neck knives

whoever said that
reincarnation was romantic,
never picked eighteenth century gravel from their teeth;
call bruises birthmarks [i still remember you]

we were god’s children, and i wore my birth
like peach and pink; you sunk your teeth into me, a sinner.
in this one, you were the serpent and i mistook an apple for glory.
i stared down the line of your pointed finger, 
realized, your rib is the worst part of me.

in another legend,
you were a monster and
i was a lady who understood your growl as a song.
we were beasts, and this was our beckoning, until i rose too high
on your bramble throne and called down to you, ‘eat your heart out’
but you ate mine instead.

in the next century, 
i was a queen and you were my knight made of iron and shadows,
reached out and caught me on the hilt of your sword,
traitorous and trembling and as i lay dying you laughed and said,
'a lion’s heart still belongs to a lion.' 

i met you again in a twenties speakeasy;
and your grin cut like bones
[what did caesar remember when he saw brutus at the gates of hell?]
i pulled my gun, but you were too fast, wrote my death until i was
all blood-soaked diamonds and feathers.
[the answer is everything.]

tonight, the room thrums and you hoist me up
against a dirty wall, kissing each other’s necks
with knives to the back of them.

in every lifetime, i love you.
in every lifetime, this makes you laugh.

—  bad blood || naiche lizzette
Not Your Babysitter

Star Wars (Rogue One) One Shot 

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x K-2SO + Cassian Andor & Jyn Erso

Warnings: Very mild swearing, implications of violence.

Request: “Could you do a one shot of K2-SO x Reader?? That would be great. (Hope you have a great day!)” - Anon

Word Count: 843

A/N: I based it on this [x] gif imagine. Hope you have a great day too ! EDIT: There is now a PART 2 !!

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knives-and-chokers  asked:

Anti just returned home, leaving bloddy footprints everywhere in his flast. he teleported there, he knew better than having policemen knocking at his door in the morning. Not only was blood on the floor, it was on his face, clothes, and mainly on his hands. He was just about to hide the bloody knfe when he felt a pair of hands touching him from behind. He swiftly turned to face his intruder, his eyes black voids and the tip of his knife poiting at ther neck, growling menacingly.

@knives-and-chokers “Woah!” He said while raising his hands over his head “ Anti it’s just me.” “I’m sorry if I startled ya, I just wanted to say hi.”

anonymous asked:

Assassins being rescued by their S/O or something as a request/preference thing thanks!

A/N: I did it as a scenario if that’s alright J


Altaïr: He was cornered in a secluded area of Jerusalem, out of bombs, knives and his sword knocked away. He glanced up at the towering wall that seemed to loom over him, he couldn’t find any footholds. No way he would be able to climb that, was he actually going to die like this? All of a sudden a figure leapt down from a roof sinking their hidden blade in a guard’s neck, throwing two more knives at another and then cutting down the last with Altaïr’s own sword. “You needed saving? I’m never letting you live this one down.” You laughed as you handed a grumbling Altaïr back his sword.

Ezio: He tried his best to not groan in pain as he held his now injured shoulder and struggled to limp away from the oncoming guards. He should have listened to his comrades when they told him it was risky going into that place. Things were looking grim. Then suddenly from his left he saw you climb onto the roof to kill a guard that had just ran up to you two, sword raised. Then you shot down a few more with your crossbow. You stood in between Ezio and it approaching guards, sword in hand. “Thank you amore mio.” He said from behind you. “Don’t thank me yet, they’re still coming.”

Connor: He was currently pinned under a rather angry looking bear. It had broken his bow and his arm that had his hidden blade was currently underneath one of the bear’s heavy paws. He tried his best to dodge all the bites the bear made at his face while fighting off the pain the bear’s claws were inflicting on him. The bear gave a loud cry before slumping forward, falling onto Connor. He peered over the bear’s large body to find you wiping blood off your hidden blade. “The hunter almost became the hunted.” You joked as you helped him up.

Edward: He sighed for the hundredth time that day, trying to make himself comfortable despite the bonds that currently held his hands behind his back and the chains the were wrapped around his ankles. He was aboard an enemy ship, as their prisoner. He could hear everyone upstairs celebrating that they had just caught the Edward Kenway. But it was cut short as he heard other people boarding them ship and fighting the sailors. It must have been his crew. The door to the deck opened and you looked in, finding your bound lover. You had blood splattered on your face and wore a bit of a sadistic smirk as you freed Edward. “God you look so hot when you’re badass.” Edward murmured appreciatively.

Arno: He was bloodied and bruised, hands and legs bound as a Templar threw punch after punch at his face, all while demanding to know what the assassins have planned. Arno kept silent, opting to glare defiantly at the Templar, enraging him more. All of a sudden they took a phantom blade to the back of the head, killing him. His guards turned to the source of the shot and you jumped down, assassinating them both easily. You walked over to your love and cut his bonds before helping him up, “I’m not letting anyone hurt your pretty face.” They smirked playfully at him.


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