neck deep tables turned

Tables Turned
Neck Deep
Tables Turned

365 Days of Music- Day 60: Tables Turned//Neck Deep

You are my hesitant smile
You are my crippling doubt
You’re everything that I hide about myself
You are every lesson I’ve learned with every leaf that I’ve turned
The very reason why I won’t let this happen again

I found the side of myself I thought I left behind
And I’ll do the same with you this time

Tables Turned - Neck Deep

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When u feel the weaher getting better but u can’t feel ur feet

When ur told that you’ll be fine

When ur broken bones r caving in

When you’ll never know where u stand

When u know you’ve been vaguely twisting ur words

When u can’t find the words or muster up the nerve to tell her you’ll never forget her and she’ll always have a part of u

When ur looking down at this place u hate and at least for a second it seems okay