gray , od green , desert fox yellow  and Union Jack flag .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Soylent green kiri .

Forged 52100 bearing steel (L3 equivilant) off cut kiridashi etched and stonewashed .

Green leather dyed para- cord inner strand wrap with a Afghan sage green CF paterrn Holstex neck sheath .

 Available now

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

Small, Light, Fast.

The tendency for many is to go for the biggest weapon possible.  I know a lot of people who like big blades and big handguns, but end up leaving them in their car or house.

Make sure your defensive weapon is in a size and weight you will realistically carry every single day.  

Carrying a weapon some of the time is carrying it none of the time.

Ahh so apparently the OP misheard it (she has deleted her tweet) the audio version doesn’t mention about JI buying KS knives. Sorry folks~